Episode No. 69

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Episode No. 69

Bootstrapping Wealth: Releasing Your Inner Wealthpreneur

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Welcome back to another engaging edition of the Share the Wealth Show! In today’s episode marking the show’s return after a period of hiatus, Nicole is eager to divulge captivating updates. Despite the show’s temporary absence, Nicole’s enthusiasm remains undiminished as she shares these exciting developments. Furthermore, she takes a deep dive into the concept of bootstrapping wealth – an approach that involves starting with minimal resources and gradually growing them. 


Through her insights, Nicole aims to ignite a fresh perspective on wealth-building, encouraging you to view it through a novel lens. Her goal is to inspire you to unlock your inner Wealthpreneur, a term she uses to embody the spirit of an entrepreneur focused on creating and nurturing wealth. 


Get ready to unleash your inner Wealthpreneur as Nicole inspires you on this journey!

Nicole Pendergrass is a wife, mom of two toddlers, full-time employee, multifamily investor, and generational wealth advocate. She started her real estate journey with no money, no credit, no connections, and after a few unsuccessful ventures, got her footing with a 3 family house-hack. She grew that first property into ownership in multiple multifamily projects and is now on a mission to help others do the same. She founded Noirvest Holdings, a private equity REI firm, to help minorities, women and other overlooked individuals build wealth through increasing access to “privileged” multifamily investments. She is also the host of the Share The Wealth Show, a podcast dedicated to discussing untraditional strategies to build, grow and protect minority wealth.


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unleash clarity and purpose in your life. Let Nicole’s guidance and wisdom empower you to unlock your true potential!


Key Quotes:


“If we’re starting from very little or nothing, and we’re trying to build wealth, with wealthpreneurs,

we can make it happen. Right? It’s not impossible. It might seem daunting, but it’s definitely doable and we can do it..” – Nicole Pendergrass


“If you think about it, like an entrepreneur at its core is someone who dares to dream beyond the ordinary and who takes risks and turns their ideas into reality.” – Nicole Pendergrass


“It’s not just about starting a business, It’s ultimately more about embracing a mindset that propels you forward, especially in the face of obstacles.”  – Nicole Pendergrass



Let’s get connected! 

You can find Nicole on LinkedInInstagram, or Facebook. Visit her website https://noirvestholdings.com




[00:00:00 – 00:00:32]

When we’re trying to bootstrap wealth, it’s almost like we’re a wealthpreneur, right? I thought of that term the other day, and I’m like, oh, that’s good. That’s kind of like what you guys are, what I am. We’re all this, or if you’re not yet, you’re looking to be.


If we’re starting from very little or nothing, and we’re trying to build wealth, we’re wealthpreneurs. We can make it happen, right? It’s not impossible, it might seem daunting, but it’s definitely doable and we can do it.


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Intro: Welcome to the share the wealth show where minority professionals can learn to escape the racial wealth gap and catapult themselves into abundance. Your host, Nicole Pendegrass grew her net worth from being negative to multiple six-figures. Join her on her investigative mission to expose the secret strategies of the wealthy.

So we can all have the tools needed to build the life and legacy we were created to possess. Now it’s time for the show.


[00:01:08 – 00:02:06]

Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Share The Wealth Show. This is the show where we discuss strategies on how to build, grow and protect minority wealth. And if this is your first time with us, you haven’t been with us before, you may not know, but we’ve been on a little bit of a break.


We’ve still been releasing some content. I’ve been sharing episodes called share the spotlight with other podcasters who have content that I really think that would have been beneficial and useful to you guys because I didn’t want you to just be hanging high and dry. Right, I still wanted to give you some content. We’ve been releasing our Flashback Friday episodes from our archive, but now we’re back with brand new, fresh content.


We have some recordings already, conversations already lined up in the queue and I’m super excited to get those released to you guys as soon as possible.


[00:02:06 – 00:04:08]

But, to a little bit about what we’ve been doing while we were on break and why we’re even doing that. So firstly, we have a new website. Oh my God, I’m so excited. It’s thesharethewealthshow.com.


If you go there, it’s a brand new website. It’s not just a player into, you know, my real estate website. It’s a whole standalone site. It lists all of our episodes it lists content it lists some free giveaways it just is super fly honestly if I have to my own whole or be like impartial.But honestly it wasn’t me it was our media and production manager, she has been busting her behind working tirelessly to get this up and running for you guys and I’m just super excited it looks so good, so I need you to go check it out. thesharethewealthshow.com.


