Episode No. 41

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Episode No. 41

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Sometimes we have to let things come naturally to us, instead of giving up.


In this episode, we have with us real estate investor and CEO of Broken Houses LLC & Driven USA LLC Ardranae Byer. At the age of 19, Ardranae and a friend started Aries Entertainment. An entertainment company who managed local hip hop and reggae artist. After graduating college , Ardranae wanted to try something new. In 2008 she started IKONS Media Group, Inc and launched the first national publication for queer women of color. IKONS Magazine sold over 10,000 copies and gained an online viewership of over 500 views per day. The demand of running a successful publication and online community and still working a full time job became overwhelming for Ardranae and she decided to stop the publication at the 5th issue. 


Five years after closing the doors of IKONS Magazine, Ardranae stumbled and fell into the real estate business. Ardranae saw how ownership could potentially lead her into an early retirement. Since 2016, she purchased one property a year in an effort to supplement her income. In 2018, Ardranae was introduced to the art of wholesaling real estate. Since then Ardranae went on to close over 12 wholesale deals and profit over $80,000 in assignment fees. 


Currently, Ardranae still invest in Real Estate in the Rochester, NY area. She also runs a successful wholesaling company called Broken Houses, LLC based in New Jersey. As if that is not enough, you can also rent cars from Ardranae through her private rental company called, Driven USA, LLC. 



[1:00 – 16:56] Who is Ardranae Byer?

  • Ardranae Byer is a serial entrepreneur and has a nine-to-five job as an engineering inspector for Con Edison in New York City
  • She started her first business with a ghost friend in college, creating an entertainment company that lasted about a year
  • She discusses how her experience with managing talent and creating Icons Magazine helped her learn more about herself and how to be an entrepreneur 


[16:57 – 22:25] Making Money in Real Estate by Wholesaling

  • Ardranae shares how she experienced difficulty making money from their magazine, and eventually decided to transition into real estate. property instead of buying the actual property
  • Real estate was the next thing that she tried, and he was successful in buying and renovating two properties
  • She then started looking for more properties, and found that wholesale was a good way to make money

[22:26 – 25:26] Investing on Education


  •  Why we love to invest in our education but still do nothing later
  • Not wanting the cold calling
  • Not researching on your partner


[25:27 – 28:04] Wholesales Performance


  • Performing Note- There are risks to consider such as early payoff or they stop making their payments monthly.
  • Non-Performing Note – In the event that payment stopped, you can take foreclosure action or you can take possession of the property and sell it as is so you are getting the return on your investment 


[25:27 – 30:24] Closing Segment

  • Watch out for part 2 of our conversation with Ardranae!


Key Quotes 


“I didn’t look for the next thing. I didn’t look up ways to make money. I didn’t do any of that. I just wanted it to come to me naturally. Just like icons came to me in entertainment.” – Ardranae Byer


“Like they see the money, right? Sometimes that’s what we’re driven by in the beginning, and sometimes it turns for us, but sometimes don’t.” – Ardranae Byer



Connect with Ardranae Byer through https://brokenhousesllc.com. Follow her on Instagram 



Let’s get connected! 

You can find Nicole on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. Visit her website https://noirvestholdings.com 


[00: 00: 00 – 00: 00: 32]

I just want to. I just didn’t give up. I didn’t so much look for anything, to be honest with you. I just kind of went through life regular, you know, mediocre, you know, very mediocre life, go to work, come home, until something stood out for me, right? I didn’t look for the next thing. I didn’t look up ways to make money. I didn’t do any of that.I just wanted it to come to me naturally, just like icons came to me in some of my areas of entertainment. So I was just like, okay, well I’m just going to save my money, put my money up, and when that time comes, I’ll beready. Hopefully I’ll recognize what God is telling me.


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Welcome to the share the wealth show where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.


[00: 01: 01 – 00: 01: 42]

Hey. Welcome back to the share the wealth show. Today’s episode with um, our Adranae Byer, you guys have to listen to the whole thing. I’ll have her bio in the show notes, but ultimately she is a serial entrepreneur and has really faced so many difficulties and roadblocks in her journey and she never stopped. She’s always looking or not even looking, but letting that next thing come to her and speak to her. And then she the ultimate thing is she would take action and she would learn as much as she can, and then she would implement, and she would jump in, she would ask the question, she would just do it. She was not very scared to invest in herself, right, and to do that next thing.


