Episode No. 83

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Pioneering Women In Real Estate w/ Brittany Rose and Kelani Blackwell

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Episode No. 83

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In today’s episode of the Share The Wealth Show, we are delighted to welcome back Brittany Rose and Kelani Blackwell, founders of Women in Real Estate (WIRE). Join us as they generously impart their priceless wisdom on the compelling topic about “Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Pioneering Women In Real Estate.”

🏡 Brittany Rose and Kelani Blackwell shared their pre-WIRE real estate journeys, underscoring the transformative impact of WIRE that served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, fostering knowledge, skills, and a robust network while empowering and supporting others within the field.
🤝 Exploring their real estate investing backgrounds, the duo highlighted WIRE’s role in propelling personal and professional development. They emphasized the importance of building a formidable brand, leveraging networks, and harnessing collective power to drive positive changes within the industry.
💬 Addressing vulnerability, they stressed the creation of a safe space within the community, identifying common needs, providing opportunities, and prioritizing value creation. This discussion underscored the pivotal role of openness and collaboration in fostering a thriving community.
🚀 Overcoming fear and discomfort, they shared their mission to aid minorities and the underprivileged. They highlighted the value of community support and the platform WIRE provides for sharing experiences, offering encouragement, and fostering a sense of empowerment.

🔥 Don’t miss this inspiring episode! Tune in to gain valuable insights and encouragement from these trailblazing women in real estate.
Kelani is a seasoned connector and consultant in the real estate industry, with a reputation for her expertise in people, processes, and technology. She began her career in Las Vegas, where she served as the COO of a successful fix and flip operation and full-service residential brokerage. During her time there, Kelani oversaw over 1000 transactions and 400 renovations, generating millions in revenue for investors. She then made the transition into commercial real estate, joining the global firm CBRE with a focus on multifamily investment property sales, where she became a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly in the commercial real estate space.

Brittany is a social impact trailblazer. Her personal mission is to help eliminate one of the biggest wealth gaps, by supporting women in the creation of generational wealth.

After many years as a real estate professional concurrently, she saw an opportunity to pivot her 15 years of experience into the the formation of a real estate consultancy that has a vision to help individuals buy, sell, and invest in real estate around the world.


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Key Quotes:

“Wealth is definitely synonymous with Legacy. I view it in contrast being rich. I think there are a lot of people who might be rich but not have built wealth. Wealth is long-lasting, it holds power and it holds power over generations.”
– Brittany Rose

“I think wealth for me is creating an environment and generations to come where my family or people that have been impacted by me.I’ve been able to impart in them wisdom that I’ve learned. Lessons that I’ve learned that Empower them to be able to live a life of choice.”- Kelani Blackwell


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