Share that with other people if they’re looking to find a podcast that is talking about the type of content that we talk about that we’re trying to, in alignment with the mission that we are working toward here with helping us all elevate and build wealth together. So if you know of anyone looking for that type of content information, please share the website with them so they can find us much easier than searching on the bigger platforms like Apple or Spotify. But we are there too, so you can find us anywhere.


Anyway, give us some feedback on it. Show us some love, leave a comment there. You can even email me or comment, reach out to me on social media, whatever. I really want feedback on what you think about the site, because of course I think it’s great. But if there’s any tweaks that we can make to make it easier to navigate, if we can bring more content there, whatever your suggestions are, we are super open to it. Um, I really want to bring as much value as possible to you guys.


[00:04:09 – 00:06:04]

Secondly, we’ve been working on organically increasing our YouTube subscribers. So firstly, I said it before, but if you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel, Share The Wealth Show, then please go and subscribe and please like. Share it with someone else. You know, rate certain, like different podcast videos that really were impactful to you, but go subscribe and then share it with someone else who you know is looking for that content so they can subscribe and watch us instead of listening if that’s how they prefer to consume their content.


In any case, stop what you’re doing, go subscribe now, pause this, go subscribe to the YouTube channel, Share The Wealth Show. Don’t forget the show or you won’t find it. Share The Wealth Show.


In any case, that is going to let us reach more people, be more impactful, get the messages from our amazing guests out to people who need to hear it and need these strategies to hear that someone else actually did this and it worked for them. It got them out them W-2 and made them be financially free. It gave them a nest egg. It let them deal with emergencies. All these strategies to build wealth, that’s what it’s for.


We’re using the money as a tool to do these other things in life and to live the lives that we were designed to live. And the more people that can hear the messages that our guests are sharing, the faster we reach our goal and the better we can equip our entire community to elevate together,

right? Okay.


[00:06:05 – 00:06:46]

Third, we did send out a survey to our listeners to just find out more about the kind of content they’re actually looking for.


Who do you wanna hear from? Is there a particular industry you wanna hear about? Is there a particular person that you wanna hear from that you think would be a good fit for the mission of this show and will bring you information that you’re trying to find but can’t find anywhere else? So if you have…information like that. If you have feedback for the type of guests we’ve already had on the show, the structure of the show, however else, whatever else you think is gonna make the show be elevated and be more impactful for you, then let us know. I will have the link to the survey in the show notes, but only for a limited time. It is going away very soon because I wanna focus on implementing all the feedback that we’ve gotten so far.


[00:06:46 – 00:07:22]

Four. This is the last thing that we’ve been working on. So besideslike having some killer guests lined up thatI got really from some other advice that I’vegotten from the initial survey takers, right?So I’m really implementing what you’ve beenasking for. And I have a few more lined up basedoff of those survey results. But in any case,the other thing I’ve been working on personallyis lining up andbuilding up the systems behindmy Microfamily Mavericks Mentorship Program.


[00:07:25 – 00:08:46]

So this is a program that is walking people step by step, hand holding them through the process of how to start investing in small multifamily buildings, like five to 20 units. And that’s a, I start there because I feel like that’s somewhere where people can, they can conceptualize that.


Getting a hundred unit building or 50 unit building or 75 units, that seems big. It seems, and I’m all about thinking big, but when it’s too big that it scares you into being frozen and having too much analysis paralysis, then that’s not helpful for you because you never take action. But I think taking that next big step, like a leap, not like a complete, you know, like a small jump leap kind of thing, like you jump in double Dutch or I don’t know, double Dutch. I could never jump the, I could never jump double Dutch. Don’t tell anyone. I tried so many times when I was younger. I don’t know how I got on that tangent anyway. I don’t know. So maybe that’s not the best example. Anyway, skip it. Everyone can do a skip it. Right. Or is that too old for some people? If you know what a skip it is. All right. This is going all on a tangent, but you know what I’m talking about. If you know what a skip it is, if you just know how to do hopscotch or any other small game where you take a jump a little bit further than you normally would.