[00: 01: 43 – 00: 03: 15]

So we talk about I can’t even give away all the things that we talk about, but Let me just tell you, she has a 9 to 5. Currently, she is now has enough income to replace her w2 salary. But she’s still working and she has a plan to slowly step out of it, but she’s been using her job and leveraging that to be able to get her into these other businesses and entrepreneurship ventures that she’s been doing. And so I’m just telling you that there’s no excuse if you have a job and you still are not making enough income at your job to invest and grow that and build it and do that next thing and ultimately give you that freedom that you need to have options in life. There’s no reason that you can’t implement some strategy. Sometimes you have to look for it. Sometimes it’ll fall in your lap, but you have to keep an open mind and have that, um, that kind of willingness to step out on faith and do it. Just get it done. Learn as much as you can, but don’t let the education make get analysis paralysis and not actually move forward with an opportunity, invest in yourself, jump in, get it done, something happens, maybe you just need to pivot. Maybe that’s not the business for you. But ultimately, you can find that thing that’s gonna help you and catapult you to the next level financially, and then that will give you the freedom to do whatever you need to do in life to enjoy life. And lived life to the fullest. So if anything, this is a story of inspiration.


[00: 03: 16 – 00: 03: 52]

It’s a story where she actually gives tips, she gives the actual resources that she used that you can actually go in and look at yourself and decide if that’s for you, but this isn’t a great way. Like, the businesses that she’s done, especially the last 2 we talk about are great ways to build up that side passive income and kind of showing you how to even get it set up and to be able to do that while you have your w2 until you can eventually step away. So if that’s what you’re looking to do, then you need to tune in, listen to the whole episode, and pick up all the gems that Adranae drops today.


[00: 03: 53 – 00: 04: 36]

Welcome everyone back to another episode of the share the wealth show. Where we talk about strategies on how to build, grow, and protect minority wealth. And here with us today is Adrana Byer. How are you doing? I’m so excited to have you on today’s episode. Just tell us a little bit about your background. And then we’ll jump into what you’re doing. You’re you are like a jack of all trades. Um, you have everything going on, and so I’m gonna try to get as much information from you as possible in this time period, but people need to listen up and hear what Uh, you gotta say because your hustle is nonstop. Let’s go.


[00: 04: 37 – 00: 05: 43]

Yes. Yes. Thank you. You know, Nicole, thank you so much for having me on. Thank you for inviting me to your platform. And, just having me here to share what I know about what I do. Uh, so briefly, my name is Arjun A buyer. I’m like a serial entrepreneur. Right? It’s just I it’s for everyone listening. I just I have a shirt that says entrepreneur on when everyone was listening. I was pointing to that. So go sorry. Go ahead. Yeah. And no problem. I am a serial entrepreneur and I also have a 9.5, right? Um, I’ve been in my career, uh, for about 18 years now. Uh, Con Edison, New York, I’m an engineering inspector for Con Edison in New York City Anyway, you know, they the utility company of New York, and I’m sure everybody heard about it. And since then, I just been kind of even before then, when I was in college, I just actually wanted to be in business. Didn’t know anything about business and major in business and even minor in business. Right? I just knew that I wanted to have, um, storefronts. The best way to kinda explain what I wanted as a teenager. Um, but I didn’t really know how to do it. Um, but it’s always been something that I wanted. And, before I get into it. Is that that enough background for you?


[00: 05: 44 – 00: 06: 05]

Oh, yeah. That’s good. So, okay, from you wanting storefronts as, you know, a teen in in college and they I’m not even actually majoring or minoring in business or entrepreneurship or anything like that. What was your first foray into being an entrepreneur or having a business or a side hustle? What was the first thing you did?


[00: 06: 06 – 00: 07: 11]

The first thing I did was I started an entertainment company, uh, with a good friend of mine in college. Um, we are 2 kids from New York. Um, I’m not really into the party seeing what he was. And we used to sit down and just build all the time. Just, oh, I just wish that he could go to a nice party, and it was what he wanted it to be when he was in New York City. Uh, we’re in Buffalo at this point. Um, we had a Sony at Buffalo and He’s like, yeah, this kinda won’t change things up here. And I’m like, okay. Tell me more. You know, what’s the plan? And, you know, we go into it, and then he’s like, I got artists. I wanna put some money behind some artists. Now we’re 2 starving college kids. Um, but he has the know how um, on how to manage talent. Right? I don’t. I was just learning. Um, so we  got together and we created Ares Entertainment. Um, he’s an Ares. I’m a torch. Um, we went with Ares Entertainment. It’s kinda his name. I kinda liked it. Had a good ring to it. And we started areas of entertainment in Buffalo, New York, and we started throwing parties, having events, managing talent. and that lasted probably about as long as his college career lasted, which was about a year.


