Episode No. 91

“Should We Just Quit?” The Raw Truth About Our Wholesaling Struggles with Verneda White & Vivian Wright

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Episode No. 91

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Get ready for a throwback episode with The Share the Wealth Show! ⏪ Join our guests, Verneda White and Vivian Wright as they revisit their early days in wholesaling real estate with our host, Nicole Pendergrass. They will recount their past experiences together about the following:

💼  Challenges and lessons learned from attempting wholesaling.

🏡 Strategies like direct mail campaigns and late-night meetings were employed but yielded no successful deals.

🤔 Reflections include competing priorities, lack of specialized mentorship, and frustrations with coaching programs.

🌟 Importance of prioritizing time and resources, seeking mentorship, and team alignment in real estate ventures.

And remember, don’t miss this episode for invaluable insights into real estate ventures! 🏡🎧


Verneda Adele White is an Antiracism Strategist, Speaker and Award-winning Writer. As Founder and Executive Producer of the anti-racism platform and merch collection “BLACK PEOPLE ARE AMERICA’S HOT SAUCE” (a.k.a. America’s Hot Sauce), Verneda’s 15 years of experience, led to the development of a successful consulting firm with a proven track record across industries including equity & inclusion, events, speaking and fashion marketing. 

In addition to her business endeavors, Verneda’s philanthropic work has received support from influencers including Usher Raymond and the late Hydeia Broadbent, along with media coverage by VH1, Fashinnovation, and Black Enterprise among others. Likewise, Verneda is a recipient of the Daily Points of Light Award from President George H.W. Bush for her service. 

Verneda is a Contributing Writer for outlets including HuffPost, MadameNoire, and The Daily Beast. Her 2x award-winning article, “I Experienced Systemic Racism at One of America’s Most Prestigious Magazines” calls for an end to the exploitation of Black employees, contractors and creatives at Town & Country Magazine, and serves as a pivotal voice in the global work to achieve racial equity in corporate spaces and beyond.   

Vivian Wright is a newbie in the world of passive investing. She pooled her resources with family to purchase her first multifamily property in 2021. She continues to explore new avenues for wealth building while working a traditional W-2 job in the pharmaceutical industry.



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Key Quotes:

“The extra mile is never crowded. If you want to separate yourself from the herd, take those extra steps.”

  • Verneda White


“Consider having a mentorship as it could benefit you.”

  • Vivian Wright


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[00:00:00 – 00:00:32] – Verneda White

But I think for me thinking from a business entrepreneur’s perspective, I think people complain too much about not getting results as fast as they like versus being in action. I think that for me and I can speak for myself, there’s definitely been a number of times in my businesses where I’ve been unhappy with where I am or I wanted things to be different. And until I got to the point of realizing like I’m not a victim. Complaining it’s not going to help what action am I taking to be where I want to be.


[00:00:33 – 00:01:08] – Intro


Welcome to the Share the Wealth Show, where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.



[00:01:09 – 00:02:16] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

All right, welcome back everyone to another episode of the share the wealth show. This is the show, we discuss strategies on how to build, grow, and protect minority wealth. But today we’re actually going to be taking a look in the past in actually, I know you guys have heard me or if you’re, you know, regular to the show, you have heard me mention my day’s wholesaling, right? So, we’re going to do a throwback and I’m going to talk about that whole experience. I have two of my partners in my wholesaling days and two of my best friends from undergraduate. So, I have known these ladies for it got to be 20 plus years now. Oh, God, we’re aging ourselves. Jesus. I just said that. OK, anyway, stay tuned. Listen in because we’re going to go through a lot of the trauma that we went through during that period. Um, hey, I guess. Kind of try to think about ways to prevent that if you’re starting in a partnership type of arrangement. So, in any case, welcome to Verneda White and Vivian Wright and welcome to the show. How are you guys?


[00:02:17 – 00:02:18] – Vivian Wright

Thank you. Thanks for having me.


[00:02:19 – 00:02:22] – Verneda White

Absolutely. Thank you for having us Nicole. This is exciting.


[00:02:23 – 00:02:29] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Perfect. So, tell us a little bit about yourselves briefly before we jump in.


