Episode No. 96

Go Big Or Go Home? Becoming Financially Free in 2 Years With Only 15 Units!

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Episode No. 96

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In this episode of the Share the Wealth Show, let’s welcome back Nikki G as she continues to delve into her journey in real estate investing while balancing a W2 job. Discover pivotal insights into real estate investment in this episode:

💼 Strategy and Alignment: Clear plans and alignment with partners prevent conflicts, considering differences in investment goals.

🏡 Single-Family vs. Multi-Family: Single-family homes offer substantial cash flow if managed well, despite multi-family properties being favored for scalability.

🚀 Personal Real Estate Journey: Starting small and leveraging mentors, creative financing, and efficient systems can lead to expansion in real estate investments.

🏢 Property Management and Systems: Effective systems like Buildium streamline operations, while professionalism and tenant relationships are crucial for smooth management.

💰 Diversification and Wealth: Diversifying within real estate offers control and stability, aligning with the Nikki’s view of wealth as freedom.

🌟 Make sure not to skip this episode to gain valuable insights into real estate investing and wealth building! 🎧

Nikki is a first-generation college graduate who earned her Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from Virginia Tech. She has had a successful career in corporate America for more than 20 years managing global and large scale business transformations focused on people, processes, and technology. 

As a lifelong “saver” and witness to multiple corporate reorganizations and layoffs, she is an advocate for having multiple streams of income.  Nikki leverages her business skills and day job to fund her passion and dreams.  In just a few short years, she has built a multi-million dollar portfolio that generates over six figures in rental income annually.  She is committed to sharing her real estate investing journey with others to show them what is possible if you just get started with the resources that you have.

When she is not working, she most enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and inspiring others to build wealth through real estate.





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Key Quotes:

“If I did it, you can do it. Just be intentional. ”

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[00:00:00 – 00:00:32] – Nikki G

I knew that I needed to be able to have a certain income that I was looking to have. So, I was like, you know, in five years, I think I want to do that. Well, lo and behold, by a year after I was in her programming, so this was around 2022, a year after I was in her program, so 2020, I guess it was 2023, is that right?

I could be getting my years mixed up, but essentially a year later. So, I bought that single family, and then I bought a four unit that year as well. After I bought the four unit, I was up to 15 units. And that’s what replaced my take home pay from my W two.


[00:00:33 – 00:01:31] – Intro

Welcome to the Share the Wealth Show, where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.

Hey guys! So, we’re back again, this is the second part of the episode with today’s guests. I need you if you have not heard part 1, go back to the previous episode, and listen to that first and then come back and join us here today. You need to hear the whole conversation so why we split into two parts. There’s so many nuggets is so juicy. Go back and listen to the first part!


[00:01:32 – 00:03:17] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Well, that makes a lot of sense. Like you said, if you Tell me what the plan and you know why you’re doing something that is that’s your strategy and that’s gonna dictate what you do in the future And that’s why it’s important if you do have partners to make sure you’re both in the same page because if your strategy is to have this Property for to access for your kids college to tuition or education or whatever But your partner wants to refinance and pull all the equity they can out earlier Then you’re not you’re not in alignment there and there’s gonna be a clash and conflict of interest So and even for yourself like if you don’t have this plan already in place Then you end up refinancing cause you’re like, oh, I could get this money and get another one But like now you are not staying in adherence with the idea for like just keep this one properly Leave it alone.

Don’t access the equity now and just save that for a later time but it takes it just a little bit of thought right just a little bit of like saying like intention Yeah, okay, I love that and then the other thing like single family because

When you’re in the multi-family world single-family so frowned upon like but you’re all around like multi-family investors there’s so many people who are like I’m not ever doing single-family again but like also you got good cash flow from the single family really good cash flow like some people have multi they don’t get six hundred dollars a month from and I think having a most of time I hear about single family and people are getting like 150 or 200 dollars a month in cash flow which is like something one thing breaks in your negative classroom for the whole year you know what I mean but like with six hundred dollars a month that’s substantial enough that I’d be like you know what I might do a single family.