[00: 07: 11 – 00: 07: 37]

Okay. Wait. Let me interject there real quick. So one thing that I know people may have an issue with um, thinking about partnering with someone who has a skill set, but not knowing what your skill set is or your value add into that partnership would be So what was it about you or what you could bring to the table that made him want to partner with you?


[00: 07: 37 – 00: 09: 09]

You know, I’ll be honest with you. I I don’t understand this. I don’t know. you know, I don’t know. I mean, we’re so young. Right? And it is just like two people that got it all, two people that had a great friendship, and we wanted to do something together. You know, I didn’t know what it took to actually, um, find the partner in business at that time. I just thought it just sounds great. Let’s just do it. Um, it probably wasn’t the best business decision for both of us. Right? It really wasn’t. I wasn’t into the entertainment business. Although I but my major was communications. Right? So I was in the video production. aspect of it. Right? And I wanted to do videos. I wanted to do music videos. I wanted to direct movies. Like, that was my thing. So I didn’t really know what I could bring. I didn’t know what value add I had as I, like, reflect now. I don’t think I brought anything to the table. I think, like, I’ll be out what you meant.

I’m not a party goer. I’m really not. I didn’t party in the city, and I damn sure it wasn’t partying, uh, in Buffalo. Um, so I didn’t do that. Managing talent, because I love music. It’s kinda where I shine at, but it was more um, Dance Hall, reggae, and I’m American. Well, I’m Panamanian, but, you know, that wasn’t my music choices. It wasn’t my genre. Okay. Um, so it was his thing. So I kinda just supported him, actually. Okay. Right? And he bought, you know, situations to me and we kinda just discussed it together as a unit, but ultimately, it was more his thing than it was mine. Okay. To be honest with you.


[00: 09: 10 – 00: 10: 22]

So lesson that I’m going to interject there. I should have a popup that says, but anyway, just if anyone is out there thinking about how they can get started and you don’t know what your value is or you don’t know what skill set you can bring to the table. It’s all about relationships. It doesn’t matter what business real estate, I talk about a lot, and we’ll get into that. And that’s definitely a relationship business, but any business is a relationship business. So you could just be really good friends with someone and you could have these wants and desires and talk about building with them and then they get an opportunity and they wanna bring you aboard just because they like you. They know like and trust you, and they would trust going into business with you because they know you’re not gonna do them dirty and you’re gonna work hard and hustle to learn what you need to learn to make that business succeed. And so that’s just one tip out of what I pulled from her story, um, that you guys can take and don’t be scared of approaching people or build building those relationships because you never know what is going to expire or it, yeah, expire and come about from the relationships that you’re building, especially if you’re having these conversations with people about how you want more and how you wanna go into business and how you wanna build. Um, so it all comes around in full circle. So sorry. I just need to throw that in there.


[00: 10: 23 – 00: 10: 54]

It’s alright. No. No problem. I totally agree with that. I totally agree with that. Okay. Perfect. So then what was the I feel like if I keep asking you step by step what the next thing he was and the next thing was, that could be a 3. I don’t know. Jump to the next, like, in actual 1 or, uh, entrepreneurship type of venture that you were involved in. Something that you learned some lessons from, even if you’re not still doing that now, just go to the next one that you think is worth sharing.


[00: 10: 55 – 00: 12: 34]

 Oh, absolutely. Uh, the next one I’ll go into, but this was the most impactful of my life taught me the most, and it taught me more about myself than anything in my community, I would say. Uh, the next one was icons magazine and icons online.com. So I I’ll go back real quick. I always wanted a magazine. I wanted a publication. Right? I come from the era of word up magazines and, vibe, the vibe, and all these, um, um, urban, hip hop, magazine, lifestyle, you know, publications. Right? So that’s the area in which I came from. And I always thought it was really, really cool.

