Episode No. 85

The Diverse Entrepreneur: Navigating Short & Mid-Term Rentals, Turo Cars & Digital Marketing w/ Brianna Mulzac and Tyrell Taylor 

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Episode No. 85

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In today’s Share The Wealth Show, we are thrilled to have Brianna Mulzac and Tyrell Taylor back once again to delve deeper into the facets of their multifaceted business. The duo will be elaborating on their experiences in navigating the realms of short and mid-term rentals, managing Turo cars, and employing digital marketing strategies.

Tune in 🎧 to discover the secrets behind their success and glean actionable strategies that can benefit your own business endeavors.!

Briana Mulzac, a dynamic entrepreneur from Brooklyn, has emerged as a trailblazer in the home and car rental industry, excelling on platforms like Airbnb and Turo. Over the past year, her business has achieved significant success, boasting a six-figure gross revenue. Briana’s success is attributed to her passion for hospitality, business acumen, and commitment to providing exceptional rental experiences. Her ability to identify unique properties and quality vehicles, coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction, has set her apart in the competitive market. Briana’s deep roots in the Brooklyn community and dedication to local businesses and sustainable tourism make her a respected figure. Looking forward, Briana envisions expanding her business and continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs with her story of passion, innovation, and hard work in the evolving landscape of home and car rentals.

Tyrell Taylor, a former Division 1 basketball player turned entrepreneur, draws on the teamwork and resilience ingrained in his basketball career for his ventures. As the founder of BLVCK Market Agency, he leads a team focused on creating innovative marketing experiences by merging creativity with data-driven strategies. Tyrell specializes in the sharing economy, collaborating with partner Brinana Mulzac to bring innovation to platforms like Airbnb and Turo. Beyond business, he is recognized as a visionary leader, inspiring others with his commitment to excellence and genuine support for their success. Tyrell’s brand is synonymous with ambition, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence across basketball, the boardroom, and the sharing economy.


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Key Quotes:
“Wealth to me is Freedom and being able to help other people.” – Brianna Mulzac


“Wealth is an abundance of choice, great health, and the ability to influence.” – Tyrell Taylor


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[00:00:40 – 00:01:11] – Intro

Welcome to the Share the Wealth Show, where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.


[00:01:12 – 00:01:33] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Hey guys! So, we’re back again, this is the second part of the episode with today’s guests. I need you if you have not heard part 1, go back to the previous episode, and listen to that first and then come back and join us here today. You need to hear the whole conversation so why we split into two parts. There’s so many nuggets is so juicy. Go back and listen to the first part!


[00:01:34 – 00:01:53] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So, give an example of an instance where somebody well you saw in real time or an experience where somebody was, I guess hesitant or or trying to pinch pennies and save dollars and end up costing them potential profits or to give an example of some of some conversation maybe you have had or something you saw.


[00:01:54 – 00:04:53] – Briana Mulzac

Well, so I guess I had acquired a unit building and I managed that building, turned it over, turned it over into student housing. We are renovating the, like Tyrell and I were going in there renovating all the rooms. We sat down with the property owner and it was a, oh yeah, like it is a housing for medical professionals, travelers, students, all that good stuff. But yeah, so basically, we have the rights and the master lease for all the rooms and there were some long-term tenants in there. And so, the one in particular, Tyrell and I, we wanted to give them their 30-day notice when we, when it was a great time to, and they didn’t have any kind of renewal and we wanted to be able to get them out and renovate that room so we can start like have the whole floor to ourselves. We have two floors ourselves but just that one tenant is still in there so we are still waiting because this is the you know just trying to save the property owner trying to save a punch penny but you know to say yeah, I click yeah anywhere. So um with that instance um you know she was really afraid of losing money for this winter month she wasn’t confident that we would book out the room that she was like no I want him to stay I’m gonna renew and like Tyrell and we want we’re trying to get in there and renovate this so we can have our operation up and running um and um also doing it before winter because we don’t want to be doing all this kind of construction something in the winter um so anyways uh that’s tenant is there still and um you know she ended up stopping her rent so now it’s become like and also that tenant um how love me made us lose money because I guess they were smoking. our tenant who was booked on the floor, a student who was there, medical student who was booked for three months, ended up wanting to leave after two weeks because that long-term tenant that the owner had was there, the whole I had there was like smoking or something like that. Just doing things that our operation doesn’t allow. And it was just two different groups of people and the demographic of people that we bring into the space is different from the other people that, I guess someone else, the property owner brings it. It was, it helped, it made us lose money. it also, it hurt her and and the way they took because now that person isn’t paying still to this day and the paid. And we lost out on like a solid three months of having somebody in there. We’ve got other people in there now, thankfully because somebody else ended up booking. I mean, that was a stable, consistent, okay, we have this whole thing booked for, from now until 2020. 24. So now she’s losing money when we wanted to actually, you know, do what we do and run our operation and kind of drive and mess into that.