[00:02:30 – 00:02:59] – Vivian Wright

I’ll go first. I’ll be quick. I am someone who’s passionate about investing and wealth building. Generally, I work a nine to five. Nothing special there. Some regular finance position. But yeah, that’s me. I like to hear about investing strategies. I like to listen to podcasts and read books and travel and do creative things. But yeah, that’s me in a nutshell.


[00:03:00 – 00:03:01] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

What do you do? For your nine five.


[00:03:02 – 00:03:05] – Vivian Wright

Um, learn the finance side for pharmaceutical company.


[00:03:06 – 00:03:08] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. Cool.


[00:03:09 – 00:03:57] – Verneda White

All right. And I’ll jump in. So again, I’m Verneda Adele White. I just want to start off Nicole and say that it is a testament to after everything that we went through. We are still friends and I’m excited that we are here. That’s a testament to friendship. So, I’m Verneda Adele White. I’m an anti-racism speaker and strategist entrepreneur. Yes, no, Nicole, for a long time. I’m super passionate about black people thriving. I’m passionate about black wealth and creating generational wealth. My platform is called America’s hot sauce because black people are America’s hot sauce. And I believe that it is an opportunity for us to come together to ensure that our community is equipped, educated and empowered to self-actualize. So that is me in a nutshell.


[00:03:58 – 00:04:09] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I love it. All right before we also jump in, I want to ask you guys a random question, what do you feel people complain too much about these days?


[00:04:10 – 00:05:25] – Verneda White

Too much about these days? The first thing that comes to mind is, the weather. Well, that’s you know, that’s a whole another conversation about climate change. You know, feel about that and that is definitely a part of the revolution black people deserve thriving environment But I think for me thinking from a business entrepreneur’s perspective I think people complain too much about not getting results as fast as they like versus being in action. I think that for me and I can speak for myself, there’s definitely been a number of times in my businesses where I’ve been unhappy with where I am or I wanted things to be different. And until I got to the point of realizing like I’m not a victim. Complaining it’s not going to help what action am I taking to be where I want to be. So even speaking about me being an anti-racist and speaking strategist, that’s not what my career began. I’m definitely on a journey from pivoting from the six multiple as a 2023 multiple six figure business that I’ve created thus far, but I want to be in a different arena. So, I got to take action to do that.


[00:05:26 – 00:06:19] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay, well I love that. I could definitely say like wanting results much faster than or not being happy with the speed in which you are receiving results is definitely a practice of self-reflection and making sure like looking at what you’re doing and how can you pivot and grow and are you doing the right activities? Are you doing the busy work versus the work working actually moving the needle forward, you know, so there’s a work. Busy work can take the cake. Yep. And we all, a lot of us get caught up in the busy work of things and not realizing that what we’re doing set feels like it’s important. It makes you feel like you’ve done something because you were so busy. But is it actually helping you move toward the goal, right? So, yeah, I struggle with that all the time still. Feel like I’m having this time.


[00:06:20 – 00:06:36] – Verneda White

Learn to say no, because II know I get caught up in people pleasing. So that part of that busyness of being all over the place is I’m doing stuff for other people. It’s like, and I haven’t really assessed if this is the best use of my time so that I can be a greater service later.


[00:06:37 – 00:06:51] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, no is a complete sentence. All right. Whole Saling. What year was this? This was 2000.



[00:06:52 – 00:07:00] – Verneda White

It’s been over 10 years. I’m going to say 20. I’m going to. Say, 2011 to 2013.


[00:07:01 – 00:07:24] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah. Because I started in real estate, started like learning everything about real estate in 2020 and 2010. So, I know, and then I started wholesaling or trying to wholesale myself. Um, right after that, but then I wrote you guys in. I don’t know how long I had been doing it. So, it must be like at least 2011 or 2012 when we started the process.


[00:07:25 – 00:07:29] – Verneda White

Um, it hasn’t been that long. You haven’t been doing it that long. I don’t think you had do it year.


[00:07:30 – 00:07:58] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Five, six months or something. Yeah. don’t think it was not even a full year. Um, what is your most vivid memory besides the main one that we’re going to discuss today. I don’t know. Out of the different processes that we went through and all, all of them. We did all the things, right? What’s your biggest takeaway or memory of our time trying to wholesale?