So roughly around twenty something years old, I decided that, um, well, I look for it. Right? I’m young. I’m queer. I’m black. And I didn’t find anything that kinda related to us, right, or related to me stories, um, people that look like me, and I wanted that. I really wanted that. So one day, I sat down and said, I’m a do it. I’m gonna make it. And it started with icons online. And what icons online.com was it was, a platform where, um, black lesbians, right, black squares can come and meet other black squares. So it served as, like, my space for black lesbians. Right? Okay. Uh, and black. And it just safe queer space. Right? And it told you every, like so I the way I set it up, it was like a, um, it was like my space and maybe, like, a Shea room together.  Because of what I would do is I would talk about that’s what brought people to the website and couldn’t even create a profile. And stayed on the website long was I bought people there because of, um, news and entertainment that was happening in the community. black, quick queer community.


[00: 12: 35 – 00: 14: 21]

Okay. So once that came, then I was like, okay. I’m getting a lot of, um, visitors. I need to find a way to keep them here. I wanna keep us here. Right? So I’m like, okay. Let’s do, like, um, a mind space. Right? Let’s have these little rooms where they could talk. Maybe they could date and have people set up their profiles. So I went all into that, and I put a lot of money into that. So what’s falling off of that was icons magazine. Right? So I was like, alright. I got the clientele. I think I’m ready. to put out my first product. Right? And that was my first product was icons magazine. Um, in my life, like, it it blew up. It really did. Uh, it blew up my first issue. I had a, a, um, a rap group, a hip hop group, uh, a female hip hop group out of Yonkers, New York called Kemp’s life. Uh, at the time, there was some that those were the people that I was looking right, I was going to clubs. I’ll see him perform. I want to know more about them. Like, how did you get here? Right? So I have to talk to them. And I was like, you know what? I feel like that they are gonna be the first. They’re gonna be on my first cup. They’re gonna be my cover parts. And we did that 5000 copies. printed it all with my own money, made the magazine in my home. I had to learn, uh, in design, learn Photoshop. I mean, I knew it was some stuff that I knew from school, but because I wasn’t using it as much, I had to relearn. Right? So YouTube University got me through that. And I created the magazine, and I was just so fortunate to have some people in the printing space who was able to print my samples. Um, so I could see where I was making mistakes. Right? So my first sample, the font was big. Right? I’m thinking twelve point. Right? That’s what we type wit and word. Uh, that was huge. It’s huge for a magazine. really big. So and that’s when I learned that it has to be 8 point. It’s very, very small. So when it goes to print, it looks regular.


[00: 14: 22 – 00: 15: 08]

 So it was just a lot of learning process, and we made it to 5 issues. We made it to 5 issues, um, internationally, distribute it because I actually just went to distribution companies. Looked them. I went to one guy. I went to one guy about my job. at a magazine store. And I said, hey. Can you put this in your mag can you put this in your store?

And he was like, yeah. He’s like, listen. This is nice. Do you have a distributor? I was like, no. So he started tearing distributors off of the boxes that’s coming in. It was like, hey, call these people and see if they take your magazine. Yeah. It was beautiful. And I did that. I did that. And they were in Brooklyn, you know, warehouses in Brooklyn where these distributors were located, and I would go sit down with them and come up with some type of consignment deals. And I got my magazine on newsstands in Texas, Atlanta, Chicago, and Yeah.


[00: 15: 09 – 00: 15: 36]

Yeah. That’s crazy how things just fall into place. Like, you just see a need and you start fulfilling it. And that’s, like, the ultimate, you know, uh, identification of, uh, entrepreneurs, like, seeing a need and fulfilling it. Right? And the fact that, like, now you took those distributors and, like, got them all over the place, that’s great. Like, a lot of people don’t even take it to that next step. So ultimately, did you make money from that venture?


[00: 15: 37 – 00: 17: 19]

Um, yes. I made money, not a lot of money. Okay. So then it was it was now we go into the business part of it. Right?