[00:04:54 – 00:06:25] – Tyrell Taylor

Our turn over in terms of like if we have a room and we need to fix it up and get it listed, it’s about it’s about four days max. And it normally, it could take two days. It really just depends on how much stuff we have to order for that room. But it normally takes about two to four days to turn a room over. And we wanted her to give us a week to turn over the room. But that would require her to lose a percentage of rent. Or at the time, it was like one month of rent. But now, she wishes she took that chance and lost one month of rent. And even at the time, we didn’t come up with the solution of having a pro rate. So even if we got the room booked within that month that we chose to change it, we’d still pay her a pro rate. Because she was so fixated on not losing that tenant for that one month of rent. Yeah, she now has lost about three months So did he why did he stop paying because of the short-term They got into a little Dispute and we we only handle our tenants in the building. Yeah, we don’t handle the tenant. She’s been billing with yeah. Yeah, we can get your tenants out and then all the tenants in the building would be our responsibility But if you choose to leave your tenants in there, they will be your responsibility Yeah, and so if she wanted to keep them in Now she’s not getting paid for that room and she can’t kick them out through New York State laws.


[00:06:26 – 00:07:09] – Briana Mulzac

And that’s our sense Lisa’s almost up. So thankfully we’ll be able to get in there I have a full lease on all the rooms. So once that the agreement they have with them Together the lamb Lord and the Her tenant once that’s over I can step in because it’s take who like I have at least I paid the full rent for the whole building. So now people buy space, now you’re technically trespassing at this point. Yeah. So, but as of right now, you know, their agreement, I don’t want to step on toes and like you re-sign another agreement saying that they can stay another two months till December 31st. So that’s just we can’t do anything about that now. But once it goes past that, then I will have no problem stepping in. So, yeah.


[00:07:10 – 00:07:27] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. Well, you know what? I thought we were just going to be talking about today, but now when I’m digging to this. So how, how was, tell me how did you, you had a master lease for an eight-bedroom building? Yes. Right. Is that what it is? And how was it? Two or three units?


[00:07:28 – 00:07:38] – Briana Mulzac

It’s three units. Um, okay. It’s three bedrooms, one bath is one unit, three bedrooms, one bath, the second unit and then two bed, one bath is the third unit and all eight rooms.


[00:07:39 – 00:07:45] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Eight rooms. Okay. And eight rooms total. And how did you find this the owner of the building?



[00:07:46 – 00:08:51] – Briana Mulzac

So, a mutual friend that knew that I was doing Airbnb here in Brooklyn and all that stuff. They came right to my Airbnb one day and just kind of like just like seeing what was going on and stuff like that. And they mentioned that their mother also has a unit and she’s getting older and she didn’t really want to do the day-to-day operations and work with tenants and stuff like that and going up and down steps and that she really wanted somebody to step in. And that person thought I was a good fit and you know I ended up setting up a meeting with his mom and we had about like three meetings coming out like our agreement and went over a contract as well. And came up with like a monthly payment for you know what she would get paid if I’m going to come in and take over all the all the rooms and stuff like that. So that’s kind of how I found her. So let’s do a referral basically and yeah we were able to turn her place over since August and now pretty much.


[00:08:52 – 00:09:05] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So how much did you put into you said you were into the rooms to turn rooms did you have to do any major renovations to upgrade the rooms to a standard where you could get people coming in for room rentals?


[00:09:06 – 00:10:23] – Briana Mulzac

Yeah so my so when people want to work with the management company when I work with our management company our undeniable deal is that we’ll come in and renovate the rooms renovate the place for you basically a small renovations interior design where we’re investing in the place so ultimately I think I invested about ten thousand dollars renovating all the rooms and bringing them up to standard where they’ll be competitive on the market and competitive on the platform of Airbnb booking.com VRBO all trip advisors all these platforms and the place really needed it. It was very, I want to say not dilapidated but just old, like just, it just needed a lot of TLC and a lot of renovations, painting, new electrical work, things like that. So yeah, we invested in the rooms and turned it over and, you know, there’s a complete before and after of the rooms now. And yeah, so we agreed to that and then we put it on the platform. Yeah, then we put on the platform and we upcharge of course. So, I mean, not upcharge but just charge what it’s worth at this point.