[00:08:47 – 00:09:20]

Right. So I don’t want you to just do a duplex. Like a duplex is better than single. I understand some people are super successful with that. I really, I love at least three, if you’re going to be in the residential, at least three, preferably four. But once you get cross over into the five plus units, then you have a little more control over the valuation of your building. And that can control your net worth and equity and your ability to take that capital and roll it into the next building and next building,

your next building. So. All that to say, that’s what Microfamily Mavericks is all about.


[00:09:21 – 00:10:30]

And inside of that, besides just the stepping you through how to get your first one or your next

one, or how to scale from single family, if you’ve only been in the residential space, there’s a little things different with commercial. So how to scale into that next step, that next level, I’m also bringing in experts to speak to you guys or to speak to my students really specifically like different sub areas and topics. I have like lenders coming in, I have people talking about creative financing coming in. I have just the whole gamut, like how to increase your network, utilizing social media, even if you don’t have a following right now at all, and how do you can use that to meet the people that you need to potentially partner with or work with as vendors in your micro family acquisitions, doing your multifamily research, all of them, not multifamily. your market research, which area is gonna be the best area for you to start in, because you should not be just looking in any state, in any city, you should really get honed in on specific, so you become an expert in that particular area.


[00:10:31 – 00:11:04]

So all of that to say, I’m creating, I’m bringing the value to make sure that my students are super successful. I can’t wait till the closing story starts rolling in, but then also, bringing more experts,

creating systems to automate a lot of things to make sure that everyone is served to the best capacity, right? I want to be there. I love the small group feel and I want to be available to questions and answers and underwriting and that’s a lot of what we’ve been working on right now.


[00:11:05 – 00:11:29]

And so in any case, from the conversations that I’ve been having, I know there’s just a lot of people out there who want to get started. in commercial, but just don’t know how. Maybe they’ve started in residential, but they’re scared to take that next step. And it’s not as scary as you think it might be, because of the unknown always seems scarier. And anytime you’re trying to do something new, that always seems scarier.


[00:11:30 – 00:11:55]

Looking to build wealth with real estate? Are you all tapped out on YouTube University and ready to help tailor to your specific situation and goals? Have you always known that you’re a little different from the crowd, that you never liked following the status quo, and that you’re just tired of living in mediocrity? You want to build wealth on your own terms outside of Wall Street? Well, you know, then maybe the Microfamily Mavericks Mentorship Program can help with that.


[00:11:56 – 00:12:10]

It’s a community where I hand hold you through the process of buying your first small commercial multifamily building. Because not everyone is ready for 100 units out the gate. Why multifamily? Because it gives your rental income ahead against vacancy.


[00:12:11 – 00:12:43]

Imagine what happens when your single family rental tenant leaves, right? Now why commercial five plus units? Because you have much more control over increasing the building’s value in the commercial space and then in turn, increasing your own net worth. Starting small is a stepping stone to so much more. Because then you can tap that equity and buy another building and another and another, and you get the point. So increasing your cashflow and your ability to be job optional along the way, it’s all a part of the journey.

[00:12:44 – 00:13:10]

So if you think big, but you wanna start small, and if you know multifamily real estate is a way for you to open the door to building a life of freedom, abundance, and legacy, but you just need someone to guide you step by step. And you wanna be surrounded by other people on the same journey, doing the same thing. Then just click the link in the show notes to find out a little bit more about the Micro Family Mavericks. And I look forward to potentially seeing you on the inside. So now back to the show.


[00:13:11 – 00:14:17]

So in any case, the other thing that I’ve decided to do in order to help those who are not quite ready to join a mentorship group is I’m going to start a sub series to this channel, entitled Micro Family

Millionaire. And that is going to be following me on my journey of building my portfolio even

further. Is going to talk about tips and tricks and ups and downs and all the things that I’ve been through, lessons I’ve learned, maybe give examples of deals and why a deal does work or doesn’t work. What the offer price should be just? I wanna cover the gamut and give you as much information on how to buy a small commercial micro family building and just following you bring you along my journey more closely.


And so that will release once a month in between our other regularly scheduled programming just to give people who are looking on how to get into small multifamily a little bit more information on just like how to do that and what to look out for as I’m going on my journey. So those are updates.


[00:14:18 – 00:14:44]

If you are new here, welcome. I’m so excited to have, you know, new people coming in and new, uh, new people in the family that we can kind of learn from and, and hopefully I can bring as much value to you as possible. Um, so anyway, I’m super excited that you’re here and just let me briefly reintroduce who Share The Wealth Show is and what we’re all about.