[00:03:18 – 00:06:43] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Yeah so when I was when I was buying this property by this time you know I had found another mentor that I was working with only because like my cousin you know he he’s been doing this for a long time has lots of properties. So, like all this creative financial, creative financing strategy, etc. You know, he’s going to the bank or he’s paying cash or he’s using equity from other properties to buy properties. that’s where he is. So, he doesn’t do, you know, like a lot of the other stuff that we do.

And so, my purpose for thinking out this other mentor was because I wanted to scale, right? And I wanted to scale quickly using leveraging, you know, my W2 leveraging the 10 unit and all these other thoughts that I had in my head. And so, I connected with another mentor who definitely introduced me to a lot of creative financing strategies, but then also introduced me to the having an initial consultation with her and her asking me. You know, what my plan was and I was like, well, I think I wanted to leave my job in about five years.

Because again, I knew that I needed to be able to have a certain income that I was looking to have. So, I was like, you know, in five years, I think I want to do that. Well, lo and behold, by a year after I was in her programming, so this was around 2022, a year after I was in her program, so 2020, I guess it was 2023, is that right? I could be getting my years mixed up, but essentially a year later. So, I bought that single family, and then I bought a four unit that year as well.

After I bought the four unit, I was up to 15 units. And that’s what replaced my take home pay from my W two. And so, then I considered myself work optional. And I still consider myself to be work optional. But today. I mean we haven’t talked about this but I still have my W2 so I didn’t end up having to re-apply another opportunity presented itself within the company.

It’s a great company to work for and so it’s just been a win-win situation like I’m in a role that I absolutely love and I’m able to do my real estate and I consider myself to be a semi-passed investor because I don’t spend a lot of time on my properties you know even though I have a lot of them.

I’ve got systems and things in place that help me to really have it you know running like a machine and automated and so to be quite honest unless I’m going through a situation like I am now where I’m turning an apartment or something like that or you know acquiring a building and having to do like it on a month a month basis, I might be spending five hours a month but I’m bringing home yeah but I’m bringing home. what I, you know, what I’ve been, you know, 160 plus hours on a W2.


[00:06:44 – 00:06:58] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I have so many, so many ways I want to go with this. Okay. First, quick, quick, like bullet question. With that 10 unit, did it need a lot of repositioning? Did you have to turn units or basically with cash flowing day one as is without you?


[00:06:59 – 00:07:34] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

It was cash flowing day one and that was with everyone paying $800 a month. extremely under market rents for that area, there are all two-bedroom one bath. It was cash flowing at $800. like since, know, being with this mentor, learning the birth strategy and applying that to my buildings, I, you know, have raised market rents and that property probably triples in monthly cash flow of what it was when I first purchased it.


[00:07:35 – 00:07:37] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

What’s market rent right now in that area?


[00:07:38 – 00:07:43] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

So, this apartment that I’m turning, I’ll be listening that property for 1250.


[00:07:44 – 00:07:49] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice. The other properties that you bought are they all in that same market?


[00:07:50 – 00:08:24] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Yeah, even what? Yeah, the single the single family is the only one that’s literally not within a three mile radius. But the others, because I bought the, I told you that I bought the 10 unit first, then the single family, then the four units.

So that’s 15. And then I bought a lot of land that’s next door to my 10 units. So, I hadn’t built anything that’s not cash flowing per se yet. And then I bought a six unit as well. So, I actually have 21 doors right now.


[00:08:25 – 00:08:28] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

But that six unit is nearby. That’s it.


[00:08:29 – 00:08:34] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

The six unit is next or the six unit is within a three-mile radius of the 10 unit and the four unit.


[00:08:35 – 00:08:39] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

And when you said you’re out of state investors, so what state are your investments in?


[00:08:40 – 00:08:41] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

They’re in Virginia.