[00:10:24 – 00:12:04] – Ad1

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[00:12:05 – 00:12:29] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah. Yeah, for the room rental. So, medical students and like maybe traveling nurses and things like that, they normally need to stay for more than I stand for a weekend. They are like, like you said, said, like a few months or something, but are you doing it as a monthly rental cost or a weekly rental cost or nightly? Like, how do you price it?


[00:12:30 – 00:13:06] – Briana Mulzac

So, we’re doing monthly here because due to the New York City laws and regulations, all that, all the changes that they’ve made, I have a registration number for one short term rental. So that that already is, you know, its own thing. So, I had no choice but to take the mid-term rental route here in New York, which also kind of motivates me to pivot to another state or another area, maybe another country as well. Yeah, so we do the mid-term rentals and people booking monthly 30 days or more.


[00:13:07 – 00:14:31] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah. Okay. I love that. Alright, mid-term rental is something I definitely have thought about. think I might have mentioned to you a little bit, I have thought about like traveling nurses or med students and I do have a property that has eight rooms in the city. But I don’t know if location wise, it would be like attractive for your like ideal for, you know, traveling nurses or I mean, it is close to a Metro North. Hmm. I don’t know. We are talking about that. Might be something else in the works, just depending on I have tennis now, but depending on when when they are leaving or when they’re coming in, I’ll give pictures and send you the building and all that. But anyway, I love that there are all these various like aspects of your income streams and how you guys are working together and growing and building. Where are you looking to go with? is the future of MoZak rentals? Where’s that going? How do you see your partnership expanding? What the big goal for like ultimate, like where you really want to be? Maybe 10 years. that country is so hard to see what you’re going to be in 10 years. But then also like what will you, what’s like kind of your next step over the next few years, what do you want to see your business be at in growth?


[00:14:32 – 00:16:16] – Briana Mulzac

Yes, so domestically, growth wise, the two states that I’m looking at would be Texas and Florida, Fort Lauderdale in particular for Florida and then Austin or Houston for Texas. And I see that there’s a lot of growth with Airbnb’s in those areas compared to the rules and regulations here in New York. Out of the country, the two places I’m really looking at is R. Dubai and St. Vincent. St. Vincent, well, I’ll start with Dubai. Dubai because Dubai, I love the business model that they have in Dubai as far as what you make over there, you keep there’s no taxes. They’re very pro-entrepreneur spirit and they’re also really advocating for Airbnb hosts to come over there to help add to their tourist, I mean their tourist tenure plan as well. So that’s something that really sparked my interest and even when it comes to buying property and Dubai, all you need is the current bill of where you’re currently living now, your passport and there was like one other thing and no credit score is not even a thing. So it’s like it’s three-solid documents, it’s just your passport, a bill that states where you currently live and I believe it’s, oh you’re rich certificate. So just those three things and you’re and 20% down. So that’s really like I think they’re making it easier to really pursue entrepreneurship. You’re able to keep everything you make and it’s just a different, it just musics my ears compared to what over here.


[00:16:17 – 00:16:29] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So quick question though with that. So, I heard that there was really no lending over there. And so you just said 20% down. They do have lending for international people who are purchasing there.


[00:16:30 – 00:16:38] – Briana Mulzac

I’m not sure if it’s lending, but I’m unless you have the money to put the two 20% down, that’s what I was thinking. If you have the money to put the 20% down and then


[00:16:39 – 00:16:55] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

You put the 20% down would be your cash and then the 80% would be financed with, you know, whatever the loan is for lending purposes. But I thought I heard someone say that, well, you had to pay for the whole building in cash. I’m like, what is that in cash? I mean, some people, but I’m not too.


[00:16:56 – 00:17:24] – Briana Mulzac

I’m not too sure about that. That was in the street. Yeah, I more research, but from from the basic kind of, I want to say like from the surface level of the of the information that I’ve seen, it does require more research, but it was it’s something that’s in motivating me to want to dig more into it and figure it out. And I also did hear even people when I started Airbnb’s, I did see something about you. at least the six months of write down.


@59:02Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

And that’s also something that’s Okay.