[00:07:59 – 00:08:43] – Vivian Wright

What’s popping out for me is going to see one of the houses, I believe in Brooklyn, that we, that we were, you know, trying to, to wholesale. And just being very, very overwhelmed, like not knowing the full extent of the process that we had to go through and then it feeling very real at the same time and being so close to it and I just remember a feeling of real overwhelm and seeing the actual property and being like, oh, whoa, we’re about to, we’re about to do this, we’re about to, we’re about to own this, like, this is a lot.


[00:08:44 – 00:10:04] – Verneda White

I would say for me, A couple things jump out, but the main ones that really resonates is probably our process, those yellow letters, just like weekend and week out. Anybody, I’m sure, anybody who’s been in the wholesale space knows that yellow letter process, but we showed up and we did it. I mean, it definitely was not perfect, but I look back on that time as a time that we really came together and built something, shout out to Colby Carver, real estate investing. you know, you had three plus one for Black women who gave it to build something. And you know, and I learned a lot, you know, it’s that I have, I have a future in real estate investing and my career has taken a different turn in terms of wealth building, but that was an introduction to me that I needed. Because I didn’t know anything. about real estate or real estate investing until you started getting into it, Nicole. And then I was able to see the value of it. And I know that it’s going to be a part of my overall portfolio because of that start 10 years ago back in which Colby Carver.


[00:10:05 – 00:11:45] – Ad1

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[00:11:46 – 00:11:57] – Verneda White

So, I think it was just the, like, in a way, the bond of, like, coming together and working week after week to build something that sticks out the most of me.


[00:11:58 – 00:12:14] – Vivian Wright

I remember thinking when we were writing them out, oh, this is how it’s crazy that this one little letter is how it started. Like, this is how Nicole wound up buying her house with one little letter. So, I do remember that.


[00:12:15 – 00:14:13] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, actually, that’s a good point. And I think if you’re a listener of the show, you know that I’ve also said I use my experience from my wholesaling days to actually get my first multifamily because I knew how to do direct mail from all the studying and like strategy behind how you get people to actually open your letters and not think it’s just spam. So, I use that knowledge and that muscle memory basically to do my first mailing for my multifamily and then that kind of where you know the ball started rolling even further. So, one point I want to make about that is no matter what you’re doing and what experiences you’re going through. If it’s it doesn’t seem like things are working out in that moment, just know that you’re learning for whatever your future self needs to be doing or what you can implement in the future. So, it’s never a failure. It is always a lesson, right? So, you never lose, you learn. And if you actually take that to heart, then you will learn from the situations that you have and maybe and you’ll have skills, or gain skill that you need to use in the future. the letters, the yellow letters. So, if you are in direct mail marketing now or you’re doing a direct to seller campaign trying to get your first deal, the strategies back when we were doing wholesaling in direct mail might be a little bit different than now. Like I haven’t kept up with the times but I think there is pretty similar except a lot it has transitioned digitally. So, there’s a lot more people who are doing text messages and emails and ringless voicemail drops and all these other strategies to the point where now people are getting sick of getting you know unwarranted text messages and it might actually be a competitive advantage to start direct mail again because no one’s mailing anymore. So, everything is a cycle.


[00:14:14 – 00:14:53] – Verneda White

Well I was going to say too because I do keep up with a number of like real estate investor influencers including the coal online. What I’ve seen as well is how you get leads. has changed in that digital space as well. like I remember going to the probate office regularly. have the vastness of probate for in Brooklyn, you know, finding out what properties might be available or what families might be interested in selling after their loved one had passed away. And now there’s a lot of, I mean, there’s sites, people are just pulling lists. They’re not having to go and like physically be at a probate office to get the information. So, I think that’s another big change too.


[00:14:54 – 00:15:00] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, that makes me feel even older. We have to, but some people think that’s amazing.


[00:15:01 – 00:15:02] – Vivian Wright

Makes me feel nostalgic.


[00:15:03 – 00:15:12] – Verneda White

No, we’re grown, we’re grown like it’s over. We grow and grown at the same time.


[00:15:13 – 00:16:09] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, yeah, here we are. I know that there was also a competitive advantage to going to a physical, because there was other lists that we could have pulled, right? And lists that were available online. But one of the competitive of going to a probate, the courthouse and pulling probate list is because it’s manually intensive and time consuming. And most people were not doing that. Everybody wanted to pull the list easier and quicker. So, if you had to do that extra step to do something that someone else was not doing, that was going to put you a step above. You know, you would find leads that other people would not be able to access because those leaves at the time were not available online. I don’t know if now New York City has probates available online. And if they do, I mean, I guess it’s good or bad, just depending on how what your system is. But I remember meeting, were we meeting every week or every other week? I think like, once a week?