[00:08:41 – 00:09:26] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. Now, the other part of this, gosh, I want to go into so much more information. So, you are self-managing all 21 units yourself. And you are doing this from Georgia where your investments are in Virginia. Overview, what are those systems? how did you develop them?

How did you get like good? Like from the very beginning, you just started with the system, like my mind is blown with how you’re managing this many units, yourself only taking five hours a month to manage because of your systems that you have in place. Share what that gold is. How can we do that?


[00:09:27 – 00:10:37] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Okay. So again, intention and my day job. I have an engineering degree, but my, Day job. I’m a project manager, right? And so, the doing all the stuff that I have to do to manage a turn or manage tenants and all of that. And I’m an industrial and systems engineer. So, I’m all about systems anyway. That stuff comes natural to me. So, when I went to buy the 10 unit, the initial bank that I had planned to finance with at the last minute literally three days maybe before my contract was going to expire.

They said, oh, we know we told you that you were going to have to put 20% down. But because you don’t have any rental properties and you have no landlord experience; you’re going to you’re going to have to put 30% down if you want this. Well, when you already talked about the fact that that was already, I was already going to put,000 down. And now they’re talking about I need another 10%. And so, I actually thought I was going to lose the property. And so, there’s another whole story about that.


[00:10:37 – 00:12:17] – Ad1

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[00:12:17 – 00:14:09] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

But I ended up going with another financial institution getting the sellers to agree that I would go with this other institution because they, they commit, they gave me a commitment letter that they were going to finance it.

But back to the intention, I said, again, nobody’s ever going to do that to me again, pull the okey-doke at the last minute. And so, I intentionally was like, I had to learn how to be a landlord and I have to manage my properties myself. So, my 10 unit, my cousin actually, I knew that he would be there to support me and I could ask him questions, but he had actually offered to manage the property for me for the first year so that I could learn the ropes and all of that.

But it’s not rocket science, honestly, and I’m a systems person. So, I was just like, you know what, I appreciate that. And we do it this way. Can you just say, okay, if I have a question and I call you and I need a contractor or I need this, like you’ll just kind of direct me in the right, you’ll point me in the right direction or you’ll share your contract with me or whatever. And he was like, of course. So, I managed that property. And like I said, I’m up to 21 doors now and I might spend five hours. with that 10 unit, I might, maybe I was spending an hour a month, maybe, for that version. And so, I was like, this is easy. And so again, I connected with another mentor who was using a landlord platform that I really liked because they had shared that with us. And so, I knew I wanted to scale. I invested in using that software platform. What platform was that? It’s Buildium.


[00:14:10 – 00:14:19] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Buildium, okay. So yeah, because I know there’s a lot of platforms out there. Have you tried other platforms too? Or you just used Buildium and then liked it so you just stayed with it?


[00:14:20 – 00:17:19] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Yeah, I stay with it They’ll be a lot and so they’re not handy. So, I’m not gonna give a whole bunch of information but so yeah, so I really do like their platform but before so there was about a year and a half that I was just using like whatever came with Like Zillow.com.

I was using that to list properties. I wasn’t using anything to I Wasn’t using anything for rent collection because you guys are gonna buy laughs but when I first took over that property there was a tenant who’s been in the property gosh now, she’s probably been there for almost 25 years but she literally would go and collect rent from everyone and then give it to the landlord now I got rid of that process day one but my cousin

The process that he told me to implement was well just give them all a deposit slip to your bank and tell them to put the money in there and then text you a picture of their receipt. I didn’t know anything so that’s what I did and so I did that and miraculously everybody paid their rent but a lot of those people have been there for years they’re just really good tenants I did I really did buy a wonderful property and have wonderful tenants the ones that are still with me for sure and so they just always obey all the things they did all the things that I asked them to do and it was important to me as new tenants because I probably have only about five now that were there from the original purchase but it was important to me it’s important to me that I established expectations with my tenants upfront like even during the interview process I’m telling them certain things about how they’re gonna do you know how they’re gonna pay their rent

And, you know, what’s going to be required, all this stuff, and it’s worked. Like, I, you know, I’ve been able to, um, get tenants who, you know, I can work well with and work well with me and they just do the thing. But with building one of the reasons that I love it is it has, um, it has this feature called pay near me. And so essentially it has an app that the, um, that comes with the application that the tenants can download, but they get like a QR code that they can go to retailers like CDS or 711 or whatever, and they can pay their rent there.

