Episode No. 82

Empowering Women in Real Estate: Encouraging Authenticity in Professional Spaces w/ Brittany Rose and Kelani Blackwell

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Episode No. 82

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Today’s episode of the Share The Wealth Show features a special discussion with the visionary founders of Women in Real Estate (WIRE), namely Brittany Rose and Kelani Blackwell. In this engaging conversation, they will explore the crucial themes of empowering women within the real estate industry and fostering a culture that encourages authenticity among professionals.  They also explore:

🏢 Workplace Challenges and Advocacy 

💇‍♀️ Hair Discrimination and Societal Beauty Standards in Workplace

🌟 Authenticity in Professional Settings:

🌈 Childhood Experiences and Personal Growth

⚖️ Balancing Work and Lifestyle

🏡 WIRE Community Building:

🤔 Clubhouse Hesitations and Mission Statements

👏 Admiration and Support for Nicole

🎧Join us as we delve into insights and perspectives that not only elevate the voices of women in real estate but also emphasize the importance of genuine and authentic representation in this dynamic field.


Kelani is a seasoned connector and consultant in the real estate industry, with a reputation for her expertise in people, processes, and technology. She began her career in Las Vegas, where she served as the COO of a successful fix and flip operation and full-service residential brokerage. During her time there, Kelani oversaw over 1000 transactions and 400 renovations, generating millions in revenue for investors. She then made the transition into commercial real estate, joining the global firm CBRE with a focus on multifamily investment property sales, where she became a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly in the commercial real estate space.

In addition to her professional successes, Kelani co-founded the brand and company “Women in Real Estate” in 2021, which has grown rapidly and unexpectedly to support over 70,000 women in the industry. Through this platform, Kelani is making a significant impact in amplifying the voices and talents of women and minorities, and is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the real estate industry.

You may know Kelani from her appearances on the popular audio-based social media platform, Clubhouse, or from listening to her on a variety of real estate podcasts.


Brittany is a social impact trailblazer.  Her personal mission is to help eliminate one of the biggest wealth gaps, by supporting women in the creation of generational wealth.

While in college Brittany started her first company which she grew to a staff of 19 people with a large client base in DMV (Dc, Maryland, Virginia) area.  

After many years as a real estate professional concurrently, she saw an opportunity to pivot her 15 years of experience into the the formation of a real estate consultancy that has a vision to help individuals buy, sell, and invest in real estate around the world. 

Her current focuses includes building a team of international residential and commercial real estate professionals, completing a new home development in Houston, Tx, and continuing to support the growth of the Women In Real Estate ™ organization. 

Brittany has ownership stakes in several companies.  She has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Inc Magazine, Under30CEO.com, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Voices, American Express Open Forum and various others. 

She has also been featured on the cover of the Loudoun Business Journal as one of the top women business leaders in Loudoun County and was named Woman of the Year by Phi Upsilon Zeta, of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc..


Key Quotes:

“I think there is a spot between hustle culture and lifestyle culture and a spot in between is Grace. It’s like it’s God’s area. It’s what you’re meant for what is for you that you can’t get to that just by soley hustling. There’s nothing in my life that I could have done to deserve the blessings that I’ve got.” – Brittany Rose


“One of the biggest core values for me is freedom. And that looks like a lot of different things, but it especially looks like showing up as myself, not having to be a different person when I walk into my workspace than I am on the weekends with my family. I think that’s one of the blessings of building a community. You decide who’s welcome there. You decide who you’re gonna be there. You decide if people aren’t aligned with your core values, who stays there, right? I think that’s been just monumental in building a business and building a life that we love.” 

– Brittany Rose


“We know a lot of people that have a lot of money and are very unfulfilled. So, my goal is to be happy, my goal is happiness. I want nice things. I want a lot of things, money is a resource . It’s a resource not the source. And so you knew when you sit back and you ask yourself, what am I hustling this hard for? And, that’s why it’s so important to be clear on your purpose in your lives.” – Kelani Blackwell


““A lot of women, I think, feel like they have to play smaller in order to be taken seriously. And if you feel like you have to do that, then you’re not talking to the right people. You’re not in the right environment. You shouldn’t have to ever play small or be in authentically yourself there. You should never be reduced to be authentically yourself.” – Kelani Blackwell


Connect with Brittany & Kelani!


W.I.R.E Website https://joinwomeninrealestate.com 


You can find Brittany on 

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittanymrose/ 

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/b.theboss/?hl=en 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1brose/ 


You can find Kelani on

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelanib/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kelanib/?hl=en 

Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@itskelanib?lang=en 



Let’s get connected! 

You can find Nicole on 

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-pendergrass/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nvestornikki/?hl=en

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nvestornikki

or Visit her website https://noirvestholdings.com 

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[00:00:00 – 00:00:39] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

The spaces were not always friendly towards women. Like never hostile necessarily, but just were not built for women. Right? And so there was a lot of over talking. There was a lot of, just advice that wasn’t uniquely tailored to us. There was a lot of, there’s just a lot of inkiness sometimes. And so Kelani and I had gotten put in this group chat on Instagram. And we just kind of started talking and came up with the idea of a women in real estate group. Women wanted a space that was for us. That was uniquely suited to the challenges that we have in this industry as women, and especially as women of color.


