Episode No. 81

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Episode No. 81

Not Being Content Doesn’t Mean You’re Ungrateful with Nicole Pendergrass

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Ever wondered about the crucial role discontent plays in achieving dreams and ambitions?


Join Nicole in this captivating solo episode of the Share The Wealth Show, as she discussed the role of discontent in achieving dreams and ambitions, encouraging you to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone.


🎧 Listen in on this episode for an encouraging perspective on embracing discontent for personal and professional growth!


Nicole Pendergrass is a wife, mom of two toddlers, full-time employee, multifamily investor, and generational wealth advocate. She started her real estate journey with no money, no credit, no connections, and after a few unsuccessful ventures, got her footing with a 3 family house-hack. She grew that first property into ownership in multiple multifamily projects and is now on a mission to help others do the same. She founded Noirvest Holdings, a private equity REI firm, to help minorities, women and other overlooked individuals build wealth through increasing access to “privileged” multifamily investments. She is also the host of the Share The Wealth Show, a podcast dedicated to discussing untraditional strategies to build, grow and protect minority wealth.


Key Quotes:

“I think discontent is the fuel that fires the engine to push your dreams, for your drive, for your ambition, for you wanting a future of abundance for you, your family, or whoever else is in your circle. And discontent is basically that rumbling. I feel like it’s the only true way to push you forward.” – Nicole Pendergrass


“No one who has an abundant lifestyle now, no one who achieved great things, did so by doing anything that was safe or anything that was within the lines or within the box. You have to take a little bit of risk in order to help yourself grow.” – Nicole Pendergrass



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Intro: Welcome to the Share the Wealth Show, where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.


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Nicole Pendergrass: Well, hello there, Wealthpreneur, and welcome back to another episode of the share of the wealth show and to day I’m coming to you, solo. And what I want to talk about is just something that is in the air normally around this time of year being, you know, close to Thanksgiving and all and that whole feeling of gratitude and I think something that we all have probably been inundated with mindset-wise growing up as young children, something tha was introduced to us. Very young is the feeling that expressing any type of discontent kind of implies that you are ungrateful.

And I want to I wanna just kind of push back against that sentiment Discontent is. And I looked up the definition. So let me read that here now discontent is a feeling of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. It can also mean a lack of contentment or satisfaction with one’s situation, possessions, or status. I think discontent is the fuel that fires the engine to push your dreams for your drive, for your ambition, for you, wanting a future of abundance for you, your family, or whoever else is in your circle.

And dicontent is basically that rumbling is kind of the waves in the water. If you’re contentin, the water is still, there’s no undercurrent there, you know there’s no wave to kind of not defeat you. being discontented with whatever your situation is I feel like is the only true way to push you forward One thing that we actually I I’ll say me. But you probably do this as well, Is you stifle your dreams

because you think that that means you are being ungrateful, for where you are today and for what you already have and what you already possess.


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Nicole Pendergrass: Now, what is the definition of being ungrateful is being unappreciative not displaying gratitude, not giving due return or recompense for benefits conferred. But even with

this first part, unappreciative and not displaying gratitude. There’s really there’s nothing to do with you. Being dissatisfied with your current situation you can be dissatisfied, and you can still be grateful for what you have. This satisfaction is more about where you want to go, and is a future tense, and it’s looking toward the future or what you want future you to accomplish. If you’re satisfied with everything that you have today you’re not going to push for more. What’s the reason you already are happy with where you are. But if you want your future to look different you’re gonna have to take action, and that is based off of you. Having that underlying feeling discontent and not being content, not being okay with the status quo. That does not mean you are not grateful for what you already have accomplished, because maybe you already came very far away from where you were before, and you can look back and say, Hey, I used to be at XYZ. Place and now I’m doing so much better. And I have all these other things working in my favour you can be grateful for that, and still have dreams of becoming more and doing more right. So I don’t think that those 2 they’re they’re not equally. They’re not equal at all. Discontent does not equal being ungrateful. and you cannot. You can have one with the other. They’re not mutually exclusive. I think a lot of people actually abandon or delay the pursuit of their dreams, because they mistake wanting more. As in gratitude. And that’s just. That’s just not true. I’m all for gratitude. but I am against deeply, venomily against denying our own dissatisfaction by refusing to push forward on our dreams, because we think that that’s showing the world that we are ungrateful for what we already have. It’s kind of that mindset. Why you want to do that! Why, you want more like, ain’t you happy? What you got? Just be satisfied with what you already got. Why, you have to do. XYZ. Like, you probably have those naysayers in your life that think they’re saying giving you advice from a place of love but is also a place of fear from what they don’t believe that they can accomplish and theirs, or they’re fearful of what they don’t think you can accomplish. and maybe at that point

