Have you ever had your heart set on accomplishing something, but convinced yourself not to go through with it? Have you ever started down a path of education, only to cut it short because you didn’t feel like you were making the progress you wanted to? Ever stay up at night dreaming of a life that you didn’t feel you deserved or had any way of achieving?

I know I have. This was the story of my life for many years and they are brutal thought patterns to break. Many of these, which we like to call “Limiting Beliefs”, have been engrained for a long time. For some people, myself included, they dug their claws in at a young age. I am eternally grateful for the individuals in my life who have helped me identify and tear down the limiting beliefs that have been tortuous for so long. This really was the first step to get out of my comfort zone and into the real estate industry. Without having the presence to identify these thoughts as they came up, it was impossible to break the cycle and push through the uncertainty that I allowed to hold me back from pursuing my dreams.


I share this because I know that many who will read it will be able to relate. It has become my mission to help others break down the barriers that they may not even know exist. So many times, I’ve talked to individuals who say they don’t have enough time, money or experience to invest. A common theme is that one day down the road (when the kids are graduated from college and the house is paid off) they will get into real estate. The idea of slaving away at a job that they may or may not enjoy for the next 30 years may sound horrible to them, but it provides a level of “security” that they can’t live without.

I completely get it! I went to undergrad and spent years to get the degree I felt I needed to feel secure. I started on that career path but quickly realized that being a slave to a time clock and working my behind off to fulfill someone else’s dreams was no longer going to cut it. I still work that same job and have been fighting limiting beliefs on what I could accomplish ever since. I had reached a pain point where it motivated me past my comfort level and into a space I wanted to be in for many years but hadn’t believed was possible. This is still just the beginning of my journey, but I can happily say that the journey has officially begun.


I really want to know how this resonates with you. Have you fallen into the same mental trap and don’t know what to do? Is there something holding you back from doing what you truly are passionate about? It doesn’t even have to be real estate; this is more of a hypothetical question. If you don’t feel comfortable posting it here, feel free to DM me. Just know that your story and especially your struggles can help so many people who are dealing with the same thing.

Until next week… take a breather, reflect and come back stronger so you can create the life you were destined to live.

Nicole Pendergrass