[00:16:10 – 00:16:41] – Verneda White

I was going to say it might have been a combination of, and also depending on what else was going on, because we also hit like different strides of the business. like, sometimes we were like really focused on getting leads. Other times we were really in the mailing process. I think it kind of depended on our ebbs and flow. I definitely agree with you like going at what they always say is that if you can take that extra step, that extra mile is never crowded. So, if you want to separate yourself from the herd, I mean taking those extra steps will always be beneficial.


[00:16:42 – 00:16:43] – Vivian Wright

I like that. extra mile is never crowded.


[00:16:44 – 00:17:56] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I know I do like that too. going to have to write that down. But yeah, I think like we I remember going to Vivian’s old building where she used to work and you know it would be after hours with all those. We met in the conference room. You should be wired in this. Oh, you know, but you don’t work there anymore. So the security guard at the front used to know our faces and will just let us in. Right? and so the conference room. I think the Statue of Libertations is way off on that now. This is way more than 70. Over 10 years, is it? Yeah. So the security guard in the front would always know our faces. We would just go right in. We would go up the elevator to the conference room. Everybody else would be gone because we would just come after work. And we were there in that conference room.I feel like once a week for a couple of years, because we did this process for like two years, at least two years. Yeah. We were there doing standing. think you know what? We meetings and this is, yeah.



[00:17:57 – 00:18:12] – Verneda White

This is so far back. That’s when I still had a W-2. Like I’m like, I’ve been independent for since the second half of 2012. So, I still had a full-time job when we started doing the wholesaling. That’s how far back it was.


[00:18:13 – 00:20:26] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

It’s crazy. Oh my God. It’s a free space. Yeah, the free office space. Guys, if you got somebody who got offices, they’re cleared out after dark and you can go there and meet with your friends or your business. See, whatever you’re trying to do, or even if you work it by yourself, garden. Yeah, I started. I said, get started. Yes, I don’t have to have all the resources. You don’t have to have money for a we work space. Like, you know, it, I, you just got to do what you got to do. It was also easier for me then to just stay and go after work and stay like all night in a conference room because I didn’t have kids and, you know, all the other craziness happens with that. But, um, but yeah, no, I did not make it. I had to think about it. But, um, I know, no, I definitely did. Not even close. no, no, not even close. wasn’t even married. I had just started a little by then. Okay. So, what’s the, what’s the next point?

I guess what, I guess for anyone out there who’s looking to wholesale, we’re just talking about like our journey. We did a lot of the things. We did, like you heard, direct mail campaigns. hand wrote envelopes. We. We met every week, we went to courthouses, we went out in the middle of the night, hanging bandit signs because we did not want the police to catch us. I’m not supposed to do that. New York City and a lot of other cities and municipalities. We were really close on our very first, as Vivian mentioned, the property that we were going to wholesale and our first property was in Brooklyn and it was like a million dollar plus property. Trust me, when we got started, I was not thinking that I was going to be wholesale like a million-dollar property. But that’s just the cost of properties in New York. Things are just, and I think it was, it wasn’t like Condo, was actually like a townhouse or something. But yeah, that’s not like even a single-family property sitting by itself. And then the second property we almost wholesale was on empty lot. That lot was like $800,000. Like why the people just were a lot? It was crazy.


[00:20:27 – 00:20:59] – Ad2


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[00:21:00 – 00:21:07] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Both in Brooklyn, both we did not end up wholesaling. And I don’t know what fell apart at the last minute.


[00:21:08 – 00:21:09] – Verneda White

You don’t know.


[00:21:10 – 00:21:12] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So that’s what I want to tell.


[00:21:13 – 00:21:16] – Vivian Wright

I want to talk about the particular property. I don’t remember what happened with that particular property.


[00:21:17 – 00:21:21] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Oh, I know what happened with the lot. I don’t remember what happened with the condo.


[00:21:21 – 00:21:22] – Vivian Wright

Yeah, I don’t remember.


[00:21:23 – 00:21:26] – Verneda White

The one on the back of the street.


[00:21:27 – 00:21:28] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I’m surprised you remember the street.