[00:00:40 – 00:01:15] – Intro

Welcome to the Share the Wealth Show, where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendergrass, grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose secret strategies of the wealthy so we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.


[00:01:16 – 00:02:21] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

All right, hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Share the Wealth Show. And today I have with me Brittany Rose and Kaylani Blackwell, the founding members of Wire Women in Real Estate, of which I am a proud member and have been for a few years now, two years at least now, right? Time goes by. But in any case, I’m super excited to have these ladies on today. If you do not know who they are, you definitely need to tune in and hear about all the amazing things that they’re doing and just the growth that they’ve had. And I’m excited myself to even dig in a little bit more, probably find out some things that I didn’t know. Maybe I’ll blow up their spots. Maybe I’ll find something new that a lot of people don’t know. And I don’t know because we’re on the air. They won’t be able to say no to me for some for questions. In any case, hello ladies and thank you so much for joining me today and being on here.


[00:02:22 – 00:02:23] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Hey, thanks for having us.


[00:02:24 – 00:02:25] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Yeah, thank you for inviting us. We appreciate it.


[00:02:26 – 00:02:41] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Of course. So all right, first, this is going to be a random question because I want to just jump into some things. And this is off topic, maybe off topic, but it might lead us to where we’re going to go anyway. the discussion, what was your worst workplace experience?


[00:02:42 – 00:02:48] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

I have been at very few workplace experiences.


[00:02:49 – 00:02:50] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Like, if I only take that one.


[00:02:51 – 00:02:52] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)



[00:02:53 – 00:04:25] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Sure, so oh my. Okay, so one of my worst, I have a couple. So it took me a minute. I didn’t, Brittany’s been in entrepreneurship. She’s been, you know, living that life for a while. Me more so recently over the last couple of years. But my, but I’ve always worked in real estate. I worked in real estate for like a lot. last eight, nine years at this point.

And so being in the space, you get to see a lot of inequities, marginalization, the whole nine, but when I became a commercial broker, I was told by a teammate, which let me give you a little bit of Commercial brokerage is not an equitable diverse space. Most people in those spaces are older white men, right? And so that’s on both sides of table. That’s internally with your colleagues as well as clients on the other side, right? So that’s who you interact with for the majority of your time. And I was newer in this space, we were going to take a property tour, take some content, and I was told that I should wear my hair straight out of protection for me, which to save me from the opinions of colleagues and clients. When that really… that should have been a supporting moment, right? That shouldn’t, first of all, shouldn’t have even been a conversation, second of all, if it was going to be a conversation, it should have been a supportive conversation. So, probably one of my most traumatic moments.


[00:04:26 – 00:04:54] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah. And it’s weird because I don’t know, and what’s sad about it is, I don’t know the difference if people understand that that’s hurtful or inappropriate, or they really just think that they’re being supportive in their mind they’re being supportive. And that I think is also a bigger issue because there’s just so much lack of knowledge when it comes to those kind of things.


[00:04:55 – 00:05:15] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Oh, 100%. It was one of those moments where it was like, what? you say what I just think you said? Then I had to take a moment. I didn’t even react harshly. when it happened, I said, oh my, I said, had to take a moment. I had to process it. And then I had to come back the next day. And I said, just over clear. Don’t talk about my hair again. And it happened. I had that kind of conversation, but you know, here we are.


[00:05:16 – 00:06:35] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Well, see, big girl muscles, because I’m glad you actually came back and addressed it, because most people don’t. I’ll tell quickly my story. So you guys know I have natural hair. normally wear it curly from wearing it out or recently, last few years that you’ve known me, I’ve been wearing kind of the same hairstyle, the shortcut. And I work in a hospital. And so there’s a patient who came in and super nice bubbly, you know, friendly kind of patient. And she told, she was telling me when she saw me and saw my hair, just how beautiful it was and you know, all this stuff. And then she went directly into a conversation about her. I guess, Nanny, I don’t forget how she, what title she gave her, but who was from some country in Africa and just like talking about her hair and how she did something with her hair or how braided or I don’t, she didn’t help braided because it’s This is a white lady. But I don’t know, it something with the African helpers’ hair that she was trying to give advice or whatever on and her kid’s hair and all this other stuff. But she was saying it in a way that she thought it was like, she was helping so much and doing all this great thing. The whole time I’m thinking of my head like


[00:06:36 – 00:06:39] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

I remember with this hair my whole life. Why are you telling me about my hair?


[00:06:40 – 00:07:08] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I don’t understand. And firstly, your comments and suggestions were very inappropriate to whoever it is who you’ve hired. And also, the fact that you have to tell me about your African worker, you see I’m a black girl sitting in front of you. Like, why do I need to know? Like, is that the only other person you know and you’ve had a conversation with about their hair and their hair looks like mine? And then she proceeded to go like, oh, can I touch it? It’s so beautiful. And of course, she, yes. Yes.


[00:07:09 – 00:07:15] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Anybody who doesn’t know. Do not even ask to touch a black woman there don’t even ask.


[00:07:16 – 00:07:36] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Before I could answer she had already and I was just like oh yeah she was saying it was so nice and I was just like oh thank you as I backed away to the side but it was it was like I’m in a professional environment I want to yell at a patient who’s going through traumatic stuff so maybe I don’t know if that’s her defense mechanism not no I think this kind of just how she is.