And then it goes directly into my account. And a lot of my tenants are, you know, unbanked. They don’t use banks. And so, the only other option I would have been continue to give them a deposit slip and tell them to put it in the bank. But instead, I migrated everyone to you know paying um paying for Buildium so they pay.


[00:17:19 – 00:19:21] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah so either online through the building platform or go doing the pay near me so that I’ve heard of the pay near me um app before uh I still on the property I only I have property management for my other properties but the only one I still self-managed is just a three unit that’s you know around the corner from me and from still was having them give me send it by uh by uh what’s it uh not keep one to say hello because this is the uh huh no a Zell and it was a Zell that’s why I don’t want to say Zillow so now they still just send me I have set up an email address like the address of the property and they just send it through Zell and that’s kind of how I do it and I was looking at different management programs for a small landlord

Um, just to do that and have another way to kind of, it was more not for the rental payments but for managing like contractors and handymen and stuff like that with, with repair requests and stuff. Um, because some, like a lot of times it’ll be quiet, but then sometimes when someone, one person has a problem, they all have a problem for some reason. it’s so managing like, when are you going to be home? can the contractor come? is it like, that’s the biggest like headache sometimes, um, so I was looking for a platform just for that.

So, I could find a good contractor and add them to the program, the platform, and if they message it will go to me and them. So, it would just kind of cut out a lot of back and forth. But anyway, um, I never ended up implementing anything there, um, mainly also because I have not yet found a consistent contractor handyman, like it all, I feel like every time it changes to someone. Yeah. So, for some reason, um, but yeah, so that’s my, my little vent right now. I just still use L and that, that works. out and I figured I saved them the credit card processing fee and all that stuff that that’s like extra on top you know so


[00:19:21 – 00:20:46] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

It’s um so even though um I am a small mom and pop landlord um I it’s very important to me that my business is professional and so for cash um for building I’m sorry like my tenants have this app on their phone and they think that that’s me like they think I’m a part of this they think that this is this big company right but it’s me here at my home office you know communicating with them through the app or you know answering their calls when they call the phone or whatever um and so that and all the things that you mentioned about managing maintenance requests and um contractors and collecting the rent and e-signing leases and the paying contracting

There’s all of that can be done through building, as well as all the reporting that I can then use to show the lenders that I’m working with that, know, I’m running a, an operation here. And I know what I’m doing. And I’ve got reports with my logo on it, right, and all this stuff like it just gives me, I think, a leg up to other small and pop small mom and pop landlords, where, you know, the lenders are like, yeah, she never what she’s doing so.


[00:20:47 – 00:21:19] – Ad2

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[00:21:20 – 00:22:04] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I definitely, I got to, I mean, I have property management for the other, like, bigger properties. But I do want to either start considering, you know, doing some kind of in-house property management for newer purchases. Because there’s, yeah, there’s pros and cons that it’s like you said, if you have your systems and stuff in place, you screen correctly, you can circumvent a lot of that.

So that’s, that’s something where, we will be starting a direct to seller campaign in a new market, so I can like do expansion and I have like a good colleague down in that area. So, we’re working together. And I think that that’s something I’m going to, you know, try to implement as far as doing some self, self-management.


[00:22:05 – 00:23:02] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

And I’m actually doing that as another side hustle, only for a family member though. So, I do her property management. have her set up as an owner and build him. And so, I use the platform to manage her property.