[00:21:29 – 00:21:43] – Verneda White

You know why? Because we were on that property for a while. Like I remember like several times driving. Several times driving over there.And I was definitely I was always like the team, you know, the team driver.


[00:21:44 – 00:22:41] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

But we have a car. Don’t know how to drive. So, what do we think? Because I’ve always I always sit and try to assess and look where to actively and try to say, why didn’t we do any wholesale deals? Why didn’t why weren’t we successful with wholesaling? know what I mean? So, part of my thought process is I was just trying to think back and think about the things that because you feel like you did all the things right and you did all the things, you’re supposed to do but I wondered if what we were doing was a busy work, right? Like we were doing all these things but were we not doing the things that were actually moving the needle? Like I don’t know have you guys ever thought about retroactively like what went wrong with that to make us not actually close a wholesale deal because I wanted to discuss that as like a something to just lead to the listeners of things to like consider when they’re on their journeys.


[00:22:42 – 00:24:04] – Vivian Wright

Well one of the things I would say you kind of introduced the idea of getting together and doing this wholesaling. I don’t think that all four of us were at the same place in our wealth building journey so I think that kind of slowed things down because we did what we needed to do out of some level of trust in what you were doing. And we were, you know, like, I know Nicole, I know Nicole’s has sense and it’s not going to get into anything crazy. And I’m on board with, you know, building wealth and biopropities. Yes, let’s do that. But the knowledge that I had at that point is way, way lower than what I know, 10 years later. Or even now. So, I think that at that point, I’ll speak for myself, I was kind of just starting to get into strategies and hearing about things. And I was interested, but I didn’t start exactly from the same place with the base knowledge that you started with. And I think that that was a part of it. Like, if you had partnered with maybe someone who had gone to all of the seminars or things that you had gone to and had that kind of foundation, we would be a little more further, a little more of the speed with you. But I feel like we were a little bit behind because


[00:24:05 – 00:24:32] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I want to add to that. understand what you’re saying. But I did partner with somebody else who I went to all the seminars and actually had more experience quote unquote. And we are going to touch on that person right now. So just finding someone else is just more experienced or has information is not all not always going to be the answer. Renita, did you have anything else to add? Like, what do you thought probably could have did differently or what went wrong with our process or what?


[00:24:33 – 00:26:43] – Verneda White

I definitely relate to what Vivian is saying. And for me, I can look back and say, was I distracted? Did I have competing priority? Because even when I mentioned at the top of the show about, you know, I have a tremendous amount of gratitude that our friendship was able to go through this test and stay intact on the other side of it. But I can definitely point to a number of times where I didn’t show up in the real estate partnership as needed from either being like super busy with work project, also having my apparel brand, looking to, you know, build in other areas. So that competing priority piece definitely was a distraction on my part and that would take full responsibility for that because it wasn’t fair to the group to have like one foot in and one foot in and one foot out inside. So, I would say for anybody who is starting a partnership in real estate, it is critical for you to carve out the time, make it a priority and be all in in order for it to be successful because if you have one foot in and one foot out, it makes it very difficult for the whole group to move forward. So that’s a personal responsibility piece on my part. And then the second piece that I would add to it in addition to, you know, getting up to speed on the knowledge of how wholesale works, I think that the team needed to be bigger than us. Not so much within our partnership of that was Colby Carver, but there was a lot of like, who’s going to be the attorney, who’s going to do the title, who’s going to do all of these other pieces that need to go along with the wholesale deal. I think we were really trying to figure that out too and didn’t necessarily have all of those team players in place. And I think that’s taking time. Maybe you could touch on that, Nicole, that kind of building your role effects of like, your go-to people, when I do a deal, I know I’m going to call so-and-so. And I don’t think we had that attorney on speed out for us at that time.


[00:26:44 – 00:26:47] – Vivian Wright

Or even like mentorship, if we were…


[00:26:48 – 00:26:50] – Verneda White

We had a mentor, we should talk about that too.


[00:26:51 – 00:27:00] – Vivian Wright

And try to do it, try to figure it out. JT Fox. But we could benefit it from maybe someone else who was in a partnership that didn’t.