[00:07:37 – 00:07:39] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Yeah but yeah sounds about right.


[00:07:40 – 00:07:53] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Not the moment for me to have a conversation with her because of course I don’t see her again for another three months when she comes with her follow-up. You know so it’s got one of those things is in and out and you don’t have the chance to really address it but in any case I feel your pain.


[00:07:54 – 00:08:02] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

I also have a traumatic care story for any of you know this Nicole I’m a former professional cheerleader did you know that?



[00:08:03 – 00:08:05] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah I didn’t know that I did know that, I dig into your


[00:08:06 – 00:10:05] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

You can imagine how protective professional Teams are about their image and their brand and things like this and this was like right before kind of like the me too movement of you know, um black lives matter like a lot of our social awakening types of things and So it was it was very important to them that my hair was very particular And they told me where to buy my hair who they didn’t tell me who to do to have do my hair, but they told me to go to another girl on the team to find out who has had done her hair I didn’t have any say and what my hair looked like or what I look like really. And so once I quit Well, didn’t once I finished my season I that was one of the sticking points for me I just felt so inauthentic because I couldn’t even choose how I was going to wear my hair on a day-to-day basis And so the next two years I wore my hair completely natural. like my hair, like this is obviously natural now, but my hair is really tightly coiled and it’s like a real tightly coiled fro. And I did nothing to it. Like I washed it, I picked it, but like I had a full on afro for two years because I was like, I’m going to just do whatever I want with my hair. It’s gonna be in its raw, most natural form and I’m going to, you know, stick with that because it was so traumatic. To have little girls come up to me and be like, oh, you’re so pretty. I love your hair and I have 10 pounds of makeup on and my boobs are taped up to my chin and I have fake hair extensions. I didn’t want that to be their representation of beauty, you know. So actually I do have a work, a work plan story and that would probably be one of the definitely most traumatizing event.


[00:10:06 – 00:10:16] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Wow, that’s and I and I can understand and see how that would be, you know, a requirement in that field and I wonder if this changed at all or it has.


[00:10:17 – 00:10:39] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

It has. Yeah, a lot of women, a lot of black women now with natural hair, like their own natural hair, not like any additional pieces or whatever, and you see women with locks. So I was on teams on cheerleading team. Yeah. no. That was, that was not my time. That was not my time period. So I’m happy to see that starting to happen.


[00:10:40 – 00:12:20] – Ad1

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[00:12:21 – 00:13:18] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Well, and it’s funny because and if I could just interject this little point, it was really funny when Brittany and I met and found each other. And I remember when we met each other for the first time in person in Atlanta on my birthday, there was just like this unspoken, where would you want, look how you want vibe. We’ve never been the type to be like, you need to dress different or dress more professional or do your hair different or wear different makeup or not show your midriff or not, you know what I mean? We from the very moment. I think that we met, we both heavily agreed on, you’re an individual, I’m an individual, and we want everyone in our space and who absorbs this energy to feel like they can be authentically themselves. And that came with a very, very unapologetic energy about how we presented, and I don’t think that’s ever been a point of contention for us, literally ever.

[00:13:19 – 00:13:56] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Never. And I think it’s attracted the right people to us too, because y’all both know, I’m all about a mid-drift, okay? I feel like at some point in my life, I’m not going to be about it, so I’m going to enjoy it while I am, right? But it has attracted other women who are body positive, who are encouraging, who are supportive, who are authentic to themselves and appreciate you being authentic as yourself. So I think even though it wasn’t strategic, I think it’s been a kind of like a secret sauce on those two.


[00:13:57 – 00:14:49] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Yeah, I love we didn’t know we didn’t know either. So yeah, we’re no You know what because I’ve seen the pictures of you guys like on stages and with microphones and do these big presentations And you both have on like leather plane with leather pants and like, you know Maybe a little bit low-cut cleavage or the mid-rib or whatever it else and I’m just like they look super fly like you know The short leather skirt and all and I’m like it still looks professional You’re still just showing up as yourself and I’m like you’re not Trying to just like wear, you know slacks in a button up, you know because that’s what’s acceptable in you know Some cultures or with some people think of as professional you redefining what professional is and you do a great And once you talk and the words that come out of your mouth like no one would ever even question your level of professionalism and what’s you know, mm-hmm


[00:14:50 – 00:16:17] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

And so many a lot of women I think feel like they have to play smaller in order to be taken seriously and If you feel like you have to do that then you’re not talking to the right people. You’re not in the right environment, right? You shouldn’t have to ever play small or be an authentically yourself There have been moments where we’ve showed up at events and yes, the leather trouser is my jam I love that I love a nice trouser and a t-shirt right like I’ll work rock a wire t-shirt on stage in a heartbeat or I Am or again Brittany’s thing is like her mid-trip shirt under her glazer and they look good right now. She looks if you look crazy like let don’t let your friends look crazy, right? let’s make sure we set that tone don’t let your friends look crazy. However, you should never be reduced to be authentically yourself We the first one to be like well, we’ll wake up at the beginning You know the day at an event we’ll be like what kind of fire we fill in today or we go on more casual. We’re gonna really dress it up and in days that we’re feeling more casual, we’ll walk into a conference where people are in suits and we walk up on stage in a sweatshirt and some nice jeans and some healing, know, and it’s because when you cut your own check, nobody can tell you how to be. And so when we realize like, wow, we have a viable business here and we can present this in whatever way we feel like represents the business, then it makes other people around to spill a lot more comfortable. So we have been adamant about showing up authentically since day one.