they just think that them giving you this advice to be happy with what you have already is a way to keep you safe but no one who has an abundant lifestyle now, no one who achieved great things

did so by doing anything that was safe or anything that was within the lines or within the box. You have to take a little bit of risk in order to help yourself grow risk and safety do not lead toward growth and abundance and if you have, maybe abundance is not the word that you’re thinking of, because maybe abundance seems too lofty, and maybe you feel like that seems like too big in the mindset of oh, I don’t actually need abundance. I just need to get by right, whatever your thought process is for the lifestyle that you desire to live. If you are not living, that now you’re going to have to step outside of that box. Step outside of your comfort zone. Take a little bit of risk. It can be a calculated risk, but you gotta risk something and then move forward with I was going to say, not being afraid. But let me rephrase that. Move forward through your fear, because you can do it afraid, and still just do it. If you wait for your fear to be done and gone and subside. you’ll never end up making any moves or taking any action right. So if you think about I think Nelson Mandela had a quote. There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Let me just say that one more time. There is no passion to be found in playing small. It’s settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.  And I even think playing small is very relative because something that may be a huge step, for you might be small for someone else. But you cannot compare what you need to do with what somebody else has done right. You need to actually just look at yourself what you can do your past, where you want to go in the future and compare yourself to yourself. Take small movements

over time, be consistent, and that will build up to the lifestyle that you want into accomplishments that will slowly start to to build and grow and snowball right? And you’ll get to that point where I want to bring this back is I always have that that passion. and I’ll say, drive to want more. I’m always envisioning the future always with my plans and goals of the lifestyle that I want, and where I want to be

in a few years right?


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Nicole Pendergrass: One of my biggest goals this year was I deeply, deeply, deeply wanted to leave my W. 2, and or at least scale down hours and be virtual part time if not, leave completely. But I wanted to do that by the end of this year. It doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. I am fighting tooth and nail crawl, crawling my way out of there. But there’s there’s a few things that I feel like. I need a little a little bit more time, right? Maybe a few more months. I always had a plan just to like save up enough to take a leave of absence for 3 to 6 months and then use that time to build up all my business ventures, and then hopefully not have to go back right? So that’s the overall plan because the end of the year is winding down for the last a couple months. But definitely the last. No, actually, the last couple months I’ve been working on it. I’ve been working on a new business venture that is actually not even real estate related is rental related, but not real estate related. And I’ve been working on this because it’s a huge opportunity for me to create at least a little bit extra cash flow faster than what I create with my multifamily buildings. So I do want to buy more real estate. I do want to buy more rentals, and that’s still in the plan. That’s still part of the the foundation that I’m laying for my legacy. But I needed a few other different business ventures, different streams of income, right? You need to diversify a little in order to help me reach that goal quicker, because that goal of leaving my W. 2 would lay the the runway for me to really go all in with my business ventures, and actually have the time that I need to build up the other streams of income that I need to stay away from my W. 2 and give me the lifestyle that I want right. I don’t know if anyone else has that kind of aspiration. So all that to say I’m I’m really close, but I just needed a a boost like a little bit of a bridge. So the last few weeks. especially the last few weeks I have been super close to getting my first new asset.


Nicole Pendergrass: Under the belt, and it’s just been Nicole Pendergrass: so much hoops that I’ve been jumping through much more than expected. I didn’t expect this at all I wasn’t expecting this level of

of kind of just like stress and things not working, and the amount of time that it’s taking and people not replying timely. And it’s it’s just so much that I’m juggling and red tape, and there’s all the things that II really really was not expecting at all but because I was so engrossed and kind of mentally distraught. I’ll tell you from this whole process of trying to get this other business up and running, I have definitely been kind of detached or disengaged from my normal content creation and my normal like posting schedule, and even to the point where because it’s been a few weeks for me, actually engaging online in social media. I got to the point where I was even questioning my overall mission. So I don’t know. The mission is important of building black wealth and actually building minority, wealth. Honestly, because all of us have issues with. you know. we know just some of the things that are happening in this country, and I still I love the country. I would not want to move to another country, but we are not blameless here, right in every different. I there’s no competition of who had it worse. Here we’ve all had situations that have been extremely unfortunate. And we have rules and regulations and systemic things that we’re working through now that we all have to overcome in order to make progress.