@59:05Briana Mulzac

So what would your plan be?


@59:07Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

would you do? Would you find somebody? Because even though you do operations, it being so far, would you find somebody who’s boots on the ground there that could help you with operations?


@59:19Briana Mulzac

Definitely, definitely. And it’s still a thought. So I don’t know if it’s like a three or five year plan where I actually move there, or if it’s just working with a co-host who actually has the business running.

I’m also like in your position where I’m investing in somebody is running the operations for me. So it can be those two.

The last thing I will say is St. Vincent, because we both have ties to St. Vincent. His family is building, you can also talk about it like a boutique hotel and save it to right now.

And where his family lives is very close to the new sandal resort. So there’s a lot of entrepreneurial activities

I can be, you know, brought about over there too. So that’s another avenue that, you know, we may consider.

Yeah, no, she said everything. Yeah, we have a new boutique hotel in the works. That should be done within about a year.

And then we also have another Airbnb. It’s like a. It’s not as big as the boutique hotel, but it’s like a decent size.

Right next to where my grandfather. Live, then raise my father. So those two are in the works. And then you have her family ties in Union Island.

Yeah. That it’s they they want to encourage their economical growth. So they will always encourage new businesses to come.

You want to buy plot to land, buy land and build whatever you need to build and contribute to the economy in any way.

I simply can’t. So there’s a lot of room for economic growth down there, especially with the New San Rose resorts.

Going down there, their tourism is about to skyrocket. And they’re looking for tourists related businesses to go down there and make segments and more enjoyable for people who come from Europe, other Caribbean islands, America, even South America.

So the possibilities are endless, whether we decide to go see.


@1:01:33Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice. Oh my goodness. Oh wait. So if your family is building, do they plan to sell once they’re finished?

Because most times developers, they’ll develop and then they sell.


@1:01:46Briana Mulzac

Are they planning to hold the asset for operate and hold long term too? So one cent, like when we say we’re right next to Sandals, like we’re across the street from Sandals resort.

So when Sandals was originally building on that plot of land. They offered my father a couple million for that plot of land and he said no.

So I don’t think he like he doesn’t plan on selling it at all. And with sandals being there, the appreciation of the land will only increase.

And now that there’s an actual like empty hotel on there, it’s going to appraise even higher. And the size of the land that it’s on itself, it’s about the size of like two football fields.

Yeah, it’s really huge. So I know my dad doesn’t want to sell it. And being a potential recipient of that, and he passed, knowing that he wouldn’t want to sell it, I probably wouldn’t do the same either.

But in holding it, the value will appreciate and So who’s going to operate the hotel? Oh, yeah. It’ll be us.

It’ll be us. We’ll make sure that that whole thing is up and running and especially a smooth process when my parents going back and forth in the States and St.

Vincent, we’ll make sure that it’s up and running and we’ll hire the people necessary in and then we’re more than equipped to do the operational size as far as bookings, communication and they’ll be the people on the ground and like we’ll be building, I guess, help them build the infrastructure of cleaning crew and kind of maintenance.

Yes, all that kind of stuff.


@1:03:50Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice. All right. You collectively have so much experience and knowledge, especially when it comes to the operations of or in the term rentals, whether be buildings or cars or development, all the things, do you ever see a course or some time of mentorship in your future?

think you too would be great to do something like that with the experience and knowledge that you have.


@1:04:21Briana Mulzac

It’s definitely avenue we’d like to explore. I would have to the evil account. But look at that. And we have the calculator out and stuff.

It’s something we definitely do want to explore, but we want to establish or at least make the Airbnb and Jorro side more concrete where we’re still in our growth phase.

We don’t want to split our attention into growth and then courses. If we were to do a course, we’d like to be really personable with the people that we are teaching.

So, and we know how hectic some days could really get for us. So, we’d like for at least the operational side of things to be running on its own.

And then once we’ve acquired a place where we now have more time and more money, we could simply just pour into helping others and getting them started.

And what it is, we’re really good at doing. Yeah.


@1:05:31Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice. Okay. Yeah, I agree with that. That makes sense just to focus on what you’re doing with your growth first.

And then once you get to a certain space that you can actually take on and divide attention into helping others and doing that.

So, actually, we covered a lot. And I’m trying to think, I think I dug into almost everything I wanted to do.

And to of dig into. I hear what you guys are doing in the. future, which are growth internationally and getting into the STRs and growing that as much as you can.

