Episode No. 90

Fear or Freedom? Live On YOUR Terms, Not Society’s with Eunice & Lee Johnson

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Episode No. 90

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In today’s episode of the Share the Wealth Show, the dynamic duo Eunice and Lee Johnson continue to delve into various topics related to insurance, finance, and wealth building. Here’s a summary of their discussion:

💬 Purposeful Conversations: Stressing the importance of purposeful talks with insurance agents or financial advisors to align policies or investments with specific goals and needs.

💰 Understanding Cash Value Life Insurance: Highlighting the benefits of cash value life insurance policies, including flexibility in fund access without affecting credit scores.

🏛️ Legacy Building and Generational Wealth: Discussing the role of life insurance in building generational wealth and leaving a legacy for future generations.

🚀 Taking Action and Overcoming Fear: Encouraging listeners to take action and not let fear hinder exploration of opportunities for financial growth and security.

🔄 Diversification: Emphasizing the importance of understanding investments or assets when diversifying.

⏰ Wealth as Freedom: Defining wealth not only in financial terms but also as the freedom to live life on one’s own terms, including time freedom and pursuing personal goals and passions.

Don’t sleep on this financial wisdom!💡Tune in and unlock secrets to planning, building wealth, and taking charge of your future! 🎧

Eunice and Lee Johnson are visionaries behind Value Investment Partners (VIP). Their mission is to partner with like-minded individuals and families looking to build generational wealth through investing in alternative assets and empowering individuals to achieve wealth. 

Their focus is education and investing in assets with risk adjusted returns; in short, assets that yield higher than average returns, for lower-than-average comparative risk, affording our clients Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Location Freedom. 

Their services are centered around 4 aspects:

  1. Multifamily investors: they partner with investors looking to invest passively in multifamily syndications. 
  2. They also work through with their clients to establish their own “Family Bank”. This is achieved using a customized Cash Value Life Insurance policies (CVLI) that has both living and death benefits. 
  3. As a business, they work with other business owners and assist with establishing and building business credit. They know and understand the importance of transacting as a business and not relying on personal credit to grow your business.
  4. Lastly, to achieve all these, it takes a growth mindset: they coach professionals who are looking for direction in their careers and desire more out of their professional journeys. 



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Key Quotes:

“Wealth equals freedom to be able to live life on your terms.”

  • Lee Johnson 


“ The opportunities that you lose are the ones that you don’t take.”

  • Eunice Johnson 


Books Mentioned: 401(k)haos


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[00:00:00 – 00:00:37] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

You get to make the decision. When the application is filled you and your family will sit around the dinner table and because you’ve developed the rules around how this bank is going to be used, you guys get to make the decision on pulling out the funds versus keeping it in it. You don’t have an investment committee at the credit union or some random executive at JP Morgan Chase who’s going to be able to impact your life in the direction that you move in.


[00:00:38 – 00:01:28] – Intro

Welcome to the Share the Wealth Show, where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.

Hey guys! So, we’re back again, I need you go back to the previous episode, and listen to that first and then come back and join us here today. You need to hear the whole conversation. There’s so many nuggets it’s so juicy. Go back and listen to the first part!


[00:01:29 – 00:03:22] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Right? So that’s something that we could also get excited about that. We can’t when we’re talking about a Roth IRA or we’re talking about a 529 plan. And just like you, Nicole, we had to kiss a lot of insurance agents to learn about this. Each one of them started asking us a whole bunch of things that weren’t specific to what we were trying to do. And even when we pulled the trigger, the gentleman who helped us, right, he put too much of it towards the death benefit versus the cash value. And what Eunice was talking about is you must be in that position whereby; you’ve had that conversation. and that conversation paints out the vision of where you want to be. And I would say after that conversation, there could be a goal decision or no go. Right? And if it is a goal, that policy should be structured such that you can maintain it.

And I think that that’s the reason why we get a bad rap around these things is because that honest and fruitful conversation hasn’t been had to understand how can you leverage this the best. And once you have that conversation, we didn’t have that conversation with the gentleman. He just asked us a bunch of random questions that he probably asked everyone. But we knew exactly why we wanted to do the policy. Right? And now with Eunice having become licensed, she’s having those conversations with the families who were able to help and craft it specific to their needs.