So that is the mission, and the mission is still very important. But what I was questioning was the timing of me, needing to create, content to help with that mission now versus stepping back, focusing solely on my other ventures that will help me and my family kinda get. Be good, right? Let’s be good. First, you know that whole concept. Put your own oxygen mask on first and then help other people, and a lot of people have that mindset when they go into business building, or they have an altruistic venture or idea for their their business or their mission. So it was. It was a deep. a thought process that I was having, and I was. I was really emotion. I keep saying emotionally distraught, but I have no other better way to describe it, but I was emotionally distraught about that as well like. It made me a little bit sick to my stomach, and it made me question a lot of things. I don’t know what a lot of you may think when it comes to people who are creating content not everything is making you money right? And I’ll just be frank. So there, I do this, podcast I post online. I have my, you know information and and all my newsletter, and all the things that I do to try to help teach people. I have consultations. I do all these things but almost none of it is really monetizable right now, and a lot of content creators create content

just to help educate people and help expose people to new ideas, and help them get elevated, and it takes a lot of time to create. So add that with that in mind. I was thinking, you know, I need to pause. focus on getting my family good. and then come back into the content creation to show everybody like. Oh, this is what I did. This is how you can do it. This is something that works, this didn’t work, you know all that which is great. I could do that but I also feel like exposing the journey as I’m going through it is, is vital, and is very important and I think you being there along the journey and seeing my ups and downs, because I’m very transparent and I show a lot of things that work and don’t work, and the ups and downs of real estate investing and issues with tenants, issues with property management issues, with valuations and contractors, just all the things like whenever something is going wrong. I actually share that because I want people who are interested in getting into real estate investing to have that in their mind and not to scare them away from it, because it’s powerful well building tool, but to open up your eyes and let you know what could potentially happen, because if you have no clue at all, then you just get blindsided by something. It’s much better for you to have an idea at least that, like, you know. Okay, well, if something like that were to happen to me, I’m going to do XYZ. And you can pair. And then hopefully, it doesn’t even ever happen right? So I think, showing the bad along with the good in the journey is ideal, and that’s something that I feel like. If I were to step back from my content creation, then you would not get the benefit of seeing the ups and downs through the journey. I don’t want to just come back, disappear for 6 months. Come back, you know with all these Uber success stories, and not be able to show you the downside that happened along with that right? So that was the last few weeks of me just being so engrossed with this new venture that could be potentially give me more cash flow. I say, potentially, cause I haven’t started. I actually should be getting the first asset tomorrow finally. And then, as that starts growing, then I’ll share that with you as well, even if it’s not real estate related right?


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Nicole Pendergrass: The person that I have helping me with this venture, my my operations manager. I do plan to have her on the show soon at some point, so she could share with you what we’re doing, actually, so that might be hopefully in the next couple episodes. But I guess the whole point, not the whole point, but part of what spurred this this thought process, and to share this story with you today is as I made the decision to go ahead and just continue to post, continue to put out content like it’s very hard to still just switch it back on after you’ve been away for a couple of weeks, especially when you’ve been away unexpectedly. But this week this is Thanksgiving week this week I planned Ok. Wednesday. I’m going to. I have a couple of things. I think that if if something happens that I was planning to help him with the business, the new business venture after work. I was going to just have to do a bunch of running around to get to get some things done. What ended up happening is my daughter earlier in this week bumped her head on a bathroom doorknob after brushing her teeth.

