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There is a growing racial wealth gap. Even minorities who have “made it” fall short of creating substantial and sustainable wealth. They aren’t taught what to do with ‘the bag’ once they get it – how to grow it, invest it and protect it to leave a legacy. It’s partially because wealth building and ownership concepts weren’t discussed at the dinner table like in other communities, their parents weren’t privy to that information.  The wealthy are taught and live by different rules. Rules that are open for anyone, but we just don’t know about them.

“Our purpose is to close the gap through “growing and protecting minority wealth by exposing privileged, unconventional strategies.” 

We are on an investigative mission to uncover not-widely discussed methods so our audience can piece them together and implement a comprehensive wealth building plan. Information is wealth – and it’s time to share it.

Hi, I'm Nicole Pendergrass - image of Noirvest Holdings owner

Nicole Pendergrass is a wife, mom, full time W2 employee and real estate entrepreneur, who started her investing journey with no money, no credit and no connections.

Through taking action and learning from some tough challenges, she was able to grow her net worth from negative tens of thousands in school loans and credit card debt, to multiple 6-figures in 5 years by researching and implementing strategies she discovered while googling “what do the wealthy invest in” – all while making a less than 6-figure salary.

She knows she has only scratched the surface and is on an investigative mission to find out strategic, implementable information each episode that can catapult other minorities out of the racial wealth gap and into a life of abundance.

Hi, I'm Nicole Pendergrass - image of Noirvest Holdings owner

Sarah Monzon is a wife, mom, and full time virtual assistant. She is a highly versatile VA,  specializes in a range of skills such as podcast management, social media management/marketing, website designing/building, and many more. She embarked on her journey as a VA in 2016, acquiring her extensive knowledge and skills through self-learning. Her experience includes handling prominent VA agencies in the Philippines, where she served as both a Marketing Specialist, Executive Assistant, Project Manager and Team Leader. 

Today, Sarah operates independently but is actively engaged in establishing her own virtual assistant agency, she envisions a future where her fellow Filipino citizens can seamlessly navigate the realm of virtual assistance and freelancing. With a heart full of compassion, she aims to provide opportunities for individuals yearning to embrace the freedom of working from home with competitive compensation.

If you need the services of a versatile and skilled virtual assistant like Sarah. Feel free to reach out to her via email at

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