[00:03:23 – 00:04:28] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah. I love that. There’s really so much. We could talk for another five hours on this topic because there’s literally so much to uncover. I know one other thing too that I love about it is when you take a loan from yourself, it’s not showing on your credit report. It’s not telling all your creditors like now your debt-to-income ratio is increased because you took out all this extra loan. That doesn’t show anywhere. Now you could do what you need to do. If you still for some reason say you max the cash value out of your policy, but you still need some extra financing from a bank or somewhere, you do end up going to the bank for the rest of it, then they don’t know that you have this other loan out. It’s not showing or it’s not affecting your credit because now your credit score decreased because your debt-to-income ratio is too high. So that’s just another thing that like I really like about it because I don’t know I could never pay it back. It would never affect my credit score.


[00:04:29 – 00:05:29] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

The thing is you get to make the decision. When the application is filled you and your family will sit around the dinner table and because you’ve developed the rules around how this bank is going to be used, you guys get to make the decision on pulling out the funds versus keeping it in it. You don’t have an investment committee at the credit union or some random executive at JP Morgan Chase who’s going to be able to impact your life in the direction that you move in. Your family gets to do that and when you start talking about generational wealth, legacy building, aren’t those the types of concepts that you wanted to teach your children to know? Very early on, because this is going to be almost like a habit. It’s common to them that they’re having these conversations.


[00:05:30 – 00:05:32] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, and when talk about- Creation. Oh, go ahead Eunice.


[00:05:33 – 00:09:01] – Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

And when you talk about how, you know, when you pull out this money, the other thing also about it that I find interesting also is that when you put an application for fast-fowl, you don’t have to disclose this. So, it doesn’t work against you. So, some people will say, well, you know, when I fill out these forms, then it shows that I have 20,000 or 50,000 in my cash value, you don’t have to disclose this. It’s an insurance policy. Right? So, it doesn’t in any way increase what you have out there such that if you are looking for a loan they’re going to consider and say, well, you already have this, so you can’t qualify for that. There’s just so much you just need to fully understand it and find somebody who can help you navigate all these questions and things of that sort to really see that there is absolutely no way that you should be there and not have something like this. I sometimes say to myself, oh, I wish we had found this earlier, you know, but when we found out we took a step, right? We didn’t hesitate. We just knew that at this point we just need to find somebody to have these conversations with. We started reading up just to understand how everything works versus going back and saying, well, how come up never had about this and then letting that limit you, right? There’s a lot of people who say, well, I’ve had about this.

Well, insurance is never great insurance people are all terrible yet you know right now most people have kind insurance well everybody has kind of when you have a kind it has insurance right and most people don’t think twice about it they know that that kind of like the is not going to be allowed out on the roads without insurance what more about your life like how can you not value life so to the extent that you feel well maybe this is not for me if a car deserves or is worth being insured what about you your life you know you have to think about yourself and say I am as valuable and I am as deserving to have some kind of insurance or to have some kind of benefit that I can even enjoy right now and make sure that even my kids or my beneficiaries and have something just

But as a side note, every time I sit and I see a go fund me being set up for someone who just passed, it literally breaks my heart because I know that they are options. everybody, yes, is going to be able to. there are options where sometimes people would say, if you had only put in an extra $100 just to make sure that you are all set. So, you know, have those conversations just so that you are not one of those people who are going to have to set up some kind of a go fund me because somebody just passed and we didn’t think about securing someone’s life.


[00:09:02 – 00:10:07] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I love that. That’s very true. The go funds me. Go ahead. The go funds me. That’s something that definitely hits me as well especially like and I understand the cost of like a funeral arrangement, you know, is increasing. But the fact that, you know, we don’t have enough funds even like in our own savings or investments or whatever, we don’t have any capital to pull from to be able to afford funeral, right? no one can take out a loan from a bank or from your own from your own self to be able to afford funeral that you need money from, you know, the community to help do that is just really   in the state of, you know, where we are. it’s not just our community, there’s other communities too. But that’s why we have these conversations. That’s why we have this podcast because share this kind of information. If you hear this episode and you don’t take action or you don’t implement anything, you don’t even have a conversation. We’re not telling you have to open up a policy tomorrow. We’re telling you have a conversation.