and she was crying about it, and I went, and you know said What’s wrong, and kind of consoled her, rubbed the side of her head where she said she bumped her head. And like, Okay, you’ll feel a little better in a little bit right. The next morning she woke up and Nicole Pendergrass: told my husband that her vision was blurry and like around the perimeter of her face, of of his face and around his nose. And then from far away, everything was blurry. She couldn’t really see. And I’m like, Okay, that’s weird. At this point we had not associated that with her, bumping her head on the doorknob. So we found that out after the fact. Or I realized that after the fact. And then we just waited a whole day kind of like, you know, how’s your vision feeling now? How are you doing? Oh, still a little blur, still a little blurry. Okay, we’ll just keep monitoring it. The next morning she woke up I was already at work. My husband calls and says, Yeah, Madison’s telling me now that she, the the vision, like my whole face now, is blurry, not just the perimeter on the sides like she can’t see anything, and she looks concerned. And actually, she told me, I’m scared because I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know what’s going on and that spurred me into action. We I’ve said, Okay, the vision is getting worse. I don’t know what’s happening like we like. I said we hadn’t we no idea we did not associate this with a doorknob or her hitting her head at all And so we contacted her pediatrician. Pull her the situation, doctor, on the phone. See what you know? Can we get her to pediatric ophthalmology? It’s a emergency console. And of course this is the day before Thanksgiving. You know a lot of people are not in the office right, especially in outpatient clinics, and so she gave me a couple of names. I was on the phone all morning calling the places that no one was answering the phone. One place has a couple of different offices, so I kept calling all the different offices, and no one was answering. The voicemail finally got to an office that was open. They were able to squeeze us in same day. So I left work early, got home, picked up my daughter, and we we drove up there, got her ophthalmology consultation. So the main reason is because the pediatrician said, this sounds like it could be a detached retina a detached retina, if you don’t know. is a serious issue that needs surgical intervention almost immediately, like within a few days, or it can lead to blindness and other issues if you, if it’s not rectified. So before I heard that assumption from the pediatrician. I was just thinking my mind was running wild because her vision was unexpectedly UN like seemingly unprovoked cause we didn’t think about the doorknob just getting worse out of nowhere. So my mind was running towards all these different like you hear about flesh-eating bacteria. You see, pictures of kids with like no eyes or kids are blind, and that’s a reality out there. And I just my heart sank because I just thought about all the potential that my daughter has, and how free-spirited and caring, and thoughtful and smart she is, and all the things that I know she wants to do, and I want her to have the best opportunity to be able to take advantage of everything, and I had to check myself as well, because I’m like, if this are is, if this is our reality. Lord, I jest want you to make me strong enough that I can still encourage my daughter that she still can do all these things, even if she ends up. God forbid losing her high eyesight. So that morning I was crying and praying and crying and praying, and I’m not a crier. If you know me personally, it’s kind of like what Nicole was crying about, so it takes a lot to make me cry, but because I had no clue what this this was going on with her eyes, and I’m thinking it could be some super rare condition that now we’re going to have to take her around to like 50 60 different doctors trying to figure out what this is. She’s gonna have surgeries all this other stuff, I’m thinking. Then her doctor sells about the the displaced or detached retina.

And even though that’s a very serious. I said I immediately kind of calmed down, felt a little bit better, because at least that is a known kind of common situation, and even if she didn’t need to end up needing surgery.


Who said, You know what? That’s another prayer. That’s another situation. Where? OK. Then we just ask for God to cover the surgeon give us a good surgeon who and there’s no issues, and everything goes smoothly, and there’s nothing that’s like an ongoing issue because of after surgery.

So I was just preparing myself for all this. She had the consultation. and her eyes were fine. Nothing was wrong with them at all, no detached retina, no issues at all, and he thinks that maybe just from hitting her head she maybe bruised the back of her eyes some, somehow. But she said, nothing is wrong. Here those are is gonna resolve. The bluriness is gonna resolve itself. And so every day we’re asking her, how’s her eyes? How’s her eyes feel or not feel. But how? How does her vision look? And so every day she tells a little bit better, a little bit better. And so even today, when I asked her, she was like, no, it’s not blurry anymore. Your face is not blurry anymore. But that sign over there is blurry because some of those letters are a little small, so there’s still little things. But it’s definitely resolving itself.

But you should have seen me. I was kind of a hot mess on Wednesday, running around, taking her to this ophthalmology and trying to get an appointment, and just all the thoughts that were going through my head. Then he said, the doctor said, ophthalmologist said, Okay, you know you can go into Thanksgiving with a clear mind and stress free. Whatever we did. We had a nice thanksgiving at our in-laws, at their grant. My kids, grandparents, my father, my father, my husband’s mother, and father’s house, and it was fine. We just had a normal Thanksgiving dinner. We came home that night and the girls were playing and trying to flip and do handstands. I don’t know why they have so much energy. I think they had a piece of cake right before we left. There, grandma out. She can listen to this, too. She set us up. She gave them a piece of cake right before we was leaving there, so by the time we got home that John has set in, and they was on cloud, 100 running around, trying to flip each other, trying to help each other, flip and handsy, and all this other stuff So then my daughter, who bumped her head on the doorknob, is kind of accident, prone and clumsy and so she’s trying to do a handstand by crawling her legs up the back of a wall. and she only gets like 90 degrees. She doesn’t fall or anything. She just comes down off the wall and crawls away bawling, crying, me and my husband are sitting right here, and we say, What is wrong with you? Why are you crying? We thought because she couldn’t do the handstand, and she’s very competitive with her little sister and her little sister does some of those things a little bit better than her like she, her little sister, can’t do a handstand at all, either, but just her attempts even look better so. But then she tells us she comes back around, and she tells us, no.