What else with, I guess I’ll just end it with the with the Turo. How big do you end up thinking that that business model is going to be or is that something that’s a bridge to something else?


@1:06:23Briana Mulzac

Ultimately, I would, there is a Turo guru that I follow, his name is West Coast Dave and he’s inspired me to just keep going on with the Turo business model and game plan and I hope to at minimum at least have 50 cars, at minimum.

So that’s like the growth. I know that there’s like a parking lot around the corner for me that holds 24 cars.

I feel like that’s motivation for me because if I’m able to have a great enough pitch and enough cars to

really fill out that parking lot. Like that’s just I’m just halfway there from from that goal of 50. But ultimately I would just love to come build as as much as 50 minimum.

So yeah, I mean, we currently have two different accounts, two different like taro fleets. So hopefully, you know, one day we can like combine it or like something like that too.

But yeah, I would say 50 minimum. So and hopefully more from there, but 50 minimum. For me, you know, I look more into like the short term.

So like whenever I my next car, when I get my next car, I know as long as I see the opportunity for next thing, things will eventually compound over time.

Um, Turo, like for me, it’s been very, very well. So I know that that’s a great avenue for me.

I know I have other ventures as well. Uh, I have a marketing agency that I also, uh, a majority of my time to as well.

So for me, marketing, through another wrench into it.


@1:08:24Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

thought it was wrapping up with your marketing.


@1:08:27Briana Mulzac

So I have a digital marketing agency. Uh, called Black Market Agency. Uh, we help small, mid-sized businesses. We take care of their whole digital platform that’s paid as social media and web design.

So, um, we help upgrade and make those three, uh, call it the trifecta of digital marketing agency. We, we help you perfect those things to help your business grow, uh, both organically.

And if you’re out of service. point where you can run paid ads, we can really boost how fast your company grows.


@1:09:10Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

And how did you start that?


@1:09:13Briana Mulzac

So I always had a knack for like, you know, digital marketing, but it was more so like for myself and for others.

The first time I really discovered that I could do it for businesses was when I did it for one of my own nonprofits.

I had a cycling organization called Mind Body Results and we grew tremendously like beyond what I even thought we could during the pandemic.

I think it was a matter of like timing just being perfect with all interactions, just being off limits. Cycling was one of the few things that you can go outside and be active and do.

So we grew like sporadically throughout COVID and I was. just implementing different marketing techniques that I’ve learned through all the field businesses that I had before doing the nonprofit.

And I kind of just brought it all together and like we had thousands and thousands of cyclists. We would plan one ride and, you know, guess I’d had thousands of cyclists.

So my ability to reach out to people was like second to none at time. And we were able to make tons of money.

And it was really just like an experience in its time. Obviously once COVID’s, you know, died down, everybody got back to their regularly scheduled program, a lot of people didn’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to cycling as much as they did.

Before its time, it was very beautiful. And it made me learn like, okay, I do have the skills and capabilities to grow businesses.

I’ve just been applying it to other small businesses since the small and mid-sized citizens.


@1:11:02Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice. See, I can’t believe we’re going to talk all this time. You wasn’t going to plug your other ventures that’s going on.

Y’all got your hands and everything over here. I love it. Love it. Okay. So, what we’re going to do now is go into a segment that I called Digest with the Guests.

Because we normally, the answers to these questions are just super insightful and they give us a lot that we need to chew on little morsels and bits of information.

So we got to have time to digest it. So, very first question is, Warren Buffett, let me see. do I have any?

All right. Very first question. Warren Buffett said that diversification is protection against ignorance. I kind of take that to mean that basically people diversify because they don’t really know what they’re doing and that’s the like save themselves kind of thing.

But what’s your take? going in and is that like a good or a bad thing?


@1:12:06Briana Mulzac

I would say it depends. Especially in the market when you’re investing in the stock market, diversification is great because you don’t think it’s going up and down and you just want to be able to have your money diversified.

In real life and when you’re actually working, sometimes that can be a distraction if you have like a lot of things going on and your time is being split into so many different things.

But at the same time, one of your businesses is having a down season but another one is flourishing. You’re able to level out.

So, I mean, what I would say is I think diversification is great but I would say moderation. And just as I know, even with, let’s say personally, what we do with Airbnb, it’s still, there are two different things but they coincide as far as like the rentals and

for a term, our renters at the Airbnb, they book our cars, the people who book our cars. Yes, it’s all peer to peer.