[00:10:08 – 00:11:47] – Ad1

Looking to build wealth with real estate? Are you all tapped out on YouTube University and ready to help tailor to your specific situation and goals? Have you always known that you’re a little different from the crowd, that you never liked following the status quo, and that you’re just tired of living in mediocrity? You want to build wealth on your own terms outside of Wall Street? Well, you know, then maybe the Micro Family Mavericks Mentorship Program can help with that. It’s a community where a handhold process of buying your first small commercial multifamily building. Because not everyone is ready for 100 units out the gate. Why multifamily? Because it gives your rental income ahead against vacancy. Imagine what happens when your single-family rental tenant leaves, right? And why commercial five plus units? Because you have much more control over increasing the building’s value in the commercial space and then in turn, increasing your own net worth. Starting small is a stepping stone to so much more. Because then you can tap that equity and buy another building and another and another. And you get the point. So, increasing your cash flow and your ability to be job optional along the way, it’s all a part of the journey. So, if you think big, but you wanna start small, and if you know multifamily real estate is a way for you to open the door to building a life of freedom, abundance and legacy, but you just need someone to guide you step by step. And you want to be surrounded by other people on the same journey, doing the same thing. Then just click the link in the show notes to find out a little bit more about the Michael family Mavericks. And I look forward to potentially seeing you on the inside. So now back to the show.


[00:11:48 – 00:13:28] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

And if you don’t, if you want to sit on it and not have a conversation and then things and life happen or you don’t want to set up your future in a way that has another benefit to it with this extra layer, then that’s really just on you, right? you’re hearing the information, you’re listening to this podcast, you have someone here to reach out to, you have multiple people here to reach out to, right? And to have the conversation, right?

So, in any case, I could go on and on and on about how important it is to stop procrastinating on implementing information that you hear, at least having the conversations to start understanding it better and seeing what that would look like specifically for you and your situation, your goals. If you don’t have family goals, make some, they have the conversation and maybe that helps you formulate what’s possible and then you didn’t know existed, right? So, I just think all of that is very, just this whole conversation was eye-opening, very prudent information out there that we need to have to, do not just have life insurance to pass on to our heirs, but something that you can actually utilize now to help you in your finances, you know, moving forward, however that looks. So, I do, do either of you guys have anything else you want to add in? I do want to move us over to the last questions that I asked all of my guests, but I’ll leave it for you if you want to put anything else in about life insurance or policies or anything that we’ve discussed so far.


[00:13:29 – 00:16:29] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

The last thing that I would say before we transition is towards the fact about having a conversation, right? And that conversation means that after that conversation, you have a choice, right? Life is about a choice. I could either choose to do it or I could choose not to do it. And I would tell those not to be faced with fear like we were initially, we just, we were fearful that we got it right. Right. we talked to all of these different insurance agents, right. What we didn’t know at that point in time is even if we got it wrong, for those of you who are in real estate, you know about the 1031 exchange. There is something that we didn’t know before we got into this initially, there’s a 1035 exchange such that if you get into a wrong type of policy, you don’t have to cash it out to move somewhere else. You can do something called a 1035 exchange, which allows for you to move that money that you’ve already put into an existing policy into another policy if it’s not fitting your goals and your needs.

So, I was watching something the other day on TV and it says, when you have to make progress, but something is big in front of you, how do you take on that challenge? And the response was left foot, right foot, breathe, repeat. That’s how you take on these larger challenges in life, is that you’re not taking it all at once. You’re taking one step, left foot, right foot, breathe, and repeat. And knowing that they have people like us who are trying to help our community to grow their wealth, grow their legacy, and get past the myth that are there around insurance and how it can be leveraged.

There’s some truth about almost all kinds of tropes, but this is the one where you dig in and you get the facts in. And I’ll be happy to say to you today that we are still on a journey to learn and grow. We’re now four or five years into this. There are things that we have picked up over the last five years, but we are constantly digging into this to learn more about it so that we can develop these other opportunities that we can leverage as we continue to grow our bank for our family. So back over to you, Nicole. I just wanted to get that in for your audience is that don’t be fearful about making the mistakes. There are ways to correct the mistakes if you do make them at the same time.



