Episode No. 101

Flipping a 36-Unit Monster: Lessons for Managing Rehab Schedules and Challenging Tenants

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Episode No. 101

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We’re thrilled to welcome back Eddie Symmonett for another insightful episode of The Share the Wealth Show! 🌟 Eddie has an incredible journey in real estate, from successfully managing properties to adapting investment strategies and scaling up his portfolio. 🏠📈

In this episode, Eddie will share more about:

🛠️ His hands-on approach to property management

📊 Investment strategies tailored to individual goals

🎯 Insights on navigating market shifts and scaling operations

📅 His ambitious goal of managing 1,500 units in 5-10 years

🤝 The importance of networking and continuous learning


🎧 Make sure you catch Eddie’s valuable tips and experiences. Tune in and elevate your real estate strategies to new heights! 🚀


Eddie Symmonett has been active in real estate since 2016 when he started interning, reading and researching everything he could on real estate investing. He comes from a family that has a background of successful Real Estate Investments overseas in Nassau, Bahamas. In 2017 he purchased his first duplex and four-unit apartment investments. In 2018, The year after he purchased a 32 and 75-unit apartment as a Limited Partner. In 2019 he purchased a 36-unit apartment complex as the sole- owner/operator and successfully exited the deal in 2023 with a 2.33X Return on Investment through the implementation of his investment strategies. From October 2021 to 2023 Eddie has syndicated two apartment complexes totaling 88 units and was featured on the front page of the Birmingham Business Journal where he was interviewed about the closings, Pearl at Sun Valley and Don Beri apartments. 

As the President of Symmonett Management, a Property Management Company based in Birmingham Alabama, Eddie currently has 4 employees. Symmonett Management currently manages all of Symmonett Multifamily’s holdings which is currently 90 units.Eddie Graduated College in Fall of 2017 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting(Cum Laude) From Stillman College, Tuscaloosa Alabama.



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Key Quotes:

“Any real estate is better than no real estate.”


“If you’re waiting a lot of times, that kind of puts you in a situation where you’re more reluctant to actually do the thing.”


“Real estate is a vehicle of wealth.”


  • Eddie Symmonett


Connect with Eddie Symmonnet!

You can find him on

Website: Eddie Symmonett’s Card (hihello.me)

Instagram: eddiesymmonett

LinkedIn: Eddie Symmonett | LinkedIn

YouTube: Eddie Symmonett – YouTube

Email:  esymmonett@gmail.com



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or Visit her website https://noirvestholdings.com 


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