Episode No. 46

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Episode No. 46

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In this episode, we have two inspiring guests, Ade Papoola and Thomas Passante, who have used their own strategies to build businesses and create wealth. Ade Papoola is often regarded as an inventory hound, Ade Popoola has found and moved several million dollars worth of off-market Multi-family real estate over the past 3 years. He is known for his ability to find discounted off–market deals which are very hard to come by. Currently holding active licenses in Ohio and Pennsylvania as a registered nurse, Ade decided to combine his passion for data, marketing, and multi-family investing to create systems and processes that can consistently find off-market multifamily deals across the country. Thomas Passante is the Managing Director. Thomas is able to offer the opportunity to be part of a firm that features a distinguished team in Wealth Management, Insurance and Group Benefits. He takes a unique approach towards building financial strategies for his clients as well as extensive specialized training and development for his financial professionals. Thomas is a Registered Representative dedicated to helping Individuals, families, businesses owners and high net worth real estate professionals develop and achieve financial goals. At National Financial Network, we specialize in complete planning by maximizing each dollar spent and helping clients become world class savers. In Thomas’ free time he enjoys playing and watching sports, traveling with friends and family, and spending as much time as possible with his Australian shepherd, Chloe. Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities, LLC (PAS), Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Insurance License #4168312. World Class saver is a Person who saves at least 15 to 20% of gross income.


Through their stories, they emphasize the power of having a positive outlook and pushing past fear in order to reach goals. They discuss how to protect and grow wealth for a legacy for future generations, removing noise and avoiding negative opinions in order to achieve success, and how negative opinions can sometimes come from a place of love. Tune in for helpful tips and advice on achieving success through setting goals, forming positive habits and more!


[00:00 – 08:56] Escaping the Racial Wealth Gap: How Minority Professionals Can Achieve Abundance Through Mindset

  • Mindset is essential to achieving success
  • Need an abundance mindset and to step out of comfort zone
  • Guests Ade Papoola and Thomas Passante discuss their journey to building wealth
  • Ade Papoola went from Nigeria to the US and started wholesaling in multi-family real estate
  • Thomas Passante manages a full service financial firm and has been doing this for 7 years


[08:57 – 17:27] How to Overcome Noise and Achieve Success: A Guide to Building Confidence and Avoiding Self-Doubt

  • Noise from family, friends, and people we meet can be distracting and discouraging
  • It is important to have a tunnel vision mindset and avoid the noise
  • Mentorship and guidance from someone successful can help you find a short pathway to success
  • People who give advice may not have done it before and are trying to protect you in the best way they know how, which may not be the right way
  • The biggest noise will be in our own heads, not from others


 [17:28 – 26:56] Overcome Fear and Grow Your Business with Repetition and Mindset Mastery

  • Real estate is a great asset class to invest in, especially during a downturn
  • Mindset coaching and lectures are important for pushing past comfort zones and setting goals
  • Investing in yourself is the best way to grow as an individual, through trial and error, mentorships, training and development
  • Repetition of positive material can help tackle difficult issues more easily


 [26:57 – 35:40] Reprogram Your Mind: How to Tap Into Calmness and Avoid Anxiety, Self-Doubt, and Depression

  • Sarah Blakely’s father asked her at the dinner table how she failed that day
  • Donald Trump’s example of a billionaire with a financial thermostat set high
  • The importance of reading personal development books
  • Morning affirmations and routines to sharpen the brain
  • Reprogramming the mind through repetition or trauma


 [35:41 – 44:37] Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind: How To Find the Positive in Trauma and Change Your Perception of Failure

  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind through repetition and trauma
  • Finding a positive in negative situations
  • Masterminding with people to get different results
  • Realizing how many swings it takes to get success and the failures that come before it
  • Changing perception of failure by understanding expectations


 [44:37 – 31:51] Closing Segment

  • The final questions
  • If you’re not diversified appropriately, you probably will be paying more taxes than you should be.
  • Boardwalk is the most expensive property and Baltic is the cheapest in Monopoly
  • Why wealth goes way past monetary
  • What’s next for Thomas and Ade?

Key Quotes 

“We hold ourselves accountable to meet expectations that are wrong to start with.” – Ade Papoola

“Through trial and error is the best way to grow as an individual.” – Thomas Passante


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