People who book our cars are sometimes interested in the other adventures we have going on too. So we’re still diversified, but it’s still all able to work in coincide with one another.

So I think it just depends on what the diversification is. I believe in concentration. I think the first execution is the safety net for people who aren’t experts in what they do.

Because if you’re really good at something and you do it really, really well, there’s no reason for you to do anything else.

And then once you become really well at something, then you can start diversifying. But it’s like a cup of water.

In a cup, you can see a lot of water but if you pour it on a surface, you’re very spread and it’s not that much of water as much as it is.

isn’t a concentrated object. So I think like if you can become an expert in something and put all your eggs in one basket, I mean, that’s how most businesses are kind of started off.

You don’t start off doing three, four different businesses. You kind of start off in one business and put your all into it.

And sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Or something fails and then you have to pivot and do it at one year.

But I mean, what you take from failed businesses are the things that aren’t tangible or the things that you learn.

then you apply to the next one, you apply to the next one until all of those skills are put into something that actually does work.

And then once that one thing that works takes off, then it’s like, OK, I have something that’s going really well for me.

If this one thing just like ends tomorrow, like I would lose everything. let me just start pivoting into that.

The thing is that, okay, if this main thing ends, I now have something that I’ve at least started that I can now pivot from and start taking off as well.

So I think the first diversification, it’s an end product of concentration.


@1:15:22Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Mm, I like that. And I definitely agree with that as well. You’ll hear a lot that wealth is built by diving deep first and then spreading it wide.

So you build wealth by staying in one vertical and keep building and being concentrated. then once you build your wealth, then you can diversify the wealth for protection of the capital, capital preservation.

So I love that, I love both of your takes on it. Have you both played Monopoly before?


@1:15:57Briana Mulzac

Yeah, I’ve been trying to tell. her you know get the family unless yeah that monopoly night yeah we do with y’all families oh my god that would be i would want to see that i you know you’ll take that put that on you too that would be a dream oh my goodness yeah but i yeah i love monopoly but she’s hilarious okay so in the game of monopoly boardwalk or ball tick what are you buying first and why well oh no depends on what you land on let’s pretend you land you had a choice to land on one of those oh if i had a choice to land on one of them and i’m starting off with the the amount of money we always start off with in uh in okay you can make whatever other assumptions you want this is like your strategy for winning the game well it it will it really does depend because monopoly is is half chance and then is half strategy because you can only apply a strategy

on what you land on. So if I land on Broadway first, I’m buying Broadway. A boardwalk, right? I’m boardwalk, sorry.


@1:17:08Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

boardwalk. I knew what he meant.


@1:17:10Briana Mulzac

I’m buying boardwalk first, I’m buying boardwalk. But I will say, Baltic is the easiest to develop and make a weapon because it’s the cheapest hotels.

I mean, it’s the cheapest houses and it’s probably the easiest to get to a hotel. And once it’s a hotel, it’s on even playing fill with everything else for the most part.

So, like those are my two strategies. boardwalk, I would buy boardwalk because you could always use it to negotiate.

At the very least, if someone lands on boardwalk, you’re getting a nice payout. Okay, I’m going to have the pass because I have a playing monopoly enough enough to even like boardwalk or ball.

I would I would figure it out.


@1:18:01Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

know but yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s that’s cool. Okay, so Um, the both of you. What does wealth mean to you?


@1:18:13Briana Mulzac

Well, I to me means um freedom it means um Um, you have freedom and just an opportunity to I want to say help other people and and Change other lives.

think if you have wealth, let’s say you have businesses you’re able to um, employ other people you’re able to help other people um And ultimately I feel like it’s yeah the financial freedom Yeah, I I’d say it’s a combination of like three things um first is uh and they’re all like kind of a byproduct of like the common

nation of wealth, but wealth is an abundance of choice, great health, and the ability to influence. So I put like those three things together.

Once you once you achieve wealth, you’ll be able like and you have like those are your three units of measure.

Do you have an abundance of choice? Do you have great health or do you have the money to provide yourself great health?

And then do you have the ability to influence people in whatever you are expert in? So you don’t need a you don’t need $10 million.

You don’t need a hundred million dollars for that. But if you’re in a space life where you can have an abundance of options for whatever it is you want.

And time. And and time yeah and and then like you’re able to help people in what it is you’re good at and then

You have great health and that’s what wealth is to me.


@1:20:05Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay, cool. I love that. Um, alright, so the next question is, we ask each guest to come up with a question for the next guest.