[00:14:45 – 00:15:28]

So the show is about uncovering ways to build, grow and protect minority wealth. And building, those are the three pillars that we really focus on. Building is about how you get started, how to lay the foundation and make it strong by acquiring capital, skills, relationships, or whatever you need just to get started, right? And if that’s leveraging your W-2 to work over time, or if it’s partnering with someone, however you can, if it’s starting a side hustle so you can get extra capital, and that way you

can put that in not a savings bucket, but a future investment bucket, right? And you’re saving that into an account for future investments and getting started with the resources that you already have.


[00:15:29 – 00:16:15]

Now, if you have a property,maybe you can take a second or a HELOC, or maybeyou can take a loan from your 401k or whateverit is. However, you can get the capital andcreate relationships withpeople who understandthe industry already, and you can work togetherpotentially. And finding just what your skillsare, what skills do you have just from lifeand from your W-2 that could be helpful inthe operations and acquisitions of a small multifamilybuilding. Or actually in anything, becausethe show is not specifically about real estate.


But in any case, for whatever that you are looking to do, there’s building your wealth in whatever ways that you need to in order to be resourceful and use what you already have to get started.


[00:16:16 – 00:16:55]

Growing is the second pillar, and that’s about taking what you’ve started to build and start reinvesting, either reinvesting into the business that you already started, or is into reinvesting or investing into alternate, more passive, so you can build on your business that you started. And then you can also have excess capital invested and growing in the background for you. So growing is just how do you invest and reinvest the initial capital that you built to make it grow with or without your contribution to that.



[00:16:56 – 00:17:16]

Then thethird pillar is protecting, which is how dowe keep it? A lot of people talk about. Getin the bag and how to get all the money. Butthen what you have that how do you keep it?And that’s tax strategies, that’s asset protection,that’s trust, entity structuring, all thosethings are important.


[00:17:17 – 00:17:50]

Because every dollar kept is a dollar earned, right? And so we need to make sure that we know how to protect it and so that we also can pass what we’ve earned to the next generation. and to multiple generations after that and not just have it squandered after two or three, which is the norm and that should not be our norm. And we have not had wealth passed to us historically, but now we wanna change that dynamic. And we want to switch the script, flip the script and start passing on wealth.


[00:17:51 – 00:18:15]

So we wanna live abundantly now, but we also don’t wanna squander now. We wanna pass on wealth and knowledge to the next generation because without the knowledge, the next generation is just gonna squander what we worked so hard to build and we don’t want that to happen. We wanna make sure our eyes are dotted and our T’s are crossed, right? Let’s sure we keep the wealth, let’s keep it. So let’s build, grow, protect.


[00:18:16 – 00:18:35]

And so whenever you hear guests on the show, they are fitting into one of those three buckets, one of those three pillars, and it can help you with. giving you ideas and maybe strategies you hadn’t thought of or heard of before, and figuring out how to build out your own plan and start implementing it.


[00:18:36 – 00:19:12]

Okay, so today, let’s get into what we’re actually gonna talk about today. So that was a little bit longer of an intro than I had planned, but I thought it was important to let you know what we have been up to, why we have been on the hiatus, and then what we’re about for the new people joining in with us today, or just to remind people have been following us and maybe never heard the very first episode where I went through that information and told you about what the show was gonna be about.


But any case, let’s talk a little bit today about just the struggle of building and growing our

wealth portfolios, right?


[00:19:13 – 00:19:56]

When we’re building from nothing or from very little, like a lot of people in our communities actually, it’s almost like we’re bootstrapping our way to wealth. Right? Does it feel like that to you? I don’t know why. It just feels like that to me at least. So I’ll speak for myself, but it’s almost synonymous to like how entrepreneurs bootstrap building their businesses at the very beginning. They have to just make things happen with a very little bit of capital and build it up from there until the business starts. producing revenue and they can reinvest into the business to make it grow even more. So that’s the growth, the building and growth pillar, right?


[00:19:57 – 00:20:35]

So when you were trying to bootstrap wealth, it’s almost like we’re a wealthpreneur, right? I thought of that term the other day and I’m like, oh, that’s good. That’s kind of like what you guys are, what I am. We’re all this, or if you’re not yet, you’re looking to be. If we’re starting from very little or nothing and we’re trying to build wealth, with wealthpeneurs, we can make it happen, right? It’s not impossible. It might seem daunting, but it’s definitely doable and we can do it.