So I was like, okay. I could produce this magazine. That’s great to create that. Now it’s the business part of it. The money’s coming in. Accounts wasn’t it just wasn’t right. Everything’s coming into my personal account, which my rent comes out of and all my other the bills come out of it. Um, the money just wasn’t being allocated. Right? You understand what I’m saying? And that’s all along me. Right? Because I’m so I’m the head of the thing. So, um, again, so I’m just kinda taking my savings and just reinvesting it into the business and whatever money’s coming in, I’m reinvesting it into the business, um, to the point where, you know, I was almost homeless. You know? Yeah. I could pay my rent. 1, well, I mean, we had a 1 year anniversary, and, um, I wanted to have the cover model at the time. She was an actress. Um, the shade Hecker who was on the game at the time, and it was called the sexy issue. We did this beautiful pinup model type of thing, uh, 50 thing. And, so we decided to have a big party for it. And, I mean, the big the party was bigger than I expected it to be. And, I had to fly her in. I had to get her hotel. I had to get a transportation, and that was my rent. I was like, I’m gonna make this party happen because celebration for us icons and for the community. And at the end of it all, I was, I was flat broke. That was mine. Yeah. I was, like, I was flat broke. I think that was my 4th issue. And my 5th issue, I knew that was gonna be a struggle to get my 5th issue together, and it was. And I was I kinda knew in my head if I didn’t get things right, get an investor in, then it wasn’t gonna make it past assist issue. And that’s exactly what happened.


[00: 17: 20 – 00: 18: 10]

Okay. Alright. So the thing is, like you said, that was a huge learning experience. You learned a lot about just that industry, about yourself, about the community, everything else. you need to do. I wanna transition into the real estate, um, portion and then also into the cars because we gotta get some scars. Um, but quickly before we transition into that, what was your mindset? To keep you going because if that magazine and you put your heart and soul into that, your last dollars into that, and it didn’t work out A lot of people will be like, oh, this entrepreneurship thing is a bust. I can’t do this. Like, that’s, you know, it’s for people who got a lot of money or got resources or that’s but that’s not me. It didn’t work. I tried. It didn’t work. But why didn’t why did you keep going? What was your mindset around looking for the next thing?


[00: 18: 11 – 00: 19: 31]

Um, because just going to work and coming home wasn’t really what I wanted to do with my life. You know, I, you know, and I always tell people, at one point in my life, it was what I wanted to do. Like, I remember being a kid. Not me. Well, long story. I lost my mother at a young age, and it kinda was bouncing from home to home for a while. And I remember saying when I grow up, I just wanna have a nice job, a car, an apartment. That’s all I want. Take care of myself. And I got that. I’ve I achieved that. Right? So in, like, years, you know, maybe, like, 5 years into it. I’m like, this really can’t be life. This this can’t be it. This is not It’s not it’s not sitting well with me. I know that there’s more, and I can be more. Right? So that was it. Icons didn’t work. Areas of entertainment didn’t work. I just won’t get I just didn’t give up. I didn’t so much look for anything, to be honest with you. I just kinda went through life, um, regular, you know, mediocre. You know, very mediocre life, go to work at home, um, until something stood out to me. Right?

I didn’t look for the next thing. I didn’t look up ways to make money. I didn’t do any of that. I just wanted it to come to me naturally just like icons came to me in somewhat areas of entertainment. So I was just like, okay. When I’m just gonna save my money, put my money up, and when that time comes, I’ll be ready. Hopefully, I’ll recognize what god is telling me to do.


[00: 19: 32 – 00: 20: 39]

Okay. And so is that how was real estate that next thing, or how did you get into real estate? Yeah. I think real estate was the next thing. I did again, I don’t know nothing about real estate. I was jogging one day. I’m up at Rochester, New York, visiting my sister like I always do, and wanted to go out for brunch. go off full run. I see a house on a corner for sale. I didn’t really think nothing of it. It was my wife at the time. She was like, uh, we should look at that. And I’m like, for what? And she was like, this is what we have. a second, a place to come. When we come up here, we come up here so often, and we’re always staying with your sister. Maybe we can have our own place. I’m like, okay. It’s not a bad idea. I’ll look into it. Um, so we look into it. We get the agent there. And when we actually walk the property, um, it looked like a single family home, but once you got inside, they actually addition to it, about 700, 800, 800 square feet, where it served as a doctor’s office. So as soon as I went in, I was like, wow. This is, um, it’s an interesting setup. If I can, I could probably rent this if I could renovate it, and I’m talking to the realtor. Like, what you think about that? She’s like, yeah, you made it into a two bedroom.