[00:16:18 – 00:17:37] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

And I will double down when you cut your own check, nobody can tell you how to be. And I’ve been and that’s, I discovered that in my first company at 18. And then I was like, I’m not going back. I could not, I cannot, I can’t survive in an environment where people have so much power over who I get to show up as. And so wires like the perfect home because it’s just an opportunity to just fully be who I want to be, live how I want to live. And so in wire, and Nicole, you know this, we do. through a lot of work around core values. And one of the biggest core values for me is freedom. And that looks like a lot of different things, but it especially looks like showing up as myself, not having to be a different person when I walk into my workspace than I am on the weekends with my family, right? So I think that’s one of the blessings of building a community. You decide who’s welcome there. You decide who you’re gonna be there. You decide if people aren’t aligned with your core values, who stays there, right? I think that’s been just monumental in building a business and building a life that we love.

[00:17:38 – 00:18:17] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So I definitely agree with all what you guys both just said, especially about the whole cutting your own check. Love that. But we’re to get where we’ll still get to where you are now and dig a little bit more into what you’re doing now. But what are you… What was your childhood and growing up like? Where did this mindset of growth and abundance and self-confidence and showing unapologetically? Where did that all stem from in both of your childhood or what, I guess, work or progress or hurdles that you have to go through to get to where you are mindset-wise today?


[00:18:18 – 00:20:24] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

My mom literally brainwashed me. Like my mom went into MLM like multi-level marketing. She did Mary Kay and I think she might have done some other things but you know as a kid I would say third grade and under I can remember pretty specifically this being a thing but we’d ride around in the car and we would listen to all the MLM tapes, all the motivational tapes right and it became a part of who I’ve become. It is and Nicole I’m sure you can attest to I’m a very happy, positive person. I always see the bright side of things, very motivational by nature. I’m pretty sure that’s where it came from. I put two and two together because one day, I asked my mom, how did you know me and my sister were gonna go to college? There are people in the world, a lot of people in the world who college is an option. Or in their family, not everybody has to go to college or wants to go to college. And my family, it was just expected that that’s what you were gonna do. So I asked her how she knew that or how she impressed that upon us. And she said, I spoke to you like there was never a doubt, like there was never an option, like that was just what you were gonna do. The same way you were gonna go from middle school to high school, you were going high school to college. And then I was like, oh, so you’ve been brainwashing me about all sorts of stuff this whole time. So like, I think that’s where I get it from and it has not always been easy, especially in the younger years of my life where not very many people are interested in personal development. Finding other people finding my tribe was really challenging and even though I had friends and I loved my friends, I loved my friends. It’s not always the same as having community. And so that was tricky to navigate. You kind of just got to be okay being off the beaten path until you find your people.


[00:20:25 – 00:20:31] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Well that. Kelani any stories from your childhood you want to share?


[00:20:32 – 00:24:12] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Oh my gosh, so many. Bernie, that’s so funny that you say that. My mom did this NLM called Market America this one time. And I distinctly remember being in our living room. It’s so funny, Albert and I know each other so well and then we still learn new stuff about each other. So funny. So I remember being in our living room and I was like, bye. I’m not doing maybe like a lap in or 12. And she hosted this meeting at our house about these health products. And I remember the tapes as well. I literally could like do the presentation with her. So that’s so funny. So I guess my childhood was a little different. Both of my parents came from very tough upbringings. I mean, very tough. And both of my parents were very, very strict. And I think like if you know me now, can be like, oh, that makes sense. But both of my parents were super strict on me. And I struggled a lot as I got older to outgrow the people pleasing for lack of better terms because I always would seek the approval from my parents. I never stepped up a lot. I never did anything bad. I never got in trouble. I always got the grades. And as I became a teenager, I started to rebel. So I used to hate my mom for moving me away from Columbus, Ohio to California. Yeah. Like that was something like my dad was there, my dad’s side of the family was there, and I had like two years of really hardcore rebellion for the first time in my life because of that. I used to be so mad because I had a choice, but I could not be with my mom. I could have stayed in Ohio, but I could not be with my mom. And so I ended up going to California, living a completely different lifestyle. And for the first time really seeing my mom flourish in her, because I witnessed her making a decision for herself. And I saw what that did for her. And that was a very empowering, know, at high-sized 2020. But you know, now looking back, it was a very empowering and defining moment in her life. And once I got through this rebellious stage, which I’m actually really grateful for, I feel bad all the time, so I’m like, okay, is gonna curse me by giving me a daughter just like me because I know I was a headache for her. I know this is like in my car, it’s coming at some point. know it is. And but I guess I say of that to say, you know, in hindsight, the rebellious stage of me, really, I learned that I could make decisions for myself. I, you know, if even if there were things that my parents disapproved of or I went a path or direction that they didn’t understand, I was going to be okay, because I learned what I needed to learn. And so as I got older, I seek their approval a lot less. However, they still supported me in everything that I did. Pick me up, dust me off, say, hey, we don’t think that this is what you should do, but if you’re going to do it, just be the best at it. Give it 100% figure it out. And I remember there’s this point in my life when I was like, you know, 19, 20 years old, where my parents were like, you’re lazy. What are you trying to do? I’m like, lazy, no, I just don’t want to do what y’all want me to do. But as I figured that out, I really discovered that I had the ability to make things happen. Work ethic means something, working hard means something. Doesn’t, it’s not lucky. People are not out here just lucky, right? You get results with hard work. So as I started to make things happen for myself. I’ve discovered my own power, my own abilities. And so I just am really thankful for that journey in my life because, you know, by the time COVID came around and women in real estate became a thing, had I been anybody else? I don’t know that this would have become what it’s become today.