[00:20:36 – 00:20:57]

So if you think about it, like an entrepreneur at its core is someone who dares to dream beyond the ordinary and who… who takes risks and turns their ideas into reality.


And it’s not just about starting a business, it’s ultimately more about embracing a mindset that propels you forward, especially in the face of obstacles.


[00:20:58 – 00:21:41]

So how many times have you had an obstacle or a roadblock and you just turned around and said, “Oh, I knew this wasn’t gonna happen. I knew this wasn’t gonna work.”


See all these things that are happening, they’re blocking my way or… Are you someone who thinks, “Okay, so this isn’t the way over here. How about that door seems cracked over there? Let me go that way and see what’s behind that door.” You know, maybe there is something and now you don’t wanna get distracted. You wanna stay focused, but maybe that door is a different way around. Maybe it’s the long way around, but you still can get around it. Maybe it leads to a ladder that gives you to an overpass and you can get down over that obstacle, right?


[00:21:42 – 00:21:56]

But you never know if you only look in this one direction, if you’re only trying this one thing and it’s not working and you don’t think outside the box as to how you can make something else happen or how you can get over that obstacle.


[00:21:57 – 00:22:05]

That’s what entrepreneurs do. And to build wealth, that’s what you have to do. You are a wealthpreneur. You don’t stop in the face of obstacles.


[00:22:06 – 00:22:38]

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[00:22:39 – 00:23:29]

So what’s, what’s the secret sauce behind the mindset of a wealthpreneur it’s like I said, it’s about daring to think different and challenging conventions. It’s- it’s understanding that wealth building isn’t

confined to a single route, like maxing out your retirement account or only investing like in stocks.


Those are the traditional routes that people have used to passively build wealth. Ultimately, at the end of the day, and I’ll have to have another talk about what that really looks like for people at the end of the day when they’re ready to retire, it doesn’t always work out as we thought. And we get confused and we get stuck and we end up working more years because we thought we could retire at a certain age because we followed all the rules and then we can’t.


[00:23:30 – 00:24:14]

And that’s the thing, like those rules weren’t really made to make us wealthy. They were made to make other people wealthy. So we need to think about what are the other people doing that’s building wealth that we are not doing, right? And some things that are really good are only available to people who are making a certain amount of income or more.


So we don’t even know it exists because not available to us. So, but it’s about finding out what that is and building up, at least if we know it exists, we know when we get to this income level or revenue level or net worth level, that option is gonna be opened up to us, or we’re gonna create a way to make that option available to us now, why not, right?


[00:24:15 – 00:24:49]

So those are things that I am continuously looking for and digging up and bringing to you

guys so that we know how to plan for targets that we can reach. And when we get to that target,

what’s available to us at that point to build even further, right?


It’s about like just realizing there’s just a whole world of opportunities beyond the ordinary. Stop being ordinary.


You are not ordinary. You are a wealthpreneur and you don’t like mediocrity.


[00:24:50 – 00:25:20]

To succeed as a wealthpreneur, you need to be driven by passion and purpose. Otherwise it’s gonna be way too easy to quit when an obstacle comes and obstacles will come, right? You just need to cultivate that hunger for knowledge and continuous learning. And hence that’s why we share the wealth on this show.


Entrepreneurs and wealthpreneurs alike are never satisfied with the status quo. They’re always seeking growth and improvement.


[00:25:20 – 00:26:05]

Resilience is another key ingredient. to a wealthpreneur’s recipe.


Like for me, I call resilience is grit, right? And I’m very gritty. If I have one superpower, it’s grit and persistence and resilience and whatever you wanna call it.


I just keep showing up. No matter what problems are coming my way, I just keep going. I might have a moment, I might feel it for the second, but then I don’t let that moment sit there for too long that feeling is not going to help me push through. So I need to, I push it to the side, I deal with it later, but in the moment I need to keep going. I need to find a way around this obstacle, right?


[00:26:06 – 00:26:31]

So just like an entrepreneur will face like setbacks on their journey, a wealthpreneur understands that the path to financial independence may have its share of challenges, not may, it will have a share of challenges. But rather than being discouraged, you see these challenges as stepping stones to success, right? It’s all about how you view things and your perspective.