[00: 20: 40 – 00: 21: 41]

And, um, again, I know none of our real estate, so I know nothing about having to get it, um, zones, right, I have to go act permission to do this. Okay? But, um, nonetheless, I bought it. I bought the place. Um, very inexpensive. And once I decided, like, Once I know how what I could get for the rent, it was kinda like a no brainer for me. Again, I don’t know nothing about real estate. Um, all I know is, like, I asked her how much is it gonna cost me out of pocket. to own it. It was like $8000. I said, okay. Let’s do it. Once I got it, I renovated that side. Like I said, got a 2 bedroom, made it a 2 bedroom, decided to rent it. And then on the other side, um, I put a family over there. My sister was staying in for a short amount of time. And next thing I know, I’m making, like, twice as much as the mortgage, right, like, cash flow. You know? And I’m like, this is this is good. This is this is okay. Let me think. Okay. I make x amount of dollars a month for my job. Um, almost at the half point, which is one property, right, two doors, one property.


[00: 21: 42 – 00: 23: 07]

If I get 5 more of these, I my job will be an option, like a real option. So that’s then my mindset started going. So that, alright, I’m a pick up one of you. Right? I’m just gonna work hard. I’m a save all my overtime money, and I’m gonna just in October, I’m gonna start looking for a house Hopefully, I’ll close in December. Right? That was my process. And that was in 2016, 2016, 2017, 2018. Thumbs up. Right? One property a year. And then I’m like, this is moving too slow. It’s too slow. Yeah. Some people just aspire to one property a year, and you’re like, that’s too slow for me. It’s too slow. It’s too slow. It’s not picking up make more. I wanna be at my job. I really want this thing to be an option. I wanna see if this works. And I started, uh, Googling how to make money in real estate. It’s the first time ever Google and how to make money in anything. Right? How to make money in real estate? And I’m reading, reading, reading, and then I see something about wholesaling. whole selling comes up. I’m like, okay. It’s gonna dive deep into that. I mean, I’m giving I’m doing overnights at work from 7 p to 7 and I’m locked in to fill Puskeyaskey, right, on YouTube telling me about a wholesaler. And I’m like, okay. Yeah. This is it. This is this is what I’m gonna do.

And I buy into his program, $10,000. Right? and then I do nothing.


[00: 23: 08 – 00: 24: 25]

Oh. Typical story. That’s the story with so many of us. So one, the fact that you were not afraid to invest in your education and do, you know, go to that next level, put that 10k down, and then we spend that money and we still don’t do anything. Why is that? Uh, I’ll tell you my story. I didn’t like being hung. I didn’t like uh, people hanging up on me. I don’t like getting cursed out on the other end of the line. I hated it. I’m, like, not good in cuss I mean, I’m great in customer service. Let’s just be clear. But that part of customer service is not my favorite part. It’s really not. So cold calling was not — cold calling. I took it personal. You know? I’m like, no. I’m really here to help you. I’m really here to help. I promise you. Now you gotta lowball me. And I’m like, no. I’m not, but I am. I’m I know what I’m here to do. Um, I’m here to see if this works for you, and it’s gonna be a low ball. Right? I’m gonna start low. So, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it. And that’s where I started to just not do with the program. You know? Uh, and it was a great it’s a great program, and I’ll show if I did it, I probably would have been successful at it in that program.


[00: 24: 26 – 00: 25: 55]

So long story short, I’ll start putting things out, hey. This is what I’m doing on social media, a friend hit me up and say, hey. I’m wholesaling too, and I’m in Jersey. Let’s link up. So we link up, and we become partners. um, again, lesson, something that I didn’t write. I didn’t research my partner. I didn’t see if my values align. Right? I didn’t I didn’t see if we were out for the same thing. I’m literally out to help you. My partner is more of Like; they see the money. Right? Like, and I get it. Right? So sometimes that’s what we’re driven by in the beginning. It’s times it turns for us, but sometimes it doesn’t work. So it’s like, okay. Um, he wants the money. He wants to get these deals closed, and I’m like, okay. But I really wanna help. So I don’t wanna turn away somebody who it might be a $5000 assignment fee. I don’t wanna turn that away if we can help. Right? Because I’m not in it for the money at that moment. Right? I have a great job. You know, I make good money. So, no, I really wanna help the people. So we just weren’t clicking, you know, after a while, um, which is okay. it’s alright. And we decided that we will go our separate ways. You know?

 And plus my time wasn’t I I didn’t have the time that I thought I had. You know, when it came to this. So fast forward, I decided to give me a VA because I didn’t wanna do the cold calling. Train the VA, and it’s wholesaling off to the races, uh, 2018. Uh, did well. My first, uh, our first assignment fee was about $20. Here in New Jersey up, our first deal.