[00:24:13 – 00:25:52] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Nice. You just said something that makes me want to dig in because I always ask myself this question in my own attempts to be kind of like self-reflective and intro, not introvert, but you know, like look internally, exactly introspective, whatever. The difference between questioning myself if I’m lazy versus working hard versus working smart and all that kind of, how that all ties in together because there’s one train of thought where it’s like, you have to work hard, you have to grind, grind, grind, you gotta stay up, you know, late at night, got to wake up early in the morning, you gotta do all this stuff. And then the other ones is like, no, don’t have to do that. You have to work smarter. You need to leverage people and systems and all these other things. So I do think they are like, I don’t want to say that hard work at all is not necessary, but there’s different concepts of what I think hard work, what hard work is relative. Because it may be like our parents’ version of hard work is not the same as our version of hard work. But then how do you know or really like kind of or not know because everything is all relative, like I said. But what are your thoughts on what is considered like hard work versus having balancing that with lifestyle and working smarter so that you can still get big results. Are you hindering yourself by not doing all the hard work mantra? You know what I mean? So that’s always just like something that’s in my head and I question about, should I be doing more or should I be leveraging more and still trying to have that time with family and all these other things? Or is that going to make my growth slower?


[00:25:53 – 00:28:02] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Oh, it’s the capitalism. It’s the capitalism. No, I’m It’s like we’re taught like, oh, go do, do, do, do, more, do more, do more. And like, do you want to? Do you want to? Is that what you want? Like, I think there’s such a blessing in that everybody is different and everybody wants different things. What I’ve discovered recently is like, do I want to be? Do I want to have $50 million? Like, yeah, it would be nice. But am I willing to give up my freedom for $50 million? Like, is that my core value? Am I willing to give up my core value for that? No, it’s more important to me to be free, right? And so what’s more important to you? And I think, and I think this is what I think Kelani’s going to really agree with me on this. There is a spot between hustle culture and lifestyle culture and the spot in between is grace, right? It’s like, it’s God’s area. It’s like what you what you’re meant for what is for you that you can’t get to that just by hustling right like there’s nothing in my life that I could have done to deserve the blessings that I’ve gotten nothing. Yes, I worked hard. Yes, I went to school and I studied and I went through business and I did all those things. Yes, absolutely. But there’s a certain amount of grace that God has given me that can’t be hustled for. You know what I mean? And I think the fear. Yes, because favor is not fair, right? That’s one of my favorite things and I think we just have to be okay living in that spot and being really clear about what it is that we actually want. Some people want to hustle and that is okay and some people just want to live and that is okay too. And when we all do what we’re meant to do what we like doing, it means we’re there’s an abundance. There’s no scarcity. There’s no reason for me to be upset or to hate on anybody. else because this is this is my lane, this is my world. I think when we start to like look at it more in that perspective, it just it takes the way a lot of that stress.


[00:28:03 – 00:31:09] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

And how many of us know really rich people who are super unhappy? So many, right? have a lot of friends like that, to be perfectly honest. We know a lot of people that have a lot of money and are very unfulfilled. And so my goal is to be happy. My want nice things. I want a lot of things. Money is a resource. And y’all probably heard me say this a million times over the last couple years. It’s a resource, not the source. And so when you sit back and you ask yourself, what am I hustling this hard for? It’s most people are knowing to say something around for their families for whatever, right? And that’s why it’s so clear to be that’s why it’s so important to be clear on your purpose and your why, which is why we harp on so much. So I guess more directly. answer that question. Our life coach that we brought into wire who has been part of a lot into me, she says, do not should all over yourself. And I’m air quoting the word should, right? You cannot should all over yourself. And she also told me, are you chasing people or are you chasing things? And I’m like, wow, that’s so, that’s so interesting. Because what’s going to fulfill your relationships? God did not intend us to be alone. Which is why if you have to be on in pursuit of something, chasing your purpose, you should do it with a community of like-minded individuals. So they can help you satisfy the needs of the and the wants of the progress that you’re seeking and the goals that you’re looking to achieve as well as the support that want needs to do so. Brittany said something really great. And I want to one of the things I like to say all of the time is I am in this world. I am not of this world. I could care less what the culture tells you. I could care less that hustle, hustle, hustle grind, grind, grind, is the culture. Now, I’m not perfect. I am a workaholic. I am completely when it comes to business things, when it comes to professional things, when it comes to work product. I oftentimes rather do things myself and delegate them because I feel like I’m the one who’s going to do it right. Now, is there room for that in some regard? Absolutely. Is that why the brand is what it is today and why it looks like? What it looks like today? Sure, partly, but I have to, you know, I’ve been really working on trying to make sure that I don’t lose the priority, which is to seek the kingdom first. We’re both women of faith and we both, you know, are really blessed. I think we both experienced a lot of favor with the way God just dropped wire in our laps. We didn’t plan for this. We didn’t know that this was what it was what it’s going to be. So in times where we’re working super hard or you know where we’re disagreeing or in times where we’re under high stress moments or whatever it looks like I have to refocus and get back to the point that this was an assignment from God. I can’t outwork His plan anyway, so you might as well just fall in mind.