She has one whistle. So, I’m really doing it as a favor. mean, she obviously we have a contract. And so, she pays, but I was kind of again testing out, oh, this something that I want to do? And I’ve decided I don’t, at least not at this time, while I still have the W2, I don’t have the bandwidth to manage other people’s properties for this one.

You know, for whatever, for obvious reasons, you know, I’m doing that one. But yeah, if you have a desire to want to manage other properties of people, then you can do all of that in building them as your own being your own landlord, as well as managing properties for other people too.


[00:23:03 – 00:23:13] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. Well, that’s great for the listeners in case they do want to manage other people’s properties. know that is not, I barely, I don’t want to really manage my own like I’m doing it out of necessity.


[00:23:14 – 00:24:22] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

And I actually enjoy, I actually enjoy the relationships with the tenants and being able to solve their problems. I guess after being, you know, incorporated in having these like complex issues and things that I’m solving, like if the worst thing I have to do is coordinate to get somebody’s toilet fix, I can do that in my sleep. So, I don’t know, I enjoy like fixing, and then there’s, they’re so grateful and happy that you respond to their request, putting in a doorbell or changing, know,

Changing, I don’t know, an air conditioning thermostat or whatever it is, like they, and maybe it’s a part of my screening process too, but I just happen to get these tenants that are just like very grateful. The sad part is, there are so many like landlords who are just not good landlords and shouldn’t be landlords, maybe they’re managing their own properties and really shouldn’t be doing that. And so, when tenants come across someone who really cares about them, you know, they reiterate that respect.


[00:24:23 – 00:26:56] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah. Oh, God, I got so much I really can say, like, we do need to go to the next segment, but I’ll just add real quick, like, because you brought up tenant toilet issues is so funny, gosh, you do deal with toilet issues. So, I have this one tenant who actually is the most, not I’ll say the most, but she’s not one of the grateful tenant kind of personality. And so, it’s sometimes difficult to communicate like it always feels like every time she says something there’s an accusation tone in her how she’s saying things like no matter what I do to try to you know facilitate or whatever there’s always an issue.

So this is probably like she did some plane about a toilet before I got the toilet fixed like last summer and then it was you know a couple months ago she’s something about a toilet I’m calling around to a couple contractors she can tell me like what really was wrong just through the water was coming up and then when I call her I call her text her back to say hey is it is the water still rising in it like when are you going to be home she’s always like never home never available you know and then like I never heard anything about it again I’m like okay so I guess it’s fine because she’s not even responding then the other day she tells me that you know it’s really still having an issue happened to be and I called I have a I do have a steady maintenance guy who does a

for the building and so I called him and I said hey do you have a plumber that you know of and the guy that he did have wasn’t just happened to be like in the area so he called him ends up that it wasn’t the toilet it was the sewer line um they had to take that apart and they found like a pair of blue rubber gloves in the sewer line somebody decided that the toilet was trash can yeah so um so now yes I still have to send that picture to all the tenants because I don’t know who did it and also tell them about wipes and flushable wipes that are not actually flushable like that’s some things you just don’t even say as a landlord because you think it’s common sense and you realize when things happen that you have to say and outline everything even things that are you would think of comes as like one time a tenant had was complaining about mold growing in bathroom so they would take a shower close the door after they were done and not open a window though there’s no fan that you either have to keep the window open or the window or the door open but that’s not common sense like apparently you’re not.


[00:26:57 – 00:30:28] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

And you have to remember too a lot of these people you know maybe some of them have a lot of them have never owned a home before and so they know they don’t know so it may be common sense to you and I but unfortunately it’s not necessarily common sense to everyone so I was gonna say too like I have a tenant who I don’t I don’t want to say that he was my problem tenant but he was a challenge and what I found out what I discovered in you know having a relationship landlord tenant relationship with him over the past couple of years is that all of the problems and issues and accusations that he was making towards me it was from horrible landlords that he’s had his entire life and he was you know he just had an expectation that I was going to be the same

And so, um, very simple thing that I want to share is just like making that personal connection with people just go such a long way. I, um, I mean, there’s so much I can say about him and our relationship and how, you know, I was trying my best to be the nicest person, but he sounds very similar to how your tenant was. Because do you know, so my daughter is a Girl Scout and she sells like Girl Scout because he’s in treats and keeps and all this stuff. And so, a lot of times I will purchase extra things and then I give them to my tenants. And so, the last time they had a sale for something, I was taking things to the tenants and he never speaks to me.