[00:26:32 – 00:26:46]

So let’s talk about bootstrapping wealth. It’s like the art of building your financial future in an unconventional way, about strategically utilizing your resources and finding creative avenues to grow your wealth.


[00:26:47 – 00:27:21]

It’s about taking charge of your financial destiny and creating a legacy that goes beyond the ordinary. I don’t know if you’re allergic to ordinary like I am, but I’m pretty allergic to ordinary and mediocrity. That is not something I want anywhere in the realm of anybody talks about me like, or brings up my name. I don’t want anybody saying, “oh yeah, she kind of just does what everybody does. She’s a little, she’s just regular.” I don’t want that to be. What people think about me, right? I don’t think about that. I don’t think that way about myself.


[00:27:22 – 00:27:53]

So, any case. But going beyond the ordinary and having this mindset of a wealthpreneur, I just feel like is how minorities are trying to build wealth. Like an entrepreneur builds a business, going against the norm of having a traditional W-2, taking calculated risks, shaping their destiny and bootstrapping it along the way.


[00:27:54 – 00:28:23]

So, I mean, having a traditional W-2 is not bad. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. And that’s the thing. Like I understand that now. This whole kind of vibe of everyone quit their job of being an entrepreneur, that’s just not for everybody. Some people operate very well within the box, but you can operate in the box for your W-2, but think outside the box for your wealth building. Those are two different things, right?


[00:28:24 – 00:28:59]

If you can take the money that you make at your W-2 and basically think of your job as your corporate sponsor, right? Like they are sponsoring you in your wealth building journey but you just have to be a good steward of the capital that they are trading you for your time. Use that capital wisely and invest it in things that are going to expedite your wealth building because whenever your corporate sponsor decides they don’t wanna sponsor you no more. What you’re going to do if you haven’t been saving for investing, because you can’t save your way to wealth.


[00:29:00 – 00:29:28]

So what are you going to do if you have not been buying assets that appreciate that cash flow, that

can give you some type of stability when the income from your W-2 is not there anymore?


And sometimes it might be something physical happens, and you’re not physically able to do your job

anymore. Or… You have a parent or child that’s ill and you need to take off time to care for them, but you can’t afford to do that because you have bills. Right, there.


[00:29:29 – 00:30:03]

Building wealth is way more than just like buying Ferraris and flying on private jets and living lavishly. It’s just like peace of mind and ability to live the way you want to live. If you want to scale back hours, maybe you can. If you want to take an extra vacation, maybe you can. Because now you don’t have to go to the cheapest hotel. You could be someplace comfortable without overspending or spending in a way that you feel is wasteful. Like do what feels right for you, but at least you have the option.


[00:30:04 – 00:30:41]

That’s what this is about. Building wealth is all about freedom and options to live the life how you want to live it.


So if you need to build wealth like an entrepreneur, and you wanna join the wealthpreneur community, be a listener in the show.


Go to our new website, hey, and leave us some comments. Tell me how you are being a wealthpreneur. Tell me how you’re building up and you’re bootstrapping your way to wealth.


I think that’s something that we all need to, that’s why we need a community and we can work on that together.


[00:30:42 – 00:31:32]

So just like entrepreneurs bootstrap, startups, wealthpreneur leverage unique skills, assets and opportunities. And that’s what I was talking about earlier, where you have to know what your strengths are. And it’s not that you don’t have any resources is that you have to think about it in a different way.


And maybe being around other people who are also want to do the same thing that you’re doing or have done what you wanna do. They can help shed light onto how some of your skillsets can help in the industry, maybe because you don’t know that you have a certain skill, you don’t realize it because it comes so naturally to you. You don’t know that that’s actually a skill that most people don’t have. And you don’t also know how it can be converted into being useful in whatever the industry is that you want to build wealth with.


[00:31:33 – 00:31:56]

But that’s why being in groups is super important because now you’re talking to people who… have maybe seen a lot of other people in that industry and know what it takes, and they can see what

assets in you, as far as personalities and skills, would be very transferable to the industry that you’re trying to get into. That’s why it’s not an island and no one builds wealth by themselves.




[00:31:57 – 00:32:28]

So whatever you wanna do, you might explore real estate investments, like micro family, or you adventure into alternative options, maybe like… self storage or industrial or car washes or laundry mats, or there’s just so many different things or just e-commerce or something that’s in your brain that could be sold as a course. There’s so many other things that could be used if you know how to market it correctly. And there’s a ton of information out there on that too.