[00:16:30 – 00:18:32] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I love that. Thank you so much. Okay. All right. So, before we move over into the next section, what I want to do is just highlight one of our reviewers on Apple podcast who left us a beautiful five-star review. This is from Ram 42 18. Thank you, Ram. This is great show informative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the tools for wealth creation and painting the picture of how we can all take that next step. It’s funny. I pulled up this review before we have this conversation and this is exactly one of those episodes where we’re just telling you to take the next step one left foot right foot. Breathe, repeat. That’s the next step. I have the conversation and if you have not left us a rating or review an Apple podcast, please do so. It really helps us reach more people and get this message to the people who really need to hear and to know that this type of information and this type of wealth building tools exist and they can find it if you leave us an honest rating and review. So, thank you so much, Ram. 42 18 and hopefully I’ll be reading your review next. Okay, so this next episode, this is episode.

The next segment is called Digest with the guest and this is where I asked the same guest questions and I call it digest with the guests because our guest gives us so many juicy morsels that we need to just like slowly consume and really digest the information and really let it really infiltrate into our system right so any case first question Warren Buffett said that diversification is protection against ignorance what do you take that to mean and was that a good or a bad thing what’s your take on that.


[00:18:33 – 00:19:18] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

My take on that is real simple diversification is good but have you ever heard of jack-of-all-trays as a master of none right I would say you could you could diversify into real estate right but be focused only on multifamily and what I say to that is that I am invested in multifamily in Texas with which diversifies me from the market in Tennessee. And I’ve invested in Indianapolis, which diversifies me from my investments when I was in Florida and South Carolina. But what I have done is I have developed an expertise around multifamily and then I’m leveraging that. And at the same time, I’m diversified.


[00:19:19 – 00:20:12] – Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Well, I’ll say, like anything in life, first make sure you just understand first what you’re getting into. It’s one thing to aim or aspire to diversify, but you just have to have an understanding and knowledge of what you’re doing. So, for me, I believe that we are pretty much very diversified where we do real estate. There’s also stock market. There’s own business. So, there is. a whole bunch of different things, but in all of them, it took time for us to pretty much understand the running before we actually got in. And even as we are in, there’s the continuous education to just make sure that we are making the right moves at the right times.


[00:20:13 – 00:20:46] – Ad2


Are you enjoying this episode? Then stop what you are doing right now. Head over to Apple podcasts and leave us a rating and review. It really helps our show get pushed to more people who are looking for the information that we are sharing here. We have to share the wealth. If you listen to us on YouTube, make sure you like the episode that you are listening to right now and subscribe to our channel, then share the channel with somebody else. There are people out there looking for the information you are listening to right now. So, make sure you share it with someone who you know needs it. Now back to the show.


[00:20:47 – 00:21:22] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Love it. What I heard there from both of you guys basically just still understand what you’re doing, whether you’re going to diversify within one asset class or diversify among various asset classes. Having an understanding of what you’re investing in is crucial. that’s something that Warren Buffett also does and says how he only invests and what he understands. Right. So that I think is important in protecting your empire as you’re building it. So, in the game of the monopoly Boardwalk or Baltic, what are you buying like first and why?


[00:21:23 – 00:22:03] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Well, it’s a game of chance. I would say. Wherever you get to first you buy it and then you put properties on top of it, right? But when you get to, I believe what is it? Board walk, right? That’s where you buy as much and the penalties for landing on that gets more expensive. So I believe is the analogy is you don’t wait to buy real estate You buy real estate and you wait So I would ask to that question to say the first one that I land on I’m buying it and then as I You know go around and around I’m putting houses and hotels on top of it and I’m going from there.


[00:22:04 – 00:22:40] – Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

And I think just to piggyback on that saying it also aligns with the saying It aligns with the saying that. The opportunities that you lose are the ones that you don’t take. So the first opportunity go for it You’ll keep getting other opportunities because you can sit and wait and wait and wait and wait and never get that, right? But if you say, okay, I landed here, let me start here where I am and I’ll keep moving because you just don’t know if you are ever going to land anywhere else where it’s going to be more lucrative than where you are.


[00:20:41 – 00:22:52] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Oh, I love that. Now take advantage of those opportunities. Okay. What does wealth mean to the both of you?