Wouldn’t even give me his number. Like it was crazy. I took he was home. I saw his car. I was in town, knocked on the door and first he didn’t open the door, but I heard him in there and knocked again. and he opened the door, and I just extended, you know, the gift that I was gifting him. And I saw the shift happening, like, immediately. He was like, at me, like, what are you, like, what are you doing? And I was like, this is for you.

I was like, you know, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you or whatever. He was like, I’m good. And I said, okay, I said, well, I was in town. Is everything okay with your apartment? And he was like, yeah. And I said, okay, I said, well, let me know if there’s anything that you need. You’ve got the app. He paid his rent, like, never had an issue with anything like that. He paid his rent one time. I said, you know, you can’t do all the requests there anytime, and we’ll get it taken care of.

And he was like, this is for me. And I was like, yeah, that’s for you. And he was like, okay, thank you. Well, I have another tenant who lives in that. She lives in the duplex behind the building that he lives in. And she called me, like, weeks after this event. And she was like, you know, that young man that you told me lived in that building. She said, but the next company, she’s been so nice. He even rolls my trash can out for me. And she was like, he was just outside one day and I met him and she said, he even asked me, you know, we have a good landlord, do you like her? And she said, you know, yes, I do. So, I’m serious, like, in all this drama he’s been giving me for two years, was solved by a two-dollar box of cookies or whatever it was. Because the personal connection and him finally realizing that I was not out to get him. I was not the landlord that he was used to. And, you know, he’s like, my number one fan now.


[00:30:29 – 00:33:26] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Oh, I love that, I love that. Yeah, that’s why I do try to keep everything cordial with the other lady no matter what. And I understand like, you know, the issues and other things that she’s dealing with, you know, she’s like her grandmother, she has two kids and whatever. But… Um, I still just try to give myself a whosa and just like not let it ruin my day.

So just be appropriate and handle anything, like issues if they come up, you know what I mean? So, we’ve had, we’ve come to an understanding through some tech. So, I feel like the last time she out reached about an issue, it was much, it was much more in a less like she was more like informing me that there was a problem, not more and not an accusatory manner.

So, I do, I did feel the shift there. So, I’m hoping that that is like leading to, um, you know, a good, good relationship outcome. I do really try to have relationships and good, um, rapport with the tenants that I do have there. So otherwise, I do have, but, um, all right, we got a shift, we got shift gears. really could talk, remember we were talking for like two, three hours, right? Like it was crazy. feel like I could talk to you forever. Okay.

So, we got a shift, we got a shift. Um, first what I’m going to do is I’m going to read a review from Apple podcast that, you know, one of our listeners left this from Abedee Jay and it says invaluable resource. This, the focus of this podcast is like any other. Nicole is truly passionate and about promoting equal opportunities for all to generate wealth through real estate.

And thank you so much, Abedee, and I really appreciate you leaving this review. Anyone else listening, if you have not, please leave a rating and review on Apple podcast because that really helps the show grow and reach more people and we can really get our message out there and we can share stories like Nikki’s so people can know what’s possible even when you’re just starting out and just modeling somebody else’s journey can make all the difference when you see what’s possible like through what someone else has done and what their story is. So, there’s people looking for information like this. And if you give us a rating and review, it really helps us spread and be able to be seen by more people. So, I really appreciate and love that. Alright, so this next episode, this segment is digest with the guests because our guests normally leave so many juicy nuggets of information that, you know, we gotta have time to digest it all and really let it sink in.