So, while you’re thinking about what your question would be for the next guest, the question that was left for you was, number is the two-part question because the last episodes were from two guests as well.

One, how are you helping to change the world? So, we’ll go with that first if you both want to answer that.


@1:20:38Briana Mulzac

How are you helping to change the world? Um, I guess the current day, I guess so far what I can say is how I’m helping to change the world is I am adding value to the travel industry.

I’m adding value by providing Shelter and also transportation for people who need it and I feel like just for it being so convenient with today’s day with technology and being a part of the systems that I’m connected with now.

I think that’s my inkling of helping to change the world and hopefully that can definitely become something bigger but as of right now just helping to add convenience and add value to transportation travel.


@1:21:35Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)



@1:21:37Briana Mulzac

I think like I don’t know like if you ask me how to change in the world I wouldn’t know but I know how I change people’s life on day-to-day basis and those lives that I do change might change other lives which then eventually change the world.

I haven’t reached a level of influence like yeah, I’ve just changed the world. But I would like to get there and I’d like that to be my legacy, like where my name lives longer than my life span.

So yeah, I think like that’s the end goal for me. I’m not sure for how I will do it, but I know when that opportunity presents itself, I will grab onto it.

Like I’ve never grabbed on to anything in my life, but I’m excited to see what I do to change the world.


@1:22:38Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice, I like that. It’s like the butterfly effect. know, every little thing where like when you throw a stone and there’s like a ripple in the wave, you never know how that is going to make big changes somewhere else that you don’t even know.

The one action you took is how it’s affecting other people and how it’s making changes, right? And the second part to the question is, do you put your toothpaste on the toothbrush before or after the water?


@1:23:12Briana Mulzac

After. I’ll do it both.


@1:23:15Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I do after. You do it before and after? Okay. When she asked this question, we all were cracking up laughing like, what’s that question that was really thinking about?

What do I do? Do I put? Do I after? But I sometimes I do it before too. But if I do it before by accident, like I just put the toothbrush under, I have to do it again after I put the toothpaste.

And I don’t know why I need the water on after. So actually, I guess the sentiment from that, there’s going to be a lot of judgment if you don’t put the toothpaste, the water on after the toothpaste.


@1:23:49Briana Mulzac

So you can do it both.


@1:23:51Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

But if you do it after, if you just do it before and not after, I guess there’s judgment.


@1:23:57Briana Mulzac

No problem. Actually, no. problem. It’s like, it’s like cereal. Like, do you put the milk before the cereal?


@1:24:04Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Like, the exact scenarios, it was like, wait a minute, you have to put, you put the milk after the cereal.


@1:24:12Briana Mulzac

Yeah, some people put the milk first. No, we put the cereal first. But there’s some people who put the milk first and then put the cereal.


@1:24:21Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I’m like, wait, you know, you actually know somebody who was milk friends.


@1:24:24Briana Mulzac

know people like that. Yeah. I know. I never, I can’t even imagine. Yeah, it’s insane. I have a friend who makes tacos and then he starts by putting the cheese on the bottom.

I’m like, he puts the cheese at the bottom of the taco. Like, yeah, I know some, some people who do things differently that is very questionable.


@1:24:46Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

And now we have to try that. Because maybe if you’re putting the cheese on the bottom and then maybe you put in the meat right on top of the cheese, you have the cheese milk more.


@1:24:56Briana Mulzac

And that’s what he says. That’s what he says. Okay. I say the best the best innovators start with different ideas.

So I don’t judge them, but I say I’m judging you secretly, but I’m open.


@1:25:13Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. Well, hilarious. Now, do you guys okay, you know what? I’m going to do is I am now starting to read a review from the podcast, a review of the podcast while we’re filming.

So I will going to read one of our reviews while you think about a question that you want to leave for the next guest.

All right. So this review, thank you so much for the review that you left. This is Love This Podcast, great host and great guests.

I love this podcast, Nicole’s story is inspirational for me as a new investor and all of her guests are always great.

They are experts in their fields and always add so much value. If you are focused on building generational wealth.

you will always find some kind of value from every episode. Okay, so thank you so much for leaving that review.

And if you’re listening and you have not left a review on Apple, as of yet, please head over there and leave us a rating and review that helps us reach more people, get these stories and these inspirations and the roadmaps that other people have traveled.

We get that out to more people so we can help our community build well together and change the dynamics in the face of what wealth looks like.

Right, okay, so back to our regularly scheduled programming. Question, do you guys think about this?