[00:31:10 – 00:31:33] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

So yeah, I love all of that There was something there I’ll go back to that later, but Now since we were bringing up community and wire Tell everyone anyone listening what is wire? How did that come about? And just dig into the evolution of what wire is and how it came to be what it is today.


[00:31:34 – 00:31:35] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

You want me to go first on that one, Bret?


[00:31:36 – 00:31:39] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Yeah, she’s really good at like

[00:31:40 – 00:32:53] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

She always passes those ones off to me I was super funny about this question is I would have answered this question probably different a year ago Versus how I answer it now because I don’t know that Brittany and I knew that we were building community. Because it wasn’t called community before, was called like courses, products, know, all of the things that the group would sell and say that now they’re all like, hey, how do we build community? And now they’re coming at us like, how did you guys do that? How are you going? Brittany, I have to catch you up on a couple conversations. I had recently actually about this very thing. what do you guys do at Wired? So funny. So we are a membership based community where we provide resources, connectivity, education and events to women in all different sectors and all different stages of real estate. That is in a nutshell, that’s exactly what women in real estate or what we call wire is. And so we do that through a virtual platform where we all congregate, meet, host events and meet frequently. And then we also have markets where we have high concentration of members. We have little chapters, which Brittany basically heads up and makes sure everybody gets to meet each other in person and all of the good things. Now, there’s a lot of layers to running a community, but in a couple of sentences, that’s what it is.


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[00:33:27 – 00:33:52] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay. And how did you, I know this story about how you met and how this started. But let everybody know how did you guys meet what was before you even thought about creating a wire or what the name would be or whatever that is. What was the first time you met and what was like the first conversation you had and how did even the idea of creating this come about?


[00:33:53 – 00:36:44] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

I feel like we were in a group chat was the first conversation. Were we in a group chat on Instagram with like a couple other people from clubhouse like we met on clubhouse. And actually we joined the same day but we didn’t know each other and we didn’t even know we joined the same today until I think a year later or two years later. We were, you know, clubhouse was so much fun when it started and it was just everybody giving free information. And I honestly think that it made quite a contribution to the acceleration of wealth in a lot of communities and for a lot of people. Because it was just free game. But the spaces were not always friendly towards women. Like never hostile necessarily, but just were not built for women. Right? And so there was a lot of over talking. There was a lot of, just advice that wasn’t uniquely tailored to us. There was a lot of, there’s just a lot of inkiness sometimes. And so Kelani and I had gotten put in this group chat on Instagram because this was before Clubhouse. You could back chat or do any of that. And we just kind of started talking and came up with the idea of a women in real estate group. And I had three or four groups by this time and I was like, listen, I can’t apply for another club. You have to apply for this club. And it took me like a couple of weeks. of being like, hey, did you apply for the club? Did you apply for the club? Before she did. And once she did, it took on a life of its own. Women wanted a space that was for us. That was uniquely suited to the challenges that we have in this industry as women, and especially as women of color. And so that’s kind of how we got started. it wasn’t, it was just on Clubhouse, and then we started doing a mastermind. And then we started doing a bunch of events in public, like in person, which I think maybe that first year, we probably did like some like 20 events or something like that. The door, the floodgates opened, COVID was still happening, but it wasn’t like, it wasn’t super restrictive anymore. And so everybody was outside. We were all just like literally running to go outside. and to be a part of connectivity with each other, right? And so that kind of launched this into what it is now, which is why you’re in, it’s grown into this beautiful community of supportive, wonderful, incredibly talented women, both in person and online.