So, this first question, Warren Buffett said, diversification is protection against ignorance. Um, so kind of take that to me and basically people diversify because they don’t really know what they’re doing. so that’s the protection, but that could be a good or bad thing. What do you think about that? Good bad? Why?


[00:33:27 – 00:34:43] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Yeah, I’m all about diversification. Um, and that’s one of the reasons that I got into real estate. Number one is because being in corporate for a long time, like I was just, um, investing in my 401k and all this stuff when I first, you know, started working in my career.

And so, I’ve been able to amass money in my 401k and build that up. I’ve seen it go up and down. And I feel like I have no control over that. And it stresses me to know in. Like I don’t even want to look at my 401k. That’s how it gives me that much anxiety. And so, when I found real estate and found the power of real estate and started experiencing it for myself and really seeing how I could control and influence that 100%.

Yeah, I would put all my money in real estate if I could. And even diversify in the sense of the types of tenants that I have like market tenants versus those who may be on some type of a subsidized program, etc. I think diversification is super important.


[00:34:44 – 00:35:04] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I love that. I especially love the idea that you can still go deep in one area. get in diversified within that one sector. So real estate, there’s so many different things you could do. Even in all, in residential real estate, there’s so many different ways to diversify within that. So, I love that. The game of Monopoly, Boardwalk or Baltic, which are you buying first and why?


[00:35:05 – 00:35:18] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

OK, so you probably don’t think I’m crazy. I’m not a Monopoly person. Have you played? I’ve played Monopoly, but I don’t even, I mean, boardwalk is the ball is


[00:35:19 – 00:35:24] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

The boardwalk is the I don’t play that often anyway. Boardwalk is the most expensive and Baltic is the cheap.


[00:35:25 – 00:35:25] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I’m buying Baltic.


[00:35:26 – 00:35:31] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

OK, OK. Yeah, I love it. Any reasoning behind it?


[00:35:32 – 00:36:13] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Yeah, because I feel like there’s always going to be a need for Baltic. There’s always going to be a need for people to have to need housing. And those are the folks that for the majority that I’m trying. to provide a service to, you know, I think it’s great for the people who can, you know, live on Broadway and afford that, but, you know, if they lose all their money in the stock market or get laid off on their job, and that’s a single-family condo or house that they’re wrenching from me, then there’s a lot of risk there. So, I’m trying to minimize my risk as much and as much as I can and I’m Baltic.


[00:36:14 – 00:36:17] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Got it. What does wealth mean to you?


[00:36:18 – 00:36:20] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)



[00:36:21 – 00:37:28] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

That’s the one word. That’s all I need. tells me everything. Yeah. Yup. That’s all options. You said job optional, right? That’s freedom. Having that option is freedom, you know. Okay, so we ask each guest to create a question for the next guest. And it can be anything. know it could be business, personal, funny, serious, like there’s no holes, no whole bar of that. Oh, you can come up with a question. I’ll give you a second to kind of think through that, but I’m going to ask you the question that the last guest asked for you or left for you.

Okay, so we’ve had lot of nikis. So, you know, I’m Nikki P. This was another Nikki P, but Nikki Perez and now you Nikki G. So, with all the nikis, there is a zombie apocalypse coming. And the horde is near. You have a very limited time to grab three items from your home before vacating it forever. What do you take it?


[00:37:29 – 00:37:30] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Well, that’s a good question.


[00:37:31 – 00:37:34] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I know. So good.


[00:37:35 – 00:37:44] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Three things in my home and it’s things not people. So, okay, so I’m assuming the kids are kind of with me regardless so.


[00:37:45 – 00:37:46] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, kids are with you.


[00:37:47 – 00:38:01] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Okay, three things I’m taking. I’m taking all the keys to my apartment buildings. Number one.


[00:38:02 – 00:38:04] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

All the keys.


[00:38:05 – 00:38:14] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I’m taking. Oh, this is a hard question.


[00:38:15 – 00:38:16] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I know.