@1:26:39Briana Mulzac

Yes, I have one. My question for the next guest would be how many businesses did you have to start until you were able to have the business that is most profitable now?

So basically asking how many businesses that they have to go through on until they got to the one that they know is the one and the one that’s most profitable for them.


@1:27:05Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay, love that. Is that right? do you want to go off of that question or do you just you want to leave it at one or you want to add a different question since they had to this could be a two or a few.


@1:27:17Briana Mulzac

I have my own question.


@1:27:19Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)



@1:27:22Briana Mulzac

My question is to pick an industry think of the smallest inconvenience and how would you change it.


@1:27:35Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So pick a small a smallest inconvenience in any industry.


@1:27:40Briana Mulzac

Any industry.


@1:27:42Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. smallest inconvenience.


@1:27:47Briana Mulzac

And how would you change it? And how would you change it? Yeah. That could be like the sleeping industry and waking up.

I would change it. I would change it. I like create something where you never wake up tired. Exactly.


@1:28:14Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. Love that. That’s how businesses are built and made, right? So maybe somebody comes up with ideas from hearing someone’s answer to that question.

So you never know where that’s going to go. Butterfly fact. You see something out where there’s some new sleep deprived solution.

We’re going to know where it came from. Okay. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on, sharing your mindset, your experiences, your journey, what you’re looking to do next and your growth.

And it was definitely hearing you guys. I can see where your mindset is and how how that’s really led you to where you are today and all that you’ve accomplished and what you will be accomplishing in the future.

And I just thank you for sharing the story because it’s super inspirational. I know there’s going to be people listening who got so much inspiration and information and basically a roadmap of something to consider that maybe they were scared to jump into doing to a row, right?

And maybe now they’ll be open to, you know, at least taking that next step through the fog, right? But if anyone wanted to get in contact with you, how should they reach out to you?


@1:29:41Briana Mulzac

What’s the best way? Yeah, you can follow us on social media. For me, mine is Brianna Molzak, B-R-I-A-N-A-M-U-L-Z-A-C. then for the rentals, it’s to be Molzak rentals.

The follow is there at MUL, ZAC, Rentals, R-E-N-T-A-L-S.


@1:30:06Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

And yeah, also our E-M platform is that. Oh, that’s Instagram. Instagram, okay.


@1:30:14Briana Mulzac

Yeah. And then, mine is a little bit more complicated. I don’t have the luxury of having my full name available as a user tag on Instagram.

So mine is black underscore tie, but black is spelled with a B instead of A. So it’s BLBCK underscore T-Y.

And then, yeah. We could follow MOSAC Rentals. You could follow Black Market Agency, which is also BLBCK Market Agency.

And then, my email is TyrellatMOSACRENTALS.com. Yeah. So all of those are… ways of contact.


@1:31:02Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Perfect. So anyone want to talk to them, get a little bit more information, maybe, you know, dig into some more details on what’s worked and not worked in all the different business ventures that they’re in.

If you’re interested, they are very open to having that conversation and helping you, maybe getting that, taking that next step on your journey, right?

So, thank you again so much for coming on today. Oh, you know what? I did want to ask one more thing.

Either the calculator or that the PDF, the Turo PDF that you have sent me before. Are we able to provide links to those for people who want to play around with that?


@1:31:46Briana Mulzac

Yes, I have a link to the Turo, explain the whole PDF on Turo and how to get into it and how to purchase cars and things like that.

And then he has the calculator. Yeah, it should be on. on the Mozart Rental Instagram that you look in the bio.

Yeah, I’ll also send you the links to.


@1:32:05Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So OK, perfect. Because then I’ll put it in the show notes. So anyone want to play around with a Turo Rental Calculator?

you want to see the document on some of the background, the document that Brianna put together is very, very detailed.

The calculator had no clue that Tyrell made that himself. I thought that was something from like, you think you’re not changing the world.

But I thought it was like from some person who has some big course or something out there. But you made that yourself like super impressed with information just in those two pieces.

So if you were looking to get into Turo, I think those two things will really help you, at least get started with some market research.

All right. So that’s a wrap. And thanks for guys who are coming on and sharing your journey with us.


@1:32:52Briana Mulzac

No problem. We’re about to go drop up a car into the city now.


@1:32:55Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So yeah. OK. All right. Well, I’ll let you go do that. And again, thank you and everyone. I will see you next time.

Thank you for having us. No problem. Bye.


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