I actually hurt my arm and she’s crying, and she’s pointing to the inner. her inner elbow on her left arm.

And this is the exact place that she pointed where the pain was when she broke her arm in the spring.

So she was in a full cast. The fracture was on the back of her like, but above her elbow I forgot what that bone is called. and so she we did through the whole process like 6 to 8 weeks, or whatever she was in that cast, and when she first broke her arm, then she was pointing to the inside of her elbow as the place that hurt. So when she pointed to that the same exact spot, now that it hurt my husband and I looked at each other, and said, Oh, my gosh! Like this! Can’t that like she didn’t fall? She did. Nothing happened. I didn’t see any kind of trauma, so there’s like no way that she broke her arm again in the same spot, right like she didn’t do anything like this is completely healed. It’s been months and months right. This can’t just happen from that. She didn’t do anything crazy. So we said, Okay, but she couldn’t move her hand. She couldn’t move her arm at all. But we said, Okay, we will check in the morning. At this time urgent Care Citymd that we normally go to around the corner was closed. But I’ll take her in the morning. If she still can’t move her arm. Wake up in the morning, and she cannot move her arm, and it still hurts for her to try to straighten it. of course. So all my plans for today, Friday, our. We’re gone and it’s time to take her to Citymd. Course we wait there for an hour or 2. Then they tell us there’s no X ray tech here to day. So then we had to go to the emergency room. Well, then, we wait there. Go in finally, get an X-ray. So this is just like I think we left. Maybe. What time do we leave in the morning like 8 30 in the morning. and we got back around like 2, 2 30.


So it was literally all day we were in these various hospitals. And so this is second day this week I’ve been in hospitals or clinics somewhere for my daughter. What happened was she didn’t actually break her arm. We finally got the X-ray. There was no no fracture. She didn’t break her arm. What he thinks the doctor thinks happened just like a ligament got caught in between her elbow joint when she was trying to climb up the wall. and that is what was making her arm painful and not her not be able to move her arm, so he kind of did a twist turn thing, and you know, got that ligament out of the the bone joint, and she was able to move her arm again.


So the main point I want to say about that is is good. Everything’s good. She’s fine now. I’m super, grateful that both situations ended up not being false alarms. Honestly. But the main thing was. and what I want to get to. Sorry this was a very long way to get around to the point here, but I needed you to understand. The full like experience of what I was going through is I was super super annoyed today. and I had to check myself in in my head multiple times. To not be annoyed that like. Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe she broke her arm again, but like she’s so clumsy, and this and that, and like just having those thoughts go in my head and I’m thinking about all the things I want to do today, and these are all the content creation things that have been not procrastinating on, but have every day there’s been something, and they keep getting pushed back a day, push back a day, push back a day when now to day, the day I was going to have free to do some of the more important things it needed to get done also got pushed back because I had to be in the hospital all day, and I was super annoyed. But what I checked myself on was that 2 days ago I was crying and praying for her eyesight. and to day. I was annoyed because she potentially fractured her arm, so I don’t know if that’s like a less serious situation in my head cause we had been through that I know a cast to fix it. Blah blah! But the eyesight thing I don’t know. It was just. I did not want her to lose potentially lose her eyesight. I said to myself, Look, you cannot be Hickey. about what is an inconvenience for you. You cannot be picky about what you are grateful for, and what you are asking God for. 2 days ago I’m crying and praying for my daughter’s eyesight. and that turned out to be perfect, and there was nothing wrong, and God answered our prayers right. It was a false emergency that didn’t need any kind of intervention and to day I’m just super annoyed and snappy with the kids. instead of just being grateful for just even having the opportunity to take her to a hospital, or even if even if she did have her arm broken, I would much rather deal with that than deal with an eyesight issue right? And that’s kind of I feel like that would be

more of a blessing because her eyesight was good. It was great. And now you know, okay. So she broke her arms. We’ll just have to deal with that, but to not have that deep, that deep, rooted kind of like, just annoying and being upset about it that annoying feeling inside. And so I honestly, I just had to check myself, and I had to just think like God, you know what. Give me patience. Thank you for all that you’ve done. Thank you for her eyesight. Thank you, for now that we found out her arm was not broken. Thank you for the arm not being broken, you put me through a lot this week in just having me be out and in dealing with doctor’s appointments and putting family first, and there were a few other things happening in the background that I didn’t go into detail in But I had to drop everything else and deal with family. But guess what? That’s why I want to leave my job. That’s why I’m going and trying to start these new business ventures so that I’m able to be there and deal with family whether it’s good or bad.