[00:38:17 – 00:38:44] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Just three, like there’s so much that I want to take. I can’t get the sentimental stuff back. So, I have a keepsake box, some personal things as well as things from the kids. I’m going to take that. And the third thing I’m taking. Jory.


[00:38:45 – 00:39:07] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Jory? Okay. Got it. Got it. You know what, in the apocalypse, they should never know when things you might need to barter. Maybe you need to barter, hurry, sentimental things. I don’t want to have the memories and keys. always need someplace to live. place to get overrun by zombies. You got someplace help.


[00:39:08 – 00:39:10] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I have no idea.


[00:39:11 – 00:39:12] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

That was hilarious.


[00:39:12 – 00:39:15] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I need some more process.


[00:39:16 – 00:39:18] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, I know. I know. Okay.


[00:39:19 – 00:39:22] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I’m going to make it easy hopefully for your next.


[00:39:22 – 00:39:26] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. So, what’s your question for the next guest?


[00:39:27 – 00:39:37] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

My question for the next guest is what is the most creative financing strategy that you’ve used to acquire a property?


[00:39:38 – 00:40:14] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Now, not everybody. I’m going to say this. Not everybody is real estate investors. I’ll put this, and then if they are not, I don’t know who the next guest is going to be, but if they are not a real estate investor, I might tweak the end to create a fine estate property strategy to do something. I’ll put in parentheses to buy property. Okay. I love that because actually if they do buy property, I want to hear from them all about learning the creative financing strategies. Okay. this was great. Thank you so much for joining in, how can listeners connect with you?


[00:40:15 – 00:40:33] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Yeah, so probably the easiest way would be on social media.  And that would be my, my handle is on Instagram. And is dream big underscore cash flow. That’s probably the best way.


[00:40:34 – 00:41:01] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Cool. And then I know you left us another kind of link to schedule call or whatever. So, we’ll have that in the show notes. So, anyone who wants to get in touch with Nikki, please make sure you follow her or on social media channels. I know she’s on Instagram. That’s how we first met. you know, whatever the platforms just search for dream big underscore cash flow. And that’s it. That’s a break.


[00:41:02 – 00:41:12] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Thank you so much for having me, Nicole. This was fun. Of course, definitely. This is my first podcast. I feel like I’ve reached like this milestone now.


[00:41:13 – 00:41:15] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, that’s not got to be on thousands more.


[00:41:15 – 00:41:17] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

Oh, gosh. Hopefully.


[00:41:18 – 00:41:25] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Well, your story is actually is phenomenal. People need to hear this story. I think is great. It’s great. It’s great.


[00:41:26 – 00:41:50] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I was just gonna say I wasn’t on social media before I started investing and it just opened so many doors to me and has made this world like seem so small like you and I ran into each other at the airport one time and that’s like I was like Nicole right from Instagram and you’re like yes who are you lady?


[00:41:51 – 00:42:11] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

But you know what because I couldn’t you know you always know somebody by like the little icon um and so I couldn’t place it I was like I must know her but then when you said dream big cash, I was like It’s crazy. It’s so crazy. But the world is such a small place now like once you’re in social media. Yeah.


[00:42:12 – 00:42:33] – Nikki (nikkigconsults.com)

I’m really about just really trying to be the representation that I was looking for as a female investor Um and so you know I’m here just trying to inspire people to show them that it’s not rocket science that they can do it. If I did it, they can do it and, you know, be intentional.


[00:42:34 – 00:43:20] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I love that. I love that. Thank you again so much. Really appreciate you coming on and I know we’ll be in touch and we’ll be talking, you know, further. So, in any way, guys, thank you all for tuning in. I know you guys so much value and gems from today’s conversation. This was definitely phenomenal. I took away a lot from it and I know you did too. Please reach out to Nikki if you have questions or concerns. like you heard her say, she’s all about helping inspire and helping other people realize, you know, what’s possible and that they can do it. You know, if we can do it, you can do it. Okay. So, until next time, stay wealthy.


[00:43:21 – 00:43:58] – Outro


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