[00:36:45 – 00:41:13] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

I love that. And, you know, I’ll tell you guys my little story about how I found you on Clubhouse. My one of my friends, she had found out about Clubhouse, probably like the fall before I ended up joining. And she was pushing it so hard. We have like a core group of friends from college and we still keep in touch. She was pushing it so hard. Like, y’all gotta get on Clubhouse. You gotta get in Clubhouse. And I’m, of course, I’m rolling my eyes like, I don’t want to be on another social media platform. I am not signing up for something else. And at that point, I’m not an apple girl. I’m Android. And it was not open to Android. It was only open to Apple. And I’m like, I gotta go around do all these hoops. Like, I don’t even have Apple. I gotta go my husband has apples. They’re like, oh you can use his iPad and it was like I mentally I just can’t even deal I’m not just leave me alone. I’m not doing another like why I gotta talk to people I gotta sit on there and talk to people all day like I don’t get I need to go on See what you posted about read it and go on the rest of my day I don’t got time to be sitting and listening to people talk for hours because of these rooms be like hours and hours long. And I’m like, how do they even do this eventually long story? I finally was like, all right, let me go ahead like cuz she’s just like, uh, get on club house get on club house So I got my husband’s iPad. I tried to do the whole fining ling making the iPad Apple iTunes account I don’t know whatever had to do to access his iPad on my own and download that it was just like I Don’t know it was a bunch of hurdles that I couldn’t I just couldn’t have the patience to figure out So I kind of put that to the side for a little bit and then like two weeks later it opened to Android and so I was like, oh, okay good So I got on it. And I signed up for a couple of like real estate clubs. I’m I’ll see what this is about. And I think probably one of the first rooms I went in, I think Brittany was talking on, she was on the floor. Like, I forgot, even know what it’s called. You’re up in the, you can speak, you’re in the speaker box area. But, so Brittany was talking and she said something about her mission being to close the wealth gap, the racial wealth gap. And I was like, oh, this is my girl. Like, I need to find out more about her. And she said something about like, like, she didn’t even say anything about Mastermind. I just went to her IG to check it out. Cause you know, you have to connect your Instagram to it. And then I saw the IG, the Mastermind, because there was somebody else I had met in clubhouse. And I mess with her. I was like, you know that girl, we heard talking? She has a Mastermind. Think I’m gonna join, right? So it was, it was just all, all of that. And the other girls, she was like, okay, I’ll look at it. I don’t know who or where she is now. I don’t remember her name or I had to go through past. IG for I don’t know how long ago, but like the very next day I ended up just signing up and I’ve been in wire ever since and that is the story and that’s because the mission statement was so strong and so aligned and I had just been going like the previous fall. I had just been going through my own kind of internal struggle on Solidifying my mission and being okay with saying that my mission was to help minorities and blacks and Saying out loud and having that be the forefront of my mission instead of saying having a mission that helps everybody and then the Background mission or I really want to make this money so I can help feed it into black communities and help with the wealth gap and do all this Stuff because a lot of people do think saying your mission is this Out loud kind of will inhibit your growth and so it’s a real conversation and thought process that I’ve had these conversations with people and behind the scenes It’s like yeah, that’s my mission too, but you know, I’m just going to make my money where I can and then I can still affect change in the background. So I struggled with which approach to take in this developing and determining my mission, whether I should be upfront about that or do it in the in the background, like other people. And if it really was going to, you know, stifle my growth, I guess, and I decided to go with it and then I. And what I think that on this. Yeah, then things just started to open place and everybody who has like in alignment with that, you know, is in my circle. Right. So. It’s like, it gave that extra like, just confidence and connection that somebody else was saying it out loud.





[00:41:14 – 00:42:28] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

I really struggled with that. can remember sitting in front of my computer, like trying to put into words what it was that I wanted to accomplish. And I can remember them. Shrissindome just like creeping up through my body like who am I to say that like that’s such a big task. That’s and people might feel alienated and they’re gonna say I don’t like white people and all sorts of stuff right and It was it was really hard. I remembered the first time I said it on clubhouse or said it publicly and it was hard it was hard, but I’m so glad I’m so glad that I stepped into my authenticity and I didn’t feel like anything else really encompassed all it was that I wanted to accomplish And so I’m really glad to hear you I’m not alone in that that we had similar experiences Because it’s just I hope that it lets other people know that if there’s something that you feel like it’s too big You’re probably on the right track if it if it creeps up on you and you’re uncomfortable About being honest about it because it just seems too big you’re on the right track. That’s probably what you should be working on. That’s probably what you should be doing.


[00:42:29 – 00:42:46] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

100%. And I think that what we need to talk about, and I’ve been waiting on the right moment to say this, I knew from the second we were going to come do this show. I know we’ve been talking about it for a minute, that I wanted to acknowledge a couple things about you, but I don’t want to make you blush on your own show.


[00:42:47 – 00:42:50] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

But yeah, I got to, I got an image to uphold. I’m tough girl image.


[00:42:51 – 00:44:56] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Of course. But that. You know, you’re proving the point. In real time, right? You found somebody who’s got a similar perspective point of view, or point of view, you found a tribe of people who are probably in similar starting places for lack of better terms. And you’ve, I’ve watched you, we have watched you grow. And that’s, you know, when you talk about why community is so important, that’s exactly why. So it’s extremely fortuitous for, and serendipitous for us to be here. one of the things I want I want to acknowledge is first of all, we are grateful for the opportunity for you bringing us on to your show. We’re so excited for this. I see every post that you put up that I like and I want to support everything that you’re doing. And I remember you had told me because we were talking about doing a wire podcast at a point. I mean, we still, it’s still on the agenda. We just haven’t been able to get there. We’re just so busy. But I remember you saying to me, I want to do a podcast too. Do you think that would conflict? And I’m like, no. What do you mean? No, absolutely not. I want to see you thrive. I want to see you succeed. And what you did was you came into an environment, you heard something that you found some commonality. You saw something that was possible and you had the confidence to live that out. And now we couldn’t be more proud of what you’re doing now just to see your progress, not even just as a real estate professional, but as a human, as a mom, right? Not even just your assets and your properties, but how you’re now taking it on. to teach other people, you’re pouring back into the community. I mean, I don’t know that Brittany and I can ask for a better member to our community, a better colleague, a better friend. You’re exactly who we want to be around, so we have to take a moment and commend you for everything that you have accomplished and trusting us to create an environment where you felt comfortable to discover some of these things about yourself. So good job. Like flowers and flowers and flowers