[00:27:01 – 00:30:21] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, no, I agree. So, I thought about mentorship. We did try to get mentorship. We did with this mentorship. I don’t know how much he was actually doing real estate, but he must have been because for us to be attracted to what he was providing. But I feel like he was more. Real estate. Definitely real estate. Yes, it was. But what was his mentorship on real estate and wholesaling or was it on just business processes and all that kind of stuff? Because we did not have a wholesale specific mentor, which is, I think, one of the issues as well, because when I started my very first mentorship was with the rich dad poor dad and I didn’t get, I didn’t move the needle. That’s, that’s who told me to go into wholesaling because it’s the first thing that newbies are thrown into because you don’t need your own credit. You don’t need money, blah, blah, it’s easier to do the easiest startup process. But it, it, you actually do need money because it leads to start and be effective. did you need a marketing budget in the very least, right? Unless you’re going to sit there and hand write everything. We hand wrote a lot of stuff, but we still needed capital, right? We did a lot of manual things because we didn’t have that money. But I think having someone who had closed a lot of wholesale deals, that would have helped. And that could have been a mentor to handhold.

So, I think having a specific mentor in the exact strategy that you’re looking to do is cheap because once I actually, because one time, one of my mentors from Rich Dad poor dad, and I paid for the extra coaching, I got paid for the base mentorship program, and then I got the extra coach, like supposed to be very specific, you know, the extra money you pay. And at one time he suggested to me to make money, he’s like, how did you do a garage sale or something? And I’m like, dude, because my mentor was out in the Midwest somewhere. Like, yeah, you could do garage sale. People need your neighborhood, people go out, put your stuff out on the lawn and all that. I’m like, dude, I live in New York City. Ain’t no garage sales out here. Like, know, at least, you I can’t just be out on the street with a table and trying to sell myself. that’s, that’s just not how that works. Um, and people are not trusting in New York City and think that your, your stuff don’t got some bugs in it or whatever else could have like, because it’s just different. It’s street. Yeah, but it’s different. Be those are like vendors and people who buy like they have your, their wholesale product, but not like stuff from my house and I had it out on the street. Like that’s what I mean. Facebook marketplace didn’t exist then. Jesus. No, but, but you know, it’s okay. It’s okay. We’re still here at house.

Yeah. No, the whole point is to if you’re looking for help or mentorship or guidance, find someone doing the specific niche that you want to do and not generalized idea because that could end up not really getting you where you want you get a broad overview but not like the specifics to really like because if we had a mentor I feel like they would have told us to get out of New York City and do it in Jersey or do some of those. I mean neither of us had I mean the need to have a car we didn’t really have cars but oh what we’re gonna say about that you don’t think so.



[00:30:22 – 00:31:41] – Verneda White

I just said I just said I said maybe because it also depends on how familiar that well I guess you’re saying more specific not only to your strategy but also who knows the area that you’re looking to work in to be able to give that type of feedback so I mean for me personally what I recall from that particular mentorship program JT Fox is that it was specific to real estate investing and the coaches though my actual issue with the coaches was not as much that they were guiding us in the real estate. I felt that they were not taking us seriously. Like I think I felt like at the time they saw these four black women in their 20s or at least four women in their 20s, one of their 40s, and just messed over. No, they just they didn’t really come to the table correct. Like we are going we’re actually here to help you all move to that next level. And so I think that generalization wasn’t that much that they could not have helped us or it had it not been this is not the right coach for you, but we have a hundred other coaches who really could compare with you well. I think it wasn’t there wasn’t a level of respect there. And that’s why we asked for our money back.


[00:31:42 – 00:32:00] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

We did ask for our money back and we had to write up a professional legal sounding letter. We did not hire a attorney to write the letter. We just googled attorney sounding letters drafted our own, but it had awesome. Legalist language in it. And it worked.


[00:32:01 – 00:32:10] – Verneda White

I called him on Twitter. He’s checked about to go to a lawyer. I called JT. I called JT Fox out on Twitter. That’s why he responded.


[00:32:11 – 00:32:28] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Oh my gosh. All right, so that was one blow up. We had to get our money back from a coaching program that did not really… Yeah, that was a lot of money. It was a lot. Now, what about this fourth person? Do you want to talk about that?”   


[00:32:29 – 00:33:18] – Outro


Okay, guys, don’t kill me, but I’m gonna have to cut this episode short. This is too juicy and we need to do this in part two. So, stay tuned for the next episode that airs and you can hear the rest of our conversation.


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