[00:32:29 – 00:32:49]

It just goes to how bad do you wanna find the information and what are you doing to search for it? So. Even though like I’m primarily a small multifamily real estate investor, I do have a lot of other aspirations for other asset classes that I want to add to my portfolio. So I didn’t just want to make another real estate investing podcast.


[00:32:50 – 00:33:25]

I wanted to bring information from a bunch of different genres that was more encompassing of various strategies. And I not only to increase myself, because I’ve been exposed to a lot of information in the asset classes that I’m interested in, but to bring it to the listeners as well, who may not know of something that’s a little bit off the wall. Maybe you’ve never heard of investing in vending machines, or maybe you’re interested in it, but you don’t really know how to do it. We have an episode on that, you know, and maybe I’ll have her bring come back in and really do like a master class on it.


[00:33:26 – 00:33:49]

But see, that’s why I need people to fill out the survey. Because then you tell me who you want to hear more from, what topic you want to hear more about, then I can bring more people on who are experts in that field, or can give you some insights into how to even get started. And we could do even master classes on it outside of the podcast, right?


[00:33:50 – 00:34:09]

Is that something that peoplewould be interested in? Do you want to sit thereand actually with your notepad and paper andlisten to someone teach you how to do certaintopics? right, or how to invest in certainasset classes. I need to know this information.So that’s why the survey is super importantor even just emailing me and letting me know.


[00:34:10 – 00:34:42]

But I have this show here for you to help you grow and develop because I want a strong community of wealthpreneurs around me, right? I want people who are giving into each other, have growth mindset, and we’re helping each other grow and develop together. and we’re changing the world and changing communities and changing laws and legislations because now we have power behind us.


But we can’t do this one-on-one, one by ourselves. We have to join together and be a strong community in order to make this happen.


[00:34:43 – 00:35:23]

So in any case, I just wanted to bring more topics than traditional stocks in the market outside of what is done in the market, even though there’s a lot of people who do make money in the market. If you want to hear about somebody who’s in the market, come on, let me know, I’ll bring them on, right? But I’ve been purposely trying to stay out of that because I feel like that’s covered in so many

different areas. But if you guys want to hear about that here, then I’ll definitely bring them on, especially because I’m not a market investor. So maybe I will have different types of questions for someone who’s in that industry outside of like what they’ve been asked before, right?


[00:35:24 – 00:35:50]

So let’s see. Um… There’s really just, I don’t know, there’s so many ways to make money and to invest it. And some things I still don’t have any clue about. I don’t know every way that there is to make money out there. There’s plenty of things I am not privy of knowing. And that’s why I’m here, because we’re trying to find it out. And I also want to share it with you guys, right?


[00:35:51 – 00:36:37]

But being a wealthpreneur is really looking at the bigger picture and it’s about. seeking mentorship and networking with like-minded individuals and being open to new possibilities. Just like an entrepreneur surrounds themselves with supportive community, wealthpreneurs tap into a network that fuels their growth and propels them forward. And this show is your extended network.


So why don’t you tap in, get with me, let me know your thoughts. Do you want me to open up a private group for Share the Wealth Show, wealthpreneurs. Maybe we have conversations, maybe we meet up, maybe we have master classes. This could be a much bigger thing, but I need to know that’s something that you want.


[00:36:38 – 00:36:51]

So let me know, share this show with other people, share this episode and let them know if they’re looking for that kind of community, I am willing to start it, but you have to tell me that’s what you want.


[00:36:52 – 00:37:07]

So if you’re already a listener of the Share the Wealth Show, then you’re already a part of my tribe, right? We’re a tribe of wealthpreneurs, and we’re all searching for ways to build wealth, even if we have limited resources.


[00:37:08 – 00:37:34]

So whether you’re launching like a new business or embarking on your wealthpreneur journey, you really have the power to define your path and to create a legacy that transcends the ordinary.


It’s not about following the rules. It’s about writing your own rules.


And as a wealthpreneur, youbasically pave your own way to financial success.


[00:37:35 – 00:38:00]

So until next time, this is Nicole P signing off. Remember you have the potential to be a maverick in the world of wealth building. Dream big, take action, stay inspired and let your wealth entrepreneurial spirit sore. Your journey is what you make it. See you on the next show.


[00:38:01 – 00:38:25]

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