[00:44:57 – 00:46:14] – Brittany Rose (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

Oh, no. Double a girl. I remember you would get on like every meeting and there’s babies everywhere, babies crawling, babies dreaming. you stuck in there. You did whatever it had to do. It did not matter who was screaming in the background. You were on mute and not Mike, you were asking your question. You know, like I that gave me so much courage for or what I like seeing women like you seeing you in specific makes me feel like whatever I want to do in the future. If I want to be a mom, I can be a mom and I can still be myself, right? think you’ve done that so well and I and I’m so impressed with like a for anybody who doesn’t know Nicole also runs a circle for us every month about micro family and it’s incredible the depth of knowledge that you’ve gained in such a short amount of time and what you’ve been able to accomplish and how you have really like absorbed so much information, so much knowledge, made yourself entrenched in great communities. I mean what you’ve done in such a short amount of time hands down like I’m always inspired by you.


[00:46:15 – 00:46:47] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

We are and we take that personally right because we can’t if you’re showing up the way that you are we can’t not show up. There’s no way like it just makes everything for us so much better. We know. Oh, that Nicole was going to get value out of this. We know she’s going to appreciate this. know that this is going to positively impact her life. So with how serious you’ve taken this and this journey, not only are you a walk and testament, but you contribute so much to our wire community that Bernie and I, I mean, we couldn’t stop if we wanted to. Like we couldn’t because people like you make this worth it. So thank you for what you do.


[00:46:48 – 00:50:09] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Oh, you guys are the best. That was too much. was so kind. And honestly, I have to give it back to you. Like you made me comfortable to unmute my mic, even if there’s kids screaming in the background, because you had already established that there was no judgment. And you could already feel that there was no judgment. And that like there’s so many times when I’ve cried on wire calls and you all have me crying in front of other people and public like just when we were doing what we’ve all done. Yeah, we’ve had those calls where it’s like just the life circle calls and everyone’s talking about like. their issues and traumas and things that they’re working through and all this like and people were sharing some really deep personal information and like I was just touched hearing other people’s journeys and sometimes somebody would say something that’s just welling up an emotion in me because of something similar I’m going through and because I was able to and not that I was trying to just like happen naturally but it felt comfortable because everyone else was in that same space and you know I look like most of the people there and so we all have shared experience and there was and you really could feel the no judgment I also shared that I have been on calls with another mastermind where you know every time everyone in the circle would have to give their opinion but their update to what’s happening you know since the last month or whatever and they basically at one point told me not on the call, but afterwards they were telling me about my kids in the background making too much noise. Because I guess it’s for the recordings and now they probably couldn’t use that recording because my kids are yelling and screaming in the background. But also, and so yes, I got defensive about that, but I asked, okay, well, let me go at an earlier slide because they would always end up coming to me like as one of the last people to do my presentation or to talk, but my kids have to go to bed and they’re rally at 8, 8, 30 at night because it’s time for them to go to bed and I’m not able to put them to bed because I’m the one in charge of that. Dad doesn’t really do it the same. It’s like, it won’t happen if it’s if it’s dad. So, if you want me to be here present on the call, let me go fast. Like at the time, I’m on the East Coast. Like let them go last because it’s still earlier for them at that point. It’s eight o’clock for me, my before clock for somebody else. That makes a huge difference with my nightlife routine and with young kids. So I was like yeah you can rotate or let me go you know one of the first slots but otherwise it was just like offensive that there was just no consideration of the members of the group I felt and being able to include people who have different lifestyle like backgrounds and responsibilities to be able to still participate. So yes thank you for letting my kids cry in the background and I put myself back on mute as quickly as possible but I just think there needs to be consideration on both sides of the table.


[00:50:10 – 00:50:14] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

I don’t know what gender has this conversation with you but you know


[00:50:15 – 00:50:16] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

You know what gender has this conversation.


[00:50:17 – 00:51:34] – Kelani Blackwell (joinwomeninrealestate.com)

That sounds about right but you know what I do not have tolerance for us for when people can’t put themselves in someone else’s. It looks like being out of the store and someone’s kid is actually not been you’re looking at the parent like are they crazy. This child is being a child, right? this is not this is not necessarily a reflection on parenting in the moment, right? Circumstances happen. People have things happen. Children have their own minds personalities, right? So at any given point in time, right? Like there’s this pressure, I think on moms and I’m not a mom, you know, for an I were not moms yet, but we have so many moms in our community and that we knew from the moment that we started this thing that there should not it’s already hard enough for us. Life is already hard enough. Making money is already hard enough. Making goals happen and taking care of other people is already hard enough. The last thing that you’re going to get when you come into a wire room is a hard time about life being hard. Right. so that was one of the things from the very, very, very beginning and we’ve been all called you’ve been on the training going to and from work. And the fact it says more about your character that in spite of Everything going on around you that you still showed up. Why would I ever make you feel away about that? So I don’t know who that that leader was, but send them this clip.


[00:51:35 – 00:51:37] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Oh, man



[00:51:38 – 00:51:50] – Nicole Pendergrass (Noirvest Holdings)

Okay, guys, don’t kill me, but I’m gonna have to cut this episode short. This is too juicy and we need to do this in a part two. So stay tuned for the next episode that airs and you can hear the rest of our conversation.


[00:51:51 – 00:52:16]

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