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A Kids Book about being a superhero

When two girls from an alien planet full of superheroes have to escape a villain, they land on a place with no super powers called Earth. Maddisyn and Londyn meet Earthling kids and teach them how to unlock their own powers. The Earth kids are shocked to learn they were able to be super heroes all along! When the villain comes to Earth, he’s in for a rude surprise if he thinks it’ll be a push over.

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This book speaks to the amazing things we’re all capable of when we dedicate ourselves to hard work. Themed around the discipline it takes to succeed in the building and real estate, Everyone Can Be A Superhero is an allegory for unlocking your true potential. What will you learn about yourself in reading it?

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How Do I Explain My Career in the Classroom?

I have dedicated my life to helping minority families and women provide for themselves through real estate. This means I show people how to use their money to buy homes so that they can make more money off owning and selling the homes. This is just one way I show people how to make money too. I host a podcast where I teach families different ways to make money.

Like the characters in the book, sometimes you have to think outside the box and get creative in order to succeed and I want to help people find their powers to do just that.

Helping people is my passion. I do this with my teaching and in my full time job in charge of clinics for cancer treatment. I want to use everything I’ve learned to make other people’s lives better and I know this can be done by sharing my education and time.

Don’t Rely on Robots

Dr. Entitled MD thinks his army of evil robots can replace hard work. He learns that rushing through projects in the interest of getting them done will cause your plans to collapse, literally! Maddisyn and Londyn share their effort with their new friends to come together and make something incredible.

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