[00: 25: 56 – 00: 27: 02]

 Nice. And, see, look at that. This whole story is all about pushing through obstacles. Like, and pushing through setbacks. Like, you just kept going. Right? And, like, to have find, like, okay, I don’t like the cold calling. That’s, like, the book, Who Not How. So you’re like, I don’t like it, but who can I get to do it? Because that’s a necessary component of making this business work. Right? And so now you got the virtual assistant. They did it because now, like, they don’t have that emotional attachment. They don’t care. Like, this is about their paycheck, so they really just do it and get it done. Right? and they don’t gotta take it personally. Like, I’m sorry, but, you know, I’m just I’m just the employee or I’m just they can do this. I’m just helping, like, you know what I mean? So they have some way to defer that anger off onto somebody else until they find the person who is open to it and they can direct them to you. So That’s a fantastic way to keep moving and pushing it through because I was gonna ask how that happened because I’m like, I know you’ve done wholesale. So if you weren’t doing the program, how did that transfer into now you’ve done doing wholesales. So since 2018, about how many wholesales have you done?


[00: 27: 03 – 00: 28: 06]

Uh, we’ve done a worth of about 12. Okay. Nice. We have yeah. I mean, it big pays days. I mean, our biggest pay day was about 40 something, 50,000. Nice. We had one that was and, you know, what host, I don’t know if you, you know, anybody knows. A lot of deals and deals is the system fall through. Right? Um, you can have the biggest deal.

One of our best deals, I mean, talking about over a 100,000 us. Um, come to find out the seller wasn’t honest with us, and they actually didn’t own the property because they lost it in a taxi. And we were, I mean, we were at closing, and we even had to buy it. Once we found out, we told the buyer, and the buyer was like, I don’t care. I’m gonna because it didn’t show up. on the title search. It didn’t show up. Wow. They were still — I was supposed to ask about title. Okay. We ran title. um, they were still the owners and that they did the, um, the d hasn’t been transferred over. So when we did a little bit more research, we found out what where we called him. And he was like, yeah. I haven’t received a deed yet. And he even closed on this property for over a year. Wow. Yeah. for over a year. You’ll have received a deed a year later. No.


[00: 28: 07 – 00: 28: 55]

So the guy who owned the tax lien, was he willing to be the seller to you guys, or no? It just fell through. No. No. It fell apart. Okay. He wasn’t. We tried. Okay. He got a Ford family for $15,000. I mean, it’s — For 4, finally? 44. For $15,000? Looking at what? A tax. You said tax lien? Tax lien. in Newark, New Jersey, beautiful part of Newark, New Jersey, by the way. Beautiful house. And it was it was it was, oh my gosh, he was getting it for 50,000. Our highest was 180 was our highest offer that we were closing with. Yeah. I’m sorry. If I was the owner, I wouldn’t to you guys either. Oh, no. It’s the same thing. I can’t even be mad at the brother. Didn’t be mad. Okay. What?


[00: 28: 56 – 00: 29: 37]

People out there, you looking for side hustles. 1, do wholesaling. I can’t help you with wholesaling. I tried that, and I wasn’t good at it. Like, I didn’t think about getting the whole VA and doing all I didn’t do all the stuff. So, no, don’t go to me. Go to, um, go to and 2, Look at tax liens because you can get some of the properties with that. Like, I have a couple of eBooks on tax liens. Um, I just try to focus and, you know, not chase this shiny object. So I’m focusing on multifamily right now, but at some point, I do wanna look into those tax liens and deeds Um, so if anybody’s interested, I’m offering to send you my eBook on tax lease IDs. If you want that, just reach out message me. You know, my contact information is always in the show notes.


[00: 29: 38 – 00: 30: 15]

Okay, guys. Don’t kill me, but I’m gonna have to cut this episode short. This is too juicy, and we need to do this in a part 2. So stay tuned for the next episode, the airs, and you can hear the of our conversation. Did you love this episode of share the wealth show? Be sure to connect with Nicole by following her on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. If you picked up any of the gems that were dropped by today’s guest, make sure you not only put them in your bed. But if you know of someone who would benefit from this information, don’t keep it to yourself. Share the wealth and make sure to leave us a rating and review. We’ll see you for next week’s episode. Subscribe so you’ll be notified.


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