So how can I then be ungrateful and upset about situation where I actually am able to help deal with family, and whatever I needed to do business-wise actually could easily be postponed.

Now, I’m up to night recording this episode because I do want to share this story, this life story with you right and hopefully. If you have something like this similar that you deal with with your family, or checking your emotions on what you’re grateful for versus what you’re not grateful for, and what you’re annoyed at. We is all about changing perspective and we have to remember to do that. and we have to remember that we should be grateful for everything, even the bad things that happen. There’s a lesson in all of it. and my husband and I were talking about this the whole situation this week, and we just know that we can’t be upset. This is, there’s a lesson in it. and if there’s something we want to change about our lives because basically some things didn’t happen the way we wanted them to or our availability to be, there wasn’t where we wanted it to be, or just whatever else happened, micro on a micro level within these situations. If something wasn’t in alignment with what we truly wanted to be able to do to help this situation, then that was a lesson in and of itself to have us be discontent right, and make us think about. Okay. This situation didn’t work. How I wanted to be, how I wanted it to. I’m discontent with this and that needs to be our fuel for pushing forward, and I feel like this. Whole weak

was a whole like a wrapped, wrapped up my month in a pretty bow maybe not as pretty, but in a very grateful and discerning and eye-opening bow about being discontent with situations, and even when you make plans to get out of that things will happen in a way that you don’t plan in like God gave me

family time that I’m working toward, but in a way that I was not expecting in a way that pushed me and tested my limit in a way that made me drop everything else that I was working on, because it was not as important in the moment as catering to my daughter’s needs. And so I just want to wrap that in. I guess a bow for you and hopefully. My ramble of a story has helped you in some kind of way. Think about situations that have happened in your own life, and how you can change your own perspective

to think about why you’re grateful for that situation right? It’s all mindset and perspective. But still I want you to think about being discontent with your current situation as fuel for you to move forward.

not equating that with you, being ungrateful and show find ways to be grateful for things that even they don’t feel like you should be grateful for them so, and make sure you just are mindful of keeping you not being happy with where you are at today with not being ungrateful for what you have today.

Right? What I also want to wrap up with is actually something that I’ve been wanting to do for a little while because I’m super grateful for you and for you listening to especially my my ranti podcast solo podcasts. I’m gonna start reading. A reviews from our apple from apple. I apple

podcasts. I was gonna say, apple, Ipad. Well, podcast. Right? So this is from sand. MP. Sand, Mp. Gave us a 5 star review. A life changing podcast I just want to say, thank you, clap, clap, clap.

This podcast has been a wealth of knowledge from how to increase income without trading more of your time to how to preserve the wealth you have created for years to come. This podcast is life changing. If you apply what you hear, fire, fire, Emoji, you are awesome heart. Nicole Pendergrass: Well, thank you. So much. Sand and pee, I love this review. I really, I feel super grateful when I go through and read the reviews that you really are getting value from what I’m sharing in the podcast and the guests that I bring on. And what I want is, if you have not left the review on apple, please go there and do that, and maybe your review will be the next one that is read. I’m gonna read a review in every episode from here, on out. And what I want you to also do is please make sure you give me tips or suggestions. Tell me, you know the kind of content that you would like to hear the kind of subject matter you would like to hear the kind of guests that you would like to have on. If you have a guest suggestion, you know. Send it to me, sharethewealthshow@gmail.com  right, share the share, share the wealth show@gmail.com, and let me know. Who you want to hear, and what kind of topic you want us to cover. If you feel like we haven’t covered a certain niche. Right? I’m trying to get all around every every kind of way that we can build wealth in a untraditional manner. And I wanna bring that to the forefront, and experts in the industry, to the forefront, and they’ll lay out the blueprint for you to follow, and all of my guests will are easy to contact, and are open to being contacted by you. So please please do that, and please, if you have not left us a review and reading an apple. Please go do that so that I can read your review next time. But in any case please. I want you to stay is contented

so that you can continue to grow until next time.


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