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At Noirvest, our mission is to transform underserved communities. We focus on acquiring under-performing apartment buildings and implementing strategies to revamp operations and add value for our residents, our communities and our investors.

We partner with individuals like you to create impact and “do well while doing good.”

We remedy long-standing issues and create a safe, clean and attractive living environment that residents embrace and are proud to call home. 

We restore deteriorating buildings to not only add value to residents but to uplift the neighborhood and perception of the area.

We empower overlooked investors with access to exclusive investment opportunities and provide elevated returns. Wealth is created and shared with our investment partners.

investing with noirvest

Breaking Down the Process

Identify Property

We work to locate and negotiate the best deals and get it under contract so you can build wealth.

Notify Investors

Next, we’ll contact you to discuss the details of the deal and make sure it aligns with your goals.

Reserve Your Spot

Each deal differs on how many investors can be accepted so you’ll want to claim your spot early if you have interest.

Review & Sign

We’ll walk you through the operating agreement and  answer all of your questions before anything is signed.

Transfer Funds

You can either wire your commitment or transfer the fund through our secure online investor portal.

Earn Income

We close on the property & implement the business plan, while you start receiving monthly distributions.


Current Multifamily Investments

Below you’ll see our past acquisitions. We are actively seeking new investors who are serious about building wealth and impacting community. The best part is we have skin in the game on every property. We believe so much in our approach that we invest with you.

Noirvest Multifamily Investment Property in Bronx (NY)

Purchased 2015


3,063 Sq Ft.  •  3 units

Bronx, NY

Noirvest Multifamily Investment Property in Houston TX

Purchased 2019


68,304 Sq Ft.  •  96 units

Houstin, TX

Noirvest Multifamily Investment Property in Allentown PA

Purchased 2020


4,860 Sq Ft.  •  6 units

Allentown, PA

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