[00:22:53 – 00:23:58] – Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

For me, wealth really means… wealth is like the power to live my best life under my own circumstances because wealth for me, as much as there is the financial aspect of it, but there is also the time aspect of it, the ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it, the ability to build a strong family. So, there is a whole lot that goes into wealth, not just the financial component of it. Of course, the finances enable you to be able to do some of these things, whether it’s, you know, being there for your kids, being there for family and, you know, family vacations and time. But ultimately wealth for me is just all rounded, you know, all rounded health-wise, financial-wise, time-wise, all those things.


[00:23:59 – 00:24:18] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

I would just add freedom. Time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom. It, yeah, wealth equals freedom to be able to live life on your terms, how you choose.


[00:24:19 – 00:25:17] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yep. And that’s exactly the underlying current I was picking up from Eunice’s answer to. is having options, right? I love that. Okay, so the other, this is a new, I don’t know if I was doing this the last time, Lee, you were on here, but we’ve started asking each guest to create a question for the next guest to answer. So, it could be anything, it could be business, funny, know, series, whatever you want. So, I will ask you the question that the last guest asked left for you and give you some time to kind of think about a question for that you want to leave for the next guest. So, let’s say, let me pull this up. The last guest asked, if you only had one dollar and you had to make the biggest impact on the world, what would you do with it?


[00:25:18 – 00:25:21] – Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

That’s an interesting question.


[00:25:22 – 00:25:32] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So, either way you want to go, if you guys want to answer that first or if you want to think about a question for somebody, else first, you could take it in either order.


[00:25:33 – 00:26:05] – Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

I think if I had a dollar and I wanted to make a lasting impact, I would most likely give it away. And I say that because I think we live in a world where it’s always I and everybody wanting to gather for themselves. And we forget that for the world to be better, we just have to show compassion, grace, respect to one another. So sometimes it’s about being able to give someone just so that the world is a little bit better for all of us.



[00:26:06 – 00:27:35] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

And what I would do is I believe in the analogy that if you teach someone, well, if you give someone fish, they eat for one day. if you could teach them how to invest that one dollar, they could live forever. Right. So that’s the analogy that I what you use there. And the question that I would leave for the folks coming on behind us is, are you living the best version of yourself, if not why? And I guess if yes, how did you get to that? And if no, why? What is the area? What is the fear that is holding you back from taking on those risks, to leverage those opportunities that are right in front of you?

We’re human beings, right? We like comfort, right? We don’t like discomfort, but growth is being in the place of discomfort because we’re leaving a place of comfort and moving into a place of unknown. So don’t let those fears hold you back from realizing actualizing your best self.


[00:27:36 – 00:27:58] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Amen to that. I feel like that will answer that question. That’s a whole other sermon in and of self. Please, please, man, because that fear, uncomfortableness, that’s real. That is a real inhibitor for a lot of people to move forward because everyone wants to, oh, I need to be comfortable. Well, then you don’t really want to grow. Yeah, that’s really what that is.


[00:27:59 – 00:28:08] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Growth is over there. That’s where the mojo happened. Hey, Nicole, I got to run for 130. I didn’t know we were going to go this long.


[00:28:09 – 00:28:23] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I know. Actually, my last question, we’re wrapping up right now. How can people get in contact with you guys? What’s your contact information? I know I see the QR code. If you’re watching on YouTube, scan the QR code. You’re listening, we will have whatever they say in the show notes.


 [00:28:24 – 00:28:58] – Lee Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Linked in on passive REI. I prose and you could just search for Lee Johnson, but our website is valueinvestmentpartners.com. So www.valueinvestmentpartners.com. We still use snail phone calls 571-444-8474 if you want to give us a call. But if you follow us on LinkedIn, I think my wife has an Instagram page, Facebook. We’re on all of those. Just search for Lee Johnson, Eunice Johnson and you’ll find us.


[00:28:59 – 00:29:20] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Perfect. All right. And we will put those links in the website in the show notes. Thank you everyone for listening in with us today. hope, actually I know you got so many gems in juicy nuggets from everything that we talked about. Thank you so much, Lee, and you need for joining us. And I cannot wait for this message to get out to the world. All right.


[00:29:21 – 00:29:21] – Lee & Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Thank you, Nicole, for having us. Thank you for having us.


[00:29:22 – 00:29:23] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

All right. Bye everyone.


[00:29:24 – 00:29:26] – Lee & Eunice Johnson | Value Investment Partners

Bye. Bye bye.


[00:29:27 – 00